How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack (Weaponized Virus)

Biological Attack
Plain and simple, an attack from terrorists with chemical or biological weapons is more dangerous and would be more devastating than most realize.

What a complacent world we live in, the modern age. The average guy drinking his early morning Starbucks while checking his Facebook page from his mobile phone just doesn’t realize how badly terrorists want to inflict harm on America — and not just America — though it is at the top of the list of most terrorist organizations. [Read more…]

Warning: ISIS Groups Could Be Building An “Ebola Dirty Bomb”


 Warning: ISIS Groups Could Be Building An “Ebola Dirty Bomb”

Information is the best weapon against wrong doing. This video contains some treatment information. If this thing becomes a pandemic there is only one conclusion you can draw! We spent much time showing you this virus should not be airborne ever,in doing so we prove that airborn virus is weaponized.

Did She Just Say Ebola “Attack” NOT A DOCTORS ADVICE…-Vitamin C protocol…. Prophylactic- The best ascorbate product is liposomal vitamin c but it is expensive… great adjunct to any vitamin c protocol… 1,000 mg twice a day as adjunct to heavier dosing…. Timed Released and Buffered… 5K miligrams for smaller persons, add about 1k miligrams for every 50 lbs body weight. 5k miligrams for 150 lb. person… So your daily doses are spread out. With food… -For any viral infection and added to your prophylactic dose already. [Read more…]