Slingshots As a Survival Tool

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Slingshots As a Survival Tool

Slingshots have been around since ancient times.  It has been used for hunting, self-defense, and warfare for thousands of years.  It is simple in concept, but takes lots of practice to master.   And it is an excellent survival tool.   I recent bought two slingshots.

The first one is a stainless steel hunting slingshot.  The second is a wrist mount slingshot.  There are many different versions.  The ancients make a slingshot simply from long cords of leather with a small leather pocket to contain a stone.   Most slingshots these days use an elastic surgical quality latex.  The sling bands are easily, and cheaply replaced.   If you buy a slingshot, also always buy a length of slingshot cord.  With a long cord of the latex sling bands, and cut down to size for replacements on your slingshot.


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Along with the slingshots, I also purchased slingshot ammo.  The sizes of slingshot ammo I purchased are below:

  • 1/4 inch steel balls – used mainly for birds
  • 5/16 inch steel balls – a step up in size for squirrels and rabbits
  • 3/8 inch steel balls – for more sizable critters, such as raccoons, possums, and small dogs
  • 1/2 inch steel balls – a credible ammo for large dogs and people

There are many different types and size of slingshot ammo.  A link below provides information on all the different types and sizes.

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Some possible uses for a Slingshot

  1. Hunting wild rabbits and squirrels for the dinner table.
  2. Preventing birds from eating the newly sown seeds in your garden.  (Suggest you might pay a neighborhood boy for each bird)
  3. Preventing birds from eating the grass seed you just laid in your lawn.
  4. Knocking a squirrel off the roof of your house, when the squirrel is trying to find a way into your warm attic on a cold winter day. (This is a problem I’m currently dealing with.  I have a passionate dislike of squirrels, who have already caused $1000′s of damage to my house.)
  5. Chasing away that morning dove who keeps waking you up at 6:00 AM every morning.
  6. Give the neighbors dog a good motivation to stop barking all night.
  7. Anti-aircraft defense from the crows and hawks swooping down on your free range chickens and domestic rabbits.
  8. Target practice on the neighbor’s lawn gnomes.  (Only joking.  Be kind to your neighbors.)
  9. Chase dogs out of your yard, who frequent your lawn as a toilet.
  10. Plinking bottles and cans of a fence.
  11. Chasing an alligator off your property (yes this occurs in Florida and Louisiana.)
  12. Obtaining the base ingredient for Peking Duck.
  13. Chase deer out of your corn patch, if outside of hunting season.
  14. Quietly dove hunting.  (Doves are absolutely delicious.  But you need a whole bunch to make a meal.)
  15. Dispatch pigeons off your property. (They are essentially flying rats.)
  16. Dispatch a poisonous snake.
  17. Chase feral hogs off your property.  Nailing a couple of baby feral hogs makes a nice Easter dinner.
  18. A way to keep a 13-year-old country boy from saying “I’m bored”.
  19. A decade after TEOTWAWKI and everyone has spent their gun ammo, slingshots will rule for distance hunting and fighting.

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Benefits of a slingshot

  1. Silence – You can hunt without making nearly any noise.  This is helpful in a suburban situation, where even a small BB pistol would cause your liberal, progressives to call the cops in dreaded fear.
  2. Easy to make – Can be made from a V-shaped tree branch and old bicycle tires.
  3. Easy to maintain – Not need to oil, clean, or fine-tune.   Just replace the sling when it breaks or loses elasticity.
  4. Ammo is everywhere – Small rounded rocks will do the trick.  Naturally polished river rocks are idea, due to smoothness.
  5. Will not waste gun ammo – You can spend an entire afternoon plicking at bird or cans, and not waste priceless .22LR ammo.
  6. It is a credible defensive weapon at a distance – If ever you were hit by a 5/16 steel ball from a full pull of a slingshot, you would remember it.   A shot to the head can kill, so be very careful to treat a slingshot with respect.  Don’t aim at a person, unless you truly want to cause great harm in a true defensive situation.  A gun is always preferred as a defensive weapon.  But a slingshot is better than nothing.
  7. Easy to pack in a bug-out bag or survival kit.  Takes very little space.
  8. Will not cause the neighbors to call the police in fear, versus a BB gun.   Since many (if not most) liberal democrats cannot tell the difference between a BB gun and an AK-47, both result in panic calls to police in suburban neighborhoods.

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Slingshot Safety Recommendations

  1. Never point at something you don’t want to hit.
  2. Don’t point at people, unless in a dire and valid self-defense situation.
  3. Wear safety glasses or goggles — a must!
  4. Children should be taught and supervised.
  5. Make sure the slingshot is properly mounted with the elastic band.
  6. Don’t use an elastic band that is worn, cracking, ripped, or otherwise showing any damage.
  7. Replace the elastic band frequently.
  8. Never shoot towards property.  Windows are expensive to replace.  Irate neighbors are hard to calm.
  9. Know what is beyond your target.  If unable to identify what is beyond the target, don’t shoot.  Slingshots have an effective range of 50 yards, sometimes more.
  10. Practice often before actually using for real hunting.
  11. Don’t act like a fool.  Take these thing seriously, as they can harm or kill a person.

This posting is targeted toward law-abiding adults.  This is presented for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as a recommendation for any purchases or actions.  Know your local and state laws, before using a slingshot.  You are responsible for your own actions.

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