Alert! Danger! 4 Storms Hurricane Winds to hit N. California & Northwest Pacific USA Coast Wake up, Pay Attention & Prepare. You Are Ready For Strange Weather


Prepare. You Are Ready For Strange Weather

We’ve got 4 Storms with Hurricane winds or greater set to hit the NorthWest Pacific Coast starting Early morning Thursday 17 & lasting through the next weekend. So North California, Oregon, and parts of Alaska & Canada you are now officially on THORnews Weird Weather Watch high Alert.
Since I am in Northern California, Of course I will cover these storms and possibly even bring you some awesome personal weather share. The Weather is acting weird & I Don’t see Mother Nature getting calming down anytime soon.

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The most important step is to know what you and your family will do in the event of a hurricane. Write out the steps and share them with your family and friends. This is called a hurricane plan.

Think about whether you will evacuate or stay at home. Do you live in a hurricane evacuation zone? Find out your zone and your local evacuation route (some roads will be closed or have lanes reversed to ease traffic). Try contacting your local emergency management office or American Red Cross chapter, and ask for the community hurricane preparedness plan. This plan should include the safest evacuation routes and the nearby shelters.
Where will you stay? With another family member, relative or friend living in a nonevacuation zone? Or in a hotel or shelter in a location out of the hurricane watch and warning area?
What will happen if you’re at work, school or otherwise separated from loved ones when a storm strikes? How will you find each other? Sometimes texting works better than calling when phone systems are overloaded during an emergency. Also, ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as the “family contact.” Make sure everyone knows his or her name, address and phone number.
Don’t forget those with special needs. They will require an individualized, more detailed plan, Salna said. And if you have a loved one in a senior or nursing care facility, make sure that person will be OK, he added.

Tips to Help You Prepare for a  Storm
Do you know how to prepare for a storm? Most all of us will face some type of severe winter weather in our lives. Even if you don’t live where it snows, you may travel somewhere that does. One of the biggest risks from big  storms is their ability to knock out your electricity, heat and communication services. With a bad storm, this can sometimes last for days.

People are born with the innate desire to survive, but sadly, many in our increasingly dependent society look to others for relief and assistance following a disaster. The fact is that help from government, family, or neighbors is often unavailable when needed most, and in the end you may have only yourself to count on. Do you know what to do and how to do it if disaster strikes? 

Most people are going to run out (if they haven’t already) and buy up all the milk, bread, and toilet paper they think they’ll need to get through the storm. If you need those things, then go ahead (but if you don’t, then really?) but you should add a few other things to your shopping list. A few other things you shouldn’t forget:

# Emergency or First Aid Kit: If you don’t have one already, and even if you do, it’s a good time to check it and make sure you’re not missing anything. This post is a good primer to make sure you have everything.

# Make sure you have a 3 day supply of water (3 gallons per person) and easy to prepare food. Here is my favorite 72 hour no-prep food kit.

# Medication Refills: Because the last thing you want is to run out of something you need while you’re snowed in and the pharmacy is closed.

# SANITATION – Pack supplies for sanitation, such as hand sanitizer, towelettes, paper products, diapers, and plastic bags, for use when water resources are limited.

# Flashlight and Extra Batteries: In case the power goes out. Candles are fine if they’re supervised, but most authorities tell you to avoid them because, well, open flames are generally a bad idea.

# An Emergency Radio: If you don’t have one already, now’s a good time to pick one up. They’re affordable, available everywhere, and will keep you up to speed on storm or weather alerts even if you don’t have power.

# NEVER use generators, outdoor heating or cooking equipment, such as a grill, camp stove, or a gasoline or propane heater, indoors.

# If driving is absolutely necessary, keep disaster supplies in your vehicle, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped, and use extra precaution on the roads.

Make sure automobiles contain the following emergency supplies to handle .
Tire chains (every driver should practice putting them on)
Flares or reflective triangle to warn other motorists if you break down
Flashlight and batteries
Gallon jug of drinking water
First aid kit

When traveling by car, include emergency food and clothing for each traveler.

Pack supplies in an easy-to-carry emergency backpack in case you need to abandon your car.
The National Weather Service (NWS) refers to winter storms as “deceptive killers” because most deaths are indirectly related to the storms. The majority of deaths caused by  storms are from vehicle accidents . In addition, people can die from carbon monoxide poisoning when using portable generators indoors, including in attached garages, or too close to the house. Generators should be used only outdoors and should be located at least 20 feet away from doors, windows, or vents. Individuals also suