First-aid kit – Never Be Without These Things

First-aid kit

First-aid kit – Never Be Without These Things

As I travel frequently, I am never without some items.   Whether I’m out of town or taking the children to one of their events, I’m always ready with render aid to others.  Here is a quick list of things you should never be without, as you go about your day.

1#Cell Phone/Mobile Phone with extra batteries – In a disaster event, everyone starts calling their family and friends.  The lines get swamped and it become difficult to connect.  Phone batteries quick drain when making repeated calls.   I carry 3 carry batteries for my mobile phone.  Remember to set up your phone contacts on your mobile phone with “Emergency Contacts” or “In Case of Emergency” contacts on your phone, in case you are unconscious.

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2#Knife – I alway have a knife with me.  Never know when you might need to cut away a seat belt or air bag after an automobile accident.  Or cut off clothing after an injury.  Or defend yourself in a location where firearms are not permitted.

3#Bottle of Water – When you are on public transportation, in an elevator, in a plane, or anyway, you might get stuck or delayed.  I remember people be stuck in elevators for 8 to 10 hours after the power outage in New York City.


4#A Snack – Once on a plane, a pregnant women next to me was feeling ill, due to needed something to eat.  I pulled out two cereal bars from my travel kit to help her.  If you have children, you should always have a snack bag in the car.  If you ever get stranded in a vehicle or in public transportation, having some food with you will make the time go by easier.

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5#Multi-tool – At anytime you might be called upon to fixed something, screwing a screw, tighting a bolt, remove a nail, etc.   A multi-tool can be a life saver in many situations.

6#Portable First-aid Kit – I often come across people in airports who have gotten a foot blister.  I will hand that person a couple small bandages.

7#Facial Tissues – Once I was on a subway, when a small child start having a nose bleed.  I handed a packet of facial tissues to the mom, who was greatly relieved.  Never know when you might have a small mess or sanitary situation to address.  In a pinch, a small package of facial tissues can be used as toilet paper.  Ever go into a public restroom, where the toilet paper dispensers were empty?

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8#Blood Stopper – I always have a QuikClot packet with me.  Many trauma situations result in death due to blood loss.

  1. Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pack with QuikClot

9#Spare Cash – Always have $200 on your person at anytime.  In the day and age of debit cards and credit cards, many people don’t carry a sufficient amount of cash.  If the power goes out or you are away from a cash machine, $200 in cash can save the day.  Never know when you might need to call for a tow truck, taxi, make a quick repair of a shoe, or buy medicine.


10#Spare Credit Card without a balance – I carry a spare Visa card, in case I need to quickly rent a car or make an emergency plane flight.

11#A Concealed Pistol, if you have a Concealed Carry Permit – You never can predict when a criminal, drunk person, drug crazed addict, or mentally unstable person might pounce upon you or a stranger.   I’ve witnessed some terrible crimes in the past, where I wished I had my pistol with me to render aid and protection.   Be very aware of the laws of your state and in the states where you travel.  The laws very greatly from state to state about where you may and may not conceal carry a firearm.

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12#Prescription Medicines – I carry a small portable pill-box with needed medicines.  I always have about three days worth of medicine, in case I’m stuck at an airport or delayed in travel.  Have a spare rescue breather to travel with my child, who as asthma.   Never be without needed medicines, even if just traveling to the grocery store to pick up milk.

13#A slip of paper with emergency contacts, allergies, and medical ailments – Write down a list of emergency contacts on a slip of paper.  All write on it a list of ailments and allergies.  Carry this slip of paper in your wallet or purse.   This is especially important if you are managing a chronic illness or disease, such as diabetes or asthma.

14#Situational Awareness – Always be aware of your surroundings.  Know where you are traveling to and from.  Be aware of entering a bad neighborhood.   Criminals will pounce upon people, who let down your guard.  A pickpocket thief has twice taken my dear mother-in-law’s purse, when she let down her guard while making a purchase.

15#Knowledge of the Weather Report – When every you travel throughout your day, know the weather prediction ahead of time.  I am the first to rebook a flight or leave earlier, in case bad weather rolls into my location.

16#Hat – In the winter, always keep a hat with you to prevent heat loss.  Your heat radiates a lot of heat.  Your body can easily be chilled just for missing a hat.  In the summer, a hat can prevent heat stroke and sun burn.

17#Small whistle – To call for help.

18#Small flashlight – To help you navigate when the electricity is out, tripped fuse, stuck elevator, lights bulbs fail, flat tire while driving at night, many more…

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19#Bottle opener – It ruins the moment when you can’t open a cold beer

20#Spare house key – I carry a spare house key in my wallet, which allows me to never be locked out of my home.   In an emergency, can give the spare key to a friend to retrieve an item or check on the status of my home.

21#Matches or lighter – Need to be ready to start a fire for heating and cooking.

22#Business Cards – You never know when you might run into a prospective client or future employer.  I’ve used business card to confirm my entity with border agents, customs officers, security guards, building security, and TSA.  When they see my business card along with my drivers license and passport, they quickly know that I’m ordinary, boring, and not a likely troublemaker.

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23#A Positive Attitude – A friendly, positive attitude is a reward unto itself.  Often you can defuse situations with a simple smile and handshake.(source)

I hope all your travels are rewarding and safe.


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