10 Ways to Fool the Authorities and Escape Martial Law

Martial Law

Martial Law under a government with bad intentions can have devastating consequences. Is history about to repeat itself and will we face a violent enactment of martial law in the years ahead?

Here are 10 ways to fool the authorities and escape with your life and family.

A violent and horrifying life in a concentration camp is what you may face one day under martial law.

We’re not talking about a regional or short term enactment of martial law. We’re talking about martial law under a government with an agenda to root out and destroy any elements that are not in line with their specific agenda.

How many Jews learned the hard way in World War II that the Nazis hated Jews and wanted to exterminate them?

In a government collapse following any number of disastrous events that might befall a nation, we can bet that the next government to come to power in this day and age will need force, and a lot of it, in order to quell a rebellious people.

Force shows power and overwhelming violence spreads fear across a population. And there’s no better way to show force and enact fear into a people than to violently enforce martial law.

Making Sense of All These Cyberattacks

In World War 2, the Nazis set out to conquer Europe; it was part of the Nazi agenda before World War 2 ever began.

If it’s going to happen to us, we can bet that extensive planning and military operations that include secret government agents, computer hacking, weapons smuggling, and covert alliances are already taking place.

In the end, who will be the governing party that will enact martial law? It won’t be under an American flag. Not the flag of our founding fathers that is. Don’t get me wrong. The American flag may still fly — but if it does fly, it’s going to be dwarfed by a larger flag with any number of national or foreign symbols poised above it.

Escaping Martial Law

1. Run, Don’t Walk, Run

With death bearing down on your community, on your neighborhood, on your front door, it’s better to make a hasty retreat for the countryside than to wait too long and find out the hard way … that you waited too long to evacuate.

From the countryside, you can hide safely under the cover of the forest, and make plans and preparations for the next leg of your journey.

A large number of Jews were able to escape the Nazis by fleeing into the forests, surviving the weather and foraging for food (or just handouts of free food), and eventually escaping. Sometimes they had the help of “underground” elements, resistance fighters and their supporters.

2. Seek Cover and Stay Camouflaged

Jews who waited too long to evacuate, or moved too slowly, or didn’t do a good job hiding out, were rounded up, or simply shot where they were found. The key to not being found is to:

– Stay under cover (you don’t want to be spottedfrom a drone, helicopter, or plane circling in the air)

– Avoid “line of sight” (position yourself so that your path of travel isn’t visible to anyone scouring the land with binoculars; trees and tall brush can provide concealment from every direction; avoid meadows and open spaces).

– Be ready to belly crawl … slowly (not getting caught is of utmost importance; be ready to drop to your belly and crawl on all fours, stomach and head low to the ground, and move at a snail’s pace; moving extremely slow will help you avoid snapping twigs and also avoid shaking the brush or tall grass around you, movement which can give away your position to anyone close by).

– Be patient (if you have any questions or suspicions about a possible searching party trying to track your position, be ready to stop moving completely and simply lay right where you are for the next several hours — until the cover of dark perhaps — or when you feel it’s safe to start moving again).

– Hide well off trail (the further you can get from any noticeable trail to hide, or just to sleep, the better; if these are just soldiers acting on orders, they may not be too excited about slugging through a swamp or wetland, or climbing a steep hill of dense brush, which brings us to…)

3. Choose the Path of MOST Resistance

From your starting point, what is the hardest way into the wilderness? What has the most brush, the steepest gully, that is still passable? If authorities are not right on your tail, and you have a head start, consider taking a path that no one in their right mind would be likely to take.

It might take you 30 minutes to climb a 200 yard hillside through the woods, but if that hillside climb puts you on a path off the beaten track, you can increase the odds that you’ll never be found, and that no one is going to follow the path you have taken.

4. Cover Your Tracks

Soldiers acting on authorities to round up evacuees might not be well trained (or have any real training) in tracking. That said, you should be cautious along whatever path you take not to leave signs of your presence, and especially not to leave signs revealing the direction you are traveling.

