10 Hints For The Survival Kitchen


10 Hints For The Survival Kitchen

Here’s a list of general preparedness hints for the survival food pantry and kitchen.

Let’s get right to it:

1. High quality foods

When choosing foods that you won’t be consuming right away, it is important to use so called ‘high quality’ foods. This will help assure that your preservation method coupled with long term storage will result in a more nutritious and tasty meal later on. [Read more…]

Vehicle Survival: How to Successfully Live in Your Car (By Someone Who’s Done It)


How to Successfully Live in Your Car

The following is a guest post by Javier C. who spent over a year living successfully out of his car. He shares his insights in this article. Keep in mind many of these tactics Javier details here would easily apply if you were ever forced to bug out with your vehicle.

From August 25th 2012 until over a year later, I slept and lived in my car in Los Angeles, California. I moved to Los Angeles for a dream and did not realize how expensive it was to live there. [Read more…]

Foods to boost your happiness

While many of us reach for stodgy comfort foods when the blues kick in, snacking on mood-boosting superfoods will help to keep you healthier and happier too. Check out these 10 superfoods for better moods.


A recent study conducted by the Tianjin Medical University found that people who ate tomatoes two to six times a week were 46 per cent less likely to suffer from idandepression than those participants who only ate tomatoes once a week. The researchers believe that the antioxt called lypocene, which is found in tomatoes, might be the ingredient that helps protect against depression. [Read more…]