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Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by a nuclear explosion high over the United States – Imminent danger to the U.S. # 1

    Possible Causes – for an EMP. A direct attack from a nation and/or terrorist group using one or more nuclear weapons exploded at very high altitude over the… Read more »

Warning : MARCHING TOWARD WW3: Framing Putin — UKRAINE is more threatening than ISIS, this will destroy Europe & the U.S.-Prepare

ISIS threats, it would appear, are not limited to President Obama and his American allies. RIA is reporting that Russian leaders are seeking to cut access to an ISIS video… Read more »

China Beating US to Punch on EMP Warfare…

      No Comments on China Beating US to Punch on EMP Warfare…

WND reported Though the U. S. government has been slow to protect America’s electrical grid from a potentially catastrophic electromagnetic event, it appears the Chinese are working to guard their… Read more »


Warfare is changing as weapons that destroy electronics, not people, are deployed on the field of battle BULLETS and bombs are so 20th-century. The wars of the 21st will be… Read more »

Thom Hartmann on “The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America—and What We Can Do to Stop It”

The denial of fundamental economic principles is setting the world up for another Great Crash. Although wages have been flat or declining since the West started following Thatchernomics and Reaganomics… Read more »