How To Wax Food For Long-Term Storage

wax food

You’ve probably noticed how shiny your cucumbers, apples, or other smooth produce looks when you buy it. That’s because it’s coated in a wax.

Though they pretty appearance is one of the benefits of waxing food, the main reason for waxing food is for preservation. Wax is also used for jellies and cheese. [Read more…]

Learning Basic Home Canning Methods Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes


Learning basic home canning methods can give you a lifetime of independence and self sufficiency. Canning food yourself can reduce your food budget, and provide your family with a healthy alternative to fast foods. Canned food for the most part IS fast food. You can open a jar of vegetables, meat, soup or stew, pour the contents in a pan, warm it up on the stove, and it’s ready to eat. No thawing, no muss, no fuss. [Read more…]