The End Of The World Are You Ready?

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Are-you-readyIf It All Ended Today…Are You Ready?

The Survivalist Prepper a website centered on informing everyone and opening some eyes to the real threat, that being said are you ready? or do you just think you’re ready. I know too many uninformed people who “believe” they have what it takes tosurvive a global meltdown. but the truth is, it doesn’t matter how big and strong you are, how much you can stockpile in your underground bunker because you have millions or how many friends you have in you pack or clan to assist with you new life after disaster. the truth is you most valuable asset is sitting on your shoulders.


Survival Education

That’s right your head is your most powerful weapon. Knowing how to stay out of a bad situation can be just as tricky sometimes as getting out of a bad situation that could have been avoided in the first place. Educating yourself about possible doomsday scenarios could be the difference between life and death.

I’m not saying go out and get a tinfoil hat and lock yourself in the basement behind a bunch of sand bags cooking your baked beans on a camping stove while everyone else is out living their everyday lives. What I am saying is to be ready, be prepared for anything. Yes, it’s true that some people will label you as one of those “Doomsday Prepper types” but these are probably the same people who need to demean everyone to make themselves feel better. And these are the same people that will be coming to you for help when the shit hits the fan…because they are clueless.

That is my main goal here to supply as much valuable information that I can. any information or survival skills that I think could help you and educate you will be shared. Keep in mind these are my opinions and just like you I am allowed that right…for now.










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