How Will It All End

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worst-Case-ScenarioWhen Everything Hits The Fan!

Are you ready for any kind of global catastrophe? Are you ready for am economic collapse? Or are you so dependent on your toys and gadgets that if everything you know and love disappeared tomorrow could you fend for yourself? or defend your family? Our goal here is not to turn you into some tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but being educated and keeping your eyes and mind open will only help you to become prepared when it all hits the fan.


Electromagnetic Pulse

Are you and your family ready for an EMP attack? This video will explain exactly what that is…

An asteroid or some very large very fast moving object falling from the sky would probably have the same effect. But on top of possibly shutting our electrical system down it could cause global climate change, some people believe this is what happened to the dinosaurs.CollapseisComing-banner-v1-180

What About Economic Collapse?

What would you do if all the money you had was in the bank and all of the sudden everything that you worked for your entire life was gone? A more important question is what do you think the government would do if the citizens or the United States demanded answers? Is this why they want our guns?

I’ll be honest, this is the one thing that I fear the most. If an asteroid comes out of the sky I think I could figure that out for a while. If our country became a war zone and we have our guns taken away like the government wants we are doomed! Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves and we can not let this happen.

This video talks about how marshal law is imminent…

We need to be ready, I don’t know when, I don’t know where bet we need to fight for our rights and be prepared to defend them with our lives just like our founding fathers did when they told England they had enough!






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  1. Nancy

    No need to prep. Since Christ clothes the lilies of the valley, he will clothe and feed us. Time is speeding up for our sakes.


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