How To Survive Without Pharmacies or Doctors … 15 Clinically Proven Herbs and Supplements


Are the best medicines found in nature? The right herbal remedies could make the difference between a full recovery or a slow and tragic death to an injury, infection, illness, or disease following a long term disaster.

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Survival First Aid: Post-Collapse Medicine and How to Use it to Save Lives

Post-Collapse Medicine

Survival First Aid: Post-Collapse Medicine and How to Use it to Save Lives

Medical Emergencies in a Post-Collapse Environment. Shock, infections, broken bones, dislocations, poisoning, open chest wounds — treating medical emergencies in a post-collapse environment — in a land without doctors or hospitals.

Why learn survival first aid and post-collapse medicine?

For the same reasons that today’s U.S. Army is experiencing lower fatality rates in battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. The new skills being taught to Army medics are allowing for swift medical evaluations and forward-deployed surgical teams. The most significant change has been the performance of medics and combat lifesavers in applying trauma care techniques. While we can’t pass on expert surgical procedures, we can pass on survival first aid medicine:

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How to Treat an Infection without Antibiotics in a SHTF Disaster

In a true SHTF disaster, it doesn’t matter if you’re a hardened combat vet with an entire battery of weapons and enough food and water to sustain a small army. A small cut, not properly taken care of, can take you out just as easily as a well-placed gun shot. Infections are the #1 killer in any disaster situation. It is estimated that 2 out of every 3 deaths in a disaster scenario are caused by some kind of infectious disease.

Every prepper knows that stockpiling medical supplies, especially antibiotics, is extremely important. When the grid goes down, medical supplies are going to be just as valuable as food. It’s also not as easy to stockpile antibiotics as it is to store most other medical supplies as most antibiotics are prescription only and have a limited shelf life. Fish and animal antibiotics are a good alternative for prescription medications because they are easily available without a prescription, but in a long term SHTF scenario, there will come a time when the antibiotics run out and finding more will be next to impossible. [Read more…]