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Weathering the Economic Collapse: Can You Reduce Any of These 10 Fixed Expenses?

The bells are tolling on the American economy.  Every day, another expert is warning us of the imminent demise of our way of life. If you’re paying attention, you can see it… Read more »

10 Household Products You Never Have To Buy Again {With Shopping List}

After taking steps to live a more conscious existence, I have found that shopping is overrated. The satisfaction that I find from making my own household products far outweighs buying… Read more »

Are Water Filters Effective Against the Chemical in the West Virginia Water Supply?

Officials in West Virginia claim that the water in parts of the state is now safe after a chemical spill left 300,000 people without water, but local residents aren’t so sure…. Read more »

Are You Prepared for a Water Emergency? Deadly Chemical in the West Virginia Water Supply Creates Immediate Shortage

Here is a reason to store water that even non-preppers will find pertinent:  more than half a million people in West Virginia are unable to use their tap water for… Read more »

Could Prepping Become Illegal Here Too? Venezuelan Govt to Detain “Hoarders”

As people who spend a lot of time focusing on preparedness, we can learn a lot about our future by watching as the economies and civilizations of other Western countries… Read more »

Jimmy Lee Dykes: The Media’s New Poster Child for Those Crazy Preppers

I’m genuinely curious about something. Why is it socially unacceptable to generalize about certain groups of people, while it’s open season on others? Why are some beliefs, religions and lifestyles… Read more »