2015 Predictions: End Of The World – The End Of All Things Is Near

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions: End Of The World – The End Of All Things Is Near

End of the world conspiracy theories are apparently taking a hint from Hollywood. If you can’t come up with something original, might as well do a remake. This year, the predictions for 2015 seem to focus on the apocalypse prophesied by Nostradamus, and even the Mayan calendar is getting its sequel. Yes, indeed, this is a face palm moment.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, predictions for 2015 already include multiple ways the end of the world could happen next year. The recently developed technology used to develop an artificial virus for medical purposes could be used to create a zombie apocalypse virus as a bio-weapon. Of course, if we are going to have zombies, might as well have zombie soldiers. In that regard, financial experts believe World War 3 is inevitable due to economic reasons, and it’s possible Vladimir Putin’s claim over Arctic oil could be a trigger point, since it’s believed worldwide oil reserves could run out by 2060. Of course, the skies would not be falling appropriately if a 2015 asteroid impact on Earth was not thrown into the hat for 2015 predictions.


Surprisingly, 2014 was not the year the end of the world occurred. I say “surprisingly” because the the ancient Norseman predicted Ragnarok, which translates into “doom of the gods,” would take place on February 22, 2014. The wolf god named Fenrir was supposed to kill Odin, Skoll would devour the sun, and his brother Hai would feast on the moon. One hundred days before Ragnarok was supposed to take place, the Norse god Heimdallr would blow the horn called Gjallerhorn to warn about the impending Viking end of the world.

When the Mayan Armageddon came around, there were people worrying about World War 3, and some traveled to remote locations in order to prepare for the end of days. When the doom of the gods came around, the town of York threw a party to celebrate the coming of Ragnarok in true Norse fashion. The weather even blasted a large rainbow onto the town, and it was joked the gods had used Bifrost to reach York in preparation. They even had the mythical horn Gjallerhorn crafted to blow a warning. Instead of being doom and gloom, this end of the world date was all about partying, grog, and men with really, really long beards.

Ragnarok was so much fun that our 2015 predictions are calling for yet another end of the world.

One of the more interesting conspiracy theories claims that everyone got it wrong, and the Mayan calendar ends on May 15, 2015. The claim goes that the Mayans “predicted the end in 2012, and just in case maybe their computations were wrong they went ahead and predicted another apocalypse in 2015.” Did the ears of certain Hollywood executives just perk up?

Whether this 2015 end of the world conspiracy theory is even somewhat accurate is not the point. The real reason to take notice is that it gives the world yet another reason to party. Although, according to a website called In5D, the new Mayan Apocalypse will be more about contemplation. They quote a Grand Elder Wakatel Utiw as discussing several Mayan prophecies that may be related to 2015 predictions.

“We have several prophecies concerning the time we are living in, and it is in fulfillment of the Prophecies that we are here today. I will mention some of them:

‘At the time of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the return of our Ancestors and the return of the men of wisdom.’ That time is now.00000007-199

Another one says: ‘Arise, everyone, stand up! Not one, nor two groups be left behind the rest.’ This prophecy is in reference to all: rich or poor, black or white, men or women, indigenous or non indigenous, we all are equal, we all have dignity, we all deserve respect, we all deserve happiness; we all are useful and necessary to the growth of the country and to make a nation where we can live with respect among the different cultures.

The Prophecy says: ‘Those of the Center, with their mystical bird Quetzal, make unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South; we will meet because we are one, like the fingers of the hand.’ This prophecy means that the Indigenous People of the North and the Indigenous People of the South, through those of the Center, will come together to strengthen the recovery of the ancestral science; recovery of our identity, art, spirituality and Cosmo-vision on life and death that the different Cultures have.”

Predictions of Nostradamus, the world economy will collapse, Mount Vesuvuius will erupt, and the dead will resurrect. Did I already mention that a real-life zombie virus just recently became possible?

The good news is that Nostradamus’ 2015 prophecies also mention that the differences between languages will disappear. Does this mean a universal translator like in Star Trek? It’s also claimed human beings will learn how to talk to animals, which should thrill vegans and PETA.

Of course, in the end (pun intended), some of these same Nostradamus prophecies have probably been applied to previous years before 2015, but you know how finicky these end of the world predictions can be.(source)

In this video we will take a look at events happening around the world, and all this IN JUST THE LAST 2 WEEKS!! CHURCH WAKE UP! And if you are not saved by Jesus Christ, please get saved now… because no one is promised tomorrow. God Bless All, TSTV

Since the dawn of humanity, countless cultures around the world have held prophecies and tales foretelling a time when an epic final battle between the forces of light and dark, would destroy the earth; and where the victorious forces would be given the power to become the rulers over a new reality. And though to many, this battle may seem like the legendary stuff of stories, there are those who believe, that the final battle is upon us, and that Armageddon has indeed begun. However, it is essential here to understand that contrary to popular belief, Armageddon is not a battle that can be fought and won on the battlefields of Man, but rather, the true Armageddon, is a war that can only be won… within.

“Armageddon” – 2015 – 2016 End of Days, Tribulations, 4 Blood Moons, World War 3


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