DIY Straw Bale Gardening-An Easy Way To Grow Plant no Weeding & Harvest After the Harvest

straw bale

Poor soil? Consider straw bale gardening!

Straw Bale Gardening is a simply different type of container gardening. These straw bales (not hay bales) are a great place to plant vegetables. The straw is an easy, loose place for the plants to spread out their roots. Once the straw inside the bale begins to decompose, the straw becomes “conditioned” and ready to plant. The step by step process of conditioning creates an extraordinarily productive, warm, moist and nutrient rich rooting environment for young seedlings. [Read more…]

Biointensive Passive Solar Straw Bale Greenhouse

 Straw Bale

Biointensive Passive Solar Straw Bale Greenhouse

Why Build the Passive Solar Greenhouse?

This greenhouse will enable you to garden easily in difficult situations such as: short season, windy, low night time temperatures, animals eating your garden, low rainfall, high altitude, urban gardening, low humidity and/or cold winters.

This greenhouse will allow you to garden all year with a wide variety of vegetables, regardless of where you live.

Because this greenhouse is permanent and passive solar, it is much more effective than season extension. [Read more…]