DIY Survival Food

Make your own survival food for the trail or the bugout bag

Commercial survival food — like MREs and freeze-dried food – is a nice option, but it can be expensive. Today we’ll take a quick look at a fast, easy, cheap and delicious recipe for do-it-yourselfers. This recipe resembles a shortbread, so it’s delicious even to the kids, but with more fiber, protein, and complex carbs, it’s much more nutritionally balanced.

Qualities of good survival food

  • Dense – you want to carry lots of calories in a small package
  • Tasty – if you’re going to eat the same thing every meal, it had better be good
  • Durable – you need something that stores well. This recipe contains no preservatives, but you can give it a long shelf life by dehydrating it completely, like hard tack. That will make it hard to eat, but at least you won’t starve. Note: The high fat content of this food makes it harder to store. Refrigerate until needed.
  • Easily reproduced – sure, you can buy survival food now, but what if you have no choice but to make it someday? This recipe is cheap and easy. Just watch the video. [Read more…]