Pioneer-Era Recipes That You Should Still Serve Up Today



Pioneers canned and dried food as it ripened during the summer. Canning and drying kept foods from spoiling quickly. Many of the vegetables needet to be saved for the fall and winter months when fresh food was not available. Pioneers shelled and dried beans and peas. They then poured them into sacks. They set kernels of corn in the sun to dry. They hung strings of onion to dry.

Pioneers packed all the vegetables in a root cellar for later use. In the winter, pioneers soaked these vegetables and added them to soups and stews.

Women preserved some vegetables in glass jars. This process was call canning. Pioneer women canned tomatoes, sweet corn and beets. They boiled the fresh vegetables with salt and pepper or fried them in lard. They then dumped the vegetables into hot jars and sealed the jars with lids or big bladders.

Pioneers also canned sauerkraut and pickles. They made sauerkraut by adding salt to shredded cabbage.

Pioneer women pickled cucumbers in jars of  vinegar, salt and dill. To give the pickles a sweet taste, pioneers sometimes added sugar and spices.

Originally published : by JESS CATCHER


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