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Terrified Elites Ask “What If We’re The Bad Guys?” As Americans Continue Historic Gun Buying Spree

President Putin factually assessing: “The policy of the Kiev regime and its Western handlers, who seek to destroy everything related to Russia, has no future”, says this factual assessment followed… Read more »

Joe Biden Said “We Have To Do more To Stop Gun Violence,” – Gun Confiscation Laws

Where does US gun control go from here?Republicans counter that the right to possess firearms is enshrined in the US Constitution and that new gun-control legislation would be counterproductive. Then,… Read more »

Disease X is coming: The Lab Preparing For The NEXT Pandemic | Bill Gates & The World Health Organization Give Us A Date

The Pandemic Institute was founded in 2023 to monitor emerging diseases and prepare for future outbreaks. “Never again will we be unprepared” is its motto. It is not alone. Around… Read more »