Signs to avoid are:

– Broken branches (avoid breaking branches; even twigs breaking off brush as you pass by are tell tale “white” signs pointing to your presence)

– Flattened grass (crawling through an open area of grass comes with a danger; you may leave a trail of flattened grass pointing in your direction of travel; if you have time, and you have to travel through grass, for a short distance into the grass, turn at repeated points, and use your hands to stand the grass back up, so that it’s no longer flattened and conceals your path of travel)

– Foot marks in damp soil (be ever cautious about open areas of soil, especially damp soil; damp soil is a fast way to leave a shoe print revealing your direction of travel; step cautiously over and around open areas of soil to avoid leaving shoe prints).

– Camp fires (smoke from camp fires can alert people from miles away to your location and ashes from a camp fire on the ground can tell trackers just how long it’s been since you were there; as much as possible, avoid any camp fires until you are a very safe distance away; keep them short, brief, and very small when you do need one)

– Litter (don’t drop anything to signal your presence, from an empty matchbook to a cigarette lighter to garbage from your food supplies; bury everything you don’t want well off trail where it won’t be found)

5. Fool Any Pursuers

So you plan on entering the woods near a highway? Cross to the other side of the highway and break a number of branches and clear a path of brush and create what looks like a trail leading in the opposite direction you actually plan to travel.

Continue forward along that false trail you’ve started, and leave additional signs giving pursuers the impression that is the direction you or others are traveling.

Now go back to your original planned starting point, perhaps “choosing the path of most resistance” (see above), and head off in the opposite direction.

Pull this off and you’ve just made a safe getaway and any pursuers will be shortly later on a wild goose chase leading to nowhere.

– Now is a great time to litter. Remember that rule above about avoiding littering — well there is a time to litter, and that is when you want to use litter as a way to fool pursuers into believing you went one direction, or crossed a river, when you actually doubled back and went another way.

Consider dropping an empty matchbook and arranging things to look like a temporary camp site.

In one area, urinate (or pour water) on the ground, and then make foot prints in the damp soil, that look like you are walking in a certain direction.

Got an old shirt? Cut a length of paracord and tie it securely to a rock, and then tie both to a shirt. Wrap the rock in the shirt and then throw both over a narrow river you have no intention to cross (choose a point in the river where it would be a dangerous crossing) so that the rock and shirt fall on the other side of the river where the shirt is visible to anyone searching from your side of the river (dunk your shirt in the water to give it more weight prior to your toss — it should travel a few feet further than it might if dry)

In a short while any pursuers who see your shirt may be fooled into thinking you crossed over the river. By the time they cross (if they are even able to cross, remember this is a fast point of the river we’re talking about) and discover the rock tied to your shirt, and possibly realize they’ve been fooled, you may be far off in a different direction.

Make it more believable by making foot prints in a damp area of sand or dirt near the river bank that point to the river.

6. Only Carry the Essentials

If you’re prepared, and in reality everyone should be prepared, you would have had a Bug Out Bag packed and ready to go, though a lighter weight Bug Out Bag may be called for if you find that you need to make a hasty retreat and have a tough road ahead of you.

What are some ways you can shed pounds from your backpack?

When it comes to the outdoors, it’s common for people to bring more changes of clothing than they actually need. The more time you spend in the outdoors, and the more time you spend on any treks of any real distance, you’ll realize that you can get by in the same set of clothing just fine. Having a second outfit you can wear as an additional layer is recommended, as evening temperatures can drop, and you don’t want to freeze. The point of all this is that too many outfits will only bulk up your bag and add extra weight and only slow down your travel time.

Additional ways to shed pounds —

– Avoid carrying a tent — instead, carry a simple waterproof bivy sack. A bivy sack is a thin yet rugged bag designed to fit over a sleeping bag and keep you sheltered from the elements.

– Carry less water into the wilderness (unless traveling through dry areas where natural water sources are few or non-existent for several miles at a time — then you’ll want to carry a lot more water than normal); be sure to have a plan for procuring drinking water along the way.

– Choose a smaller flashlight that takes smaller batteries (but always have a few extra)

– Cut your emergency candle in half (have a 55 hour emergency candle? Take a hacksaw to it, and cut it in half to 22.5 hours of burn time)

– Pack calorie-rich freeze dried food or light weight high calorie survival food and be prepared to go longer between meals

– Include a plan to snack on edible insects; some of you are squeamish at this idea — but edible insects can provide enough calories and help you get by for a few extra hours or even days at a time, adding time and distance to your escape from otherwise captivity and possible death in a concentration camp.

