Cuts of Pork & Preparing the Meat For Smoke

Cuts of Pork

Are you a True BBQ Pitmaster? Do You Know Your Cuts of Pork?
There is nothing on God’s green earth that quite compares to a perfectly-cooked beef steak or grilled or smoked chicken. But my favorite grilled or barbecued animal of choice? It is perhaps the pig.
Pork is undeniably one of the most commonly consumed meats in the world. My preference for swine is due to the meat being sweet and juicy, almost to the point of being deliciously unctuous. I also love pig because there is simply so much you can do with it and types of meat they offer. I mean, you can get ribs, pulled pork, ham, St. Louis-style pork steaks, sausage, bacon…(sigh) What’s not to love? [Read more…]