U.S. Fascist Government Wants Complete Control Over The People

Fascist Government

U.S. Fascist Government Wants Complete Control Over The People

Greece is not preparing to default on the debt. The Greek people are the poorest since 1980. IMF new forecast, Greece will improve. Retail sales pumped up by auto sales. Citi economist has a solution to help the economy, get rid of cash. Obamacare has made the insurance companies even richer. Obama plotting adult mandatory vaccines. US Government needs to control the people, via healthcare, vaccinations, weapons and identification tracking. CISA is back and the Government wants it passed. Normandy four reinforce the Minsk II agreement. China is ready to receive the S-300 missile system. Russia and Iran bartering. IS 8 miles from the US border in Texas.( source


“SCIENTIFIC” DICTATORSHIP. Multinational-, Corporation-catic-, FASCIST-, 24/7 SURVEILLANCE-, MILITARIZED-, POLICE-STATE ~ TECHNOCRACY. Think of the WICB (Western International Central Bankers – Rockefeller, Rothschild s) and their “Helpers”

Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, BUSH & CLINTON Families, “Neo-Cons”, Dual “American”-Israeli Citizens, Zionist KHAZAR’S, etc.) + “EU” Royals, “Black Nobility” + Members of the (Cecil) Rhodes’ Round table Groups – think of these OLIGARCHS as the REAL POWER BEHIND Obama, BEHIND the U.S. Con-gross, BEHIND the U.S. Supreme Court, indeed, BEHIND THE ENTIRE U.S. Government, particularly the CIA/NSA/FBI/DEA/HUD (DHS/TSA) etc. I just gave you the list of the U.S. “Shadow” (Black-Budget) Government – the REAL POWER in the U.S., and in the West.

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The “elites” of the West want a TOTAL, 24/7 SURVEILLANCE, MILITARIZED, POLICE-STATE, TECHNOCRACY, for TOTAL CONTROL over the U.S., and global population. This is why the POLICE/MILITARY are allowed to get away with murder! The “elites” who employ them (the police and military) give them the “license to kill”. (NOTE: American Cops Just Killed More People In March Than The UK Did In The Entire 20th Century.


IF you have not already – be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, and read, view, listen to ALL content, at the link just provided. IF you have “recently” awakened, say within the years since the 2007/2008/2009.- 2015 economic “downturn” – you’ll likely learn something you weren’t aware of, previously. We are ALL learning something as we try to un-pack this “New” World Order (World Bank/IMF/SWIFT/CIA/NSA)

The “elite” program/agenda: 1) CONTROL, 2) LOOT, 3) DEPOPULATE. TECHNOCRACY appears to tie-up A LOT of (if not ALL) “loose-ends”.


A new report by ThinkProgress.com unearthed disturbing figures when it came to the number of police-related deaths that occurred in America in the month of March alone. Just last month, in the 31 days of March, police in the United States killed more people than the UK did in the entire 20th century. In fact, it was twice as many; police in the UK only killed 52 people during that 100 year period.(source)

American Cops Just Killed More People In March Than The UK Did In The Entire 20th Century


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