Right now your goal is to just get away — you can hunt, fish, and trap once you are dozens of miles away or more into a remote area.

– As you move along the forest floor and or along a rivers edge, be ready to collect edible plants, roots, nuts, and berries — but be careful, many are poisonous and not edible. It may be a lot easier for you to recognize edible insects and make do with these instead of risking your life with plants, roots, nuts, and berries found in the forest.

Remember, the wrong plant or berry can be a fast way to an early death. Foraging is a skill that today can be learned by reading books on foraging for wild plants, taking classes, and then practicing what you have learned so that you are ready for a survival situation.

7. Be Careful What You Tell People

If you come across strangers, keep details about your travels to yourself. Unless they’re part of your group, no need to share details just in case these strangers you’re talking with are soon after caught by authorities and give up your location.

What about tracking dogs?

While tracking dogs may be a threat for some evacuees, a large scale evacuation into the countryside is likely to leave authorities short handed and short on adequately trained canine teams.

8. Press On and Keep Traveling

Feel like there’s enough distance between you and them? Don’t take any chances and be ready to spend a few more days and even weeks traveling into remote areas. Better safe than sorry.

Hunting pressure and large numbers of evacuees fleeing into the wilderness in several regions of the country will send native wildlife fleeing for remote areas where there is a lot less human activity. It is these remote areas that the hunting is likely to be best — especiallyhunting for bigger game like deer, elk, antelope, and moose.

9. Seek Out Remote Wilderness

The difference between the World War 2 Jews vs survivors from a tyrannical government that may one day come to power today is that the Jews had allied nations that they could flee to. In fact many fled Europe completely and made it to the U.S. and of course millions had help being relocated to the present day nation of Israel in the years following World War 2.

If we have to run from a tyrannical government that one day comes to power and enacts martial law, we may not have any allied nations to flee to at all, and so the only real way to survive long term may be to seek out remote wilderness far off the beaten track, well under the cover of forest (gotta hide from those drones), as well as lands shielded by mountains (where there’s no roads, there’s no easy way for armies to move enemy soldiers in and out, putting the odds of escaping the clutches of tyranny and martial law in your favor).

10. Teach the Children

While the history books are being re-written by the new powers that be, while the White House lays in ruin and Lady Liberty is just a scattered mountain of debris and a face laying horizontally across the ground, there will be one book that stands the test of time, with a history that can and should be passed on to children. There may be a lot of debate and some people swear by it and others swear against it — but only in the last pages of the Bible and the many prophecies concerning the End of Days will any of this ever make any sense.

There are several more details on survival when it comes to martial law and being forced into a life of living off the land and living off what you and your family can carry on your backs. Unfortunately, this isn’t fiction and it’s something that has occurred more and more in recent years.

Refugees in war torn nations (do I need to make a list?) and other nations struck by catastrophic disasters (Haiti, for example) have sent survivors fleeing for the countryside or simply living in the ruins of their towns and villages and large tent cities that have bred crime and corruption along with dangers to women and children — and the fathers and brothers who would otherwise seek to protect them.


In war torn nations in the modern day, and regions turned to ruins by natural disasters, many have died from starvation and disease, and others from drinking contaminated water; others have fallen victim to gangs or been killed by rogue armies that have come to power, perhaps enforcing their own version of martial law.

It is a certainty that martial law will come to the US soon and will be followed by UK, Canada and the Western Nations. Best to be ready and not caught off guard,when  the day comes that martial law is implemented .

Perhaps Jesus said it best when he said:

“Be on guard, so that your hearts will not be weighted down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of life, and that day will not come on you suddenly like a trap; for it will come upon all those who dwell on the face of all the earth. But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.” – Luke 21:34-36(source)

One of the best ideas suggested through The Lost Ways is the construction of bunkers. These bunkers have the potential to stand the impact created by the most devastating earthquake or missile attack. On the other hand, the readers will be able to learn how to preserve their food in a natural manner. They can also get to know about effective tips, which can be used to preserve the precious water supplies. Then we will be able to use them in the case of a disaster to survive.

First of all, The Lost Ways would convince readers that the natural disasters are inevitable. It will give them an excellent insight about the disasters that could take place in the future. Therefore, it is extremely important for all the human beings to stay prepared to face a disaster, which could happen at any given point of time. In the second part of this book, the readers will be able to discover the lessons learned by humanity when they encountered disasters in the past. Every disaster teaches us a lesson, and it is better to have a clear understanding of these lessons as they can be helpful in the future.

Books can be your best pre-collapse investment.

Carnivore’s Bible (is a wellknown meat processor providing custom meat processing services locally andacross the state of Montana and more. Whether your needs are for domestic meator wild game meat processing)

The Lost Book of Remedies PDF ( contains a series of medicinal andherbal recipes to make home made remedies from medicinal plants and herbs.Chromic diseases and maladies can be overcome  by taking the remediesoutlined in this book. The writer claims that his grandfather was taughtherbalism and healing whilst in active service during world war twoand that he has treated many soldiers with his home made cures. )

Easy Cellar(Info about building and managing your root cellar, plus printable plans. The book on building and using root cellars – The Complete Root Cellar Book.)

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22 thoughts on “10 Ways to Fool the Authorities and Escape Martial Law

  1. laura m.

    Many folks I talked to are going to stay put and stand their ground. Many have no place to run to, some have family members who are incapacitated, and will stay and protect their house and preps. Some have lots of preps that is impossible to take on the run. Will go down fighting if necessary.

  2. Jay

    They say that an ounce of prevention is worth several truck loads of cure.
    I don’t have what it takes to survive out in the cold on the run for very long.
    So I have a better plan that we had all better be doing.
    There is something called prayer and I can tell you first hand that it is far more effective than any military weapon anyone could own or operate. If you know Jesus Christ as your Savior, now would be an excellent time to cry out to God with confession of personal and national sins and to plead for His mercy. Otherwise your run into the forest will likely end in a ditch with a bullet to the back of the head.

    1. Riverrat

      I agree. God can make my home invisible. If not, oh well, you have to die somehow and I’d rather die standing my ground at home.

  3. m rapp

    who wrote this infantile bunch of shit ???? if this is what you REALLY think then off yourself right now and be done with it…….

    1. soldier for Christ

      You’re a smart one Rapp. You’re just like most of the population. The sheeple. Not only do you not listen to the warnings, you feel compelled to make fun of it. Hope you have fun when things hit the fan. Then we’ll see who the smart ones are.

  4. WeThePeopleWillPrevail

    The Jews who ran survived because millions of our people sacrificed their lives to fight tyranny. Running to survive is cowardly and self defeating. There are too many of We The People who, if they fight back against an attack, will prevail even if the losses are 10 of us versus 1 of an invading army.

  5. Shinmen Takezo

    Just what idiot wrote this malarkey?
    Did this fool ever spend one evening in the open in a rugged wilderness area?
    It doesn’t seem so.

    If anyone followed the instructions about going into heavy wilderness without proper equipment, training, physical fitness, weapons and food–you are going to die.

    Yes you may have to flee, and yes you have to seek cover and shelter, but if you think you are going to flee into a wilderness area and live off the land like that character in the Walking Dead with the crossbow, you are deluding yourselves. If you have to flee, you will need a place to go, a means to get there, and supplies to live off of once you arrive. You will not be getting handouts from “do-gooders” along the way.

    Also the author is delusional in thinking that the thugs in DC could actually enact a “nation-wide” martial law plan, and make it work. FYI–there are not enough government thugs (ie: alphabet agents, soldiers, police, etc.) in this country to make it happen. It could not happen. It would not work. Yes they/them would be able to lock down a few urban areas at the most, but enacting a sweeping martial law program across the nation is delusional thinking–even if they brought in 1/2 million UN peacekeepers, it would not work. There are too many people with too many guns, in too large a land mass for control to be effective.

    Disregard nearly all of the advice in the article above.

  6. Molly MaGuire

    For the first 6 months or so the government will be looking for the red, green, and blue lists. But after that, red-listers won’t be as interesting anymore. So stay in the shadows for the first month and you may be all right. If you can get phoney papers and change your appearances, that’s another plus. I plan on buying African make-up and wigs. City people with addresses wil be the easiest found. Hide out in a barn or unused hog house.

  7. country codger

    The subject of tracking dogs should be addressed, just in case. Carry a small aerosol can of pepper spray, each time you stop to rest or bed down for the night, spray the bottoms of your shoes and walk around in a circle before you leave the site. If you hear dogs in pursuit you will want to pray your feet and hands (use gloves if you have them and why don’t you have them) once every hour. You are less likely to wipe your eyes with gloves than your fingers and gloves will help protect your hands in thorns, briars and climbing on rocks. I keep 2 pairs (1 mechanic and one insulated) in my BOB. In a pinch you can use dried, powdered cayenne or habanero pepper and sprinkle it if your state forbids the use of pepper spray.

    Good luck,

    1. Realist

      Good info.
      It’s war. Who the hell cares if any state forbids pepper spray or anything else for that matter!!! ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR.

  8. Realist

    It was catholics who went to the ovens in WWII (‘ethnic’ cleansing). Not the jews. It’s the jews (THE anti-Semites) who killed catholics & are doing it again. They’ve kept up the charade of deceit for 3/4 of a century so far and we all have believed the lie for too long. Once the catholics are killed there will be millions less to fight against the enemy. The remainder of citizens will be left on their own and wishing they, too, were already dead and very soon will be.

    Catholics first and then everyonelse. 90% depopulation worldwide. Do u think u & your family stand even a squeak of a chance of surviving this? haaaaaa. Guess again. The 10% left will be only a smidgen of royals. There’s too many of them, so most of them will be knocked off as well (as was recently found out by the leak of the very very upper echelon royals). Surprise! Many royals thought they were so smart in going along with all this. Apparently most royals are just not royal enough to save and are not going to be protected like they thought they were. 90% dead. 90% is 90%.

    Hiding is ridiculous. There’s no place to hide. They’ve told us this themselves many many times. Believe it. Bug out bags… a farce to give us a false sense of security and hope. Get real.

    Attention good people of the world:
    Stand and fight (aggressively, menacingly, and bully style). GO FOR THE CROTCH. Then cut it off and staple it to your lamppost, telephone pole or nearest tree. They plan to do it to you if they get u first. U will also have to get used to fighting children. They plan to take you out. AND they, too, have come to your country with an ‘attitude’ about and against you.

    What was it the russkies used in WWII? Glass bottles with a narrow neck with some fuel? alcohol? and a rag in it, and I think they lit it and threw it. I still have some memory of what I once read or saw in a movie.
    Time to give our enemies a taste of their own medicine?

    I know for a fact that the enemies have been told that Americans are stupid and lazy pushovers (out of the present-day mouths of militry russkies that are here in the U.S. right now working as professionals, for the time being until called to action). I’m sure all enemies from whatever country they are coming from, have been told the same thing.
    Yep, we’re all stupid, lazy and a bunch of pushovers.

    All citizens of every country in the world need to show enemies just how stupid and lazy we all are.

    Since when do people have to wait to act defensively? What about offensively? Has anyone noticed the humongous ‘temples’ of the devil being built as we speak? What kind of peoples are these ‘temples’ bringing to all our countries? People that hate us enough to kill us all, that’s what.

    p.s. We are not ‘preppers’ in that sense of the word.
    We are realists.
    90% is 90%. Do the math. You will not be here, nor will your family be here!
    You are scheduled to be murdered. That’s the reality. Yeah, you too.
    Take as many of the enemy with you as you can. They deserve to die too.

  9. Steve

    You speak of how Jews hid from the Nazis…..now it’s the Jews running the Democratic Party who are doing the hunting on conservatives. Ironic.

  10. BTRUTH

    The NUMBER 1 preparation for ANY SHTF scenario, is being covered in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ! The NWO has demonic powers & super weaponry at their disposal, so only the Lord Almighty will save you.
    The collective Body of Christ, which is made up of SINGLE INDIVIDUALS have many different purposes for Him. Some are called to fight, others to witness & to be taken before kings…It’s being in His Will, not YOUR WILL that’s the real life saving prep!! EPHESIANS 6:10-20 Shalom

  11. Beano McReano

    Yes, it’s coming. The Bible says so. So what should you be doing? Getting ready and practicing and training in your MIND and your body.

  12. Boing Boing

    most of the American people wouldn’t survive overnight in their own backyards, metaphorically speaking. Have you take a look lately at the morbidly obese high fructose corn syrup-addicted leeches and zombies comprising wide swaths of the population? Drop them in a forest without their Meth and Paxil and they’re coyote food within 24 hours.

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