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Strong Earthquakes Hit San Francisco And Mount St. Helens And Experts Warn They May Be Foreshocks For ‘Something Larger’

Just when it seemed like things may be settling down, two very unusual earthquakes have hit the west coast within the past couple of days.  A 4.4 magnitude quake struck… Read more »

How to Make and Store Electricity Before a Catastrophic Grid Collapse

Survive Weeks Without Power Millions lost power and suffered in Puerto Rico but you can have electricity after the power grid fails: How to store and re-generate electricity as an extended power supply before… Read more »

Apocalyptic September? Here Is A List Of 27 Major Disasters That Have Already Happened So Far This Month

Two major hurricanes, unprecedented earthquake swarms and wildfires roaring out of control all over the northwest United States – what else will go wrong next?  When I originally pointed to… Read more »

A Massive Solar Storm Could Wipe Out Most Modern Tech, Have a Plan for Such An Event

In last month’s issue of EARTH, we explored what is known about solar activity, the sun and its interaction with Earth. This month, we examine the possible effects of solar… Read more »


As time passes in the 21st century, things seemingly look to become worse throughout time, Time no longer plays the role of fine wine and becomes better over time, rather… Read more »

120+ Survival Tips That May One Day Save Your Life

120+ Survival Tips That May One Day Save Your Life When my assistant and I came up with the idea for this article, we didn’t exactly have a goal in mind BUT… Read more »

Disaster Preparedness: How To Get Ready for The Worse

Disaster Preparedness: How To Get Ready for The Worse Do you ever think about disaster preparedness? Let’s say that it’s a nice summer afternoon, the sun shines, the sky is… Read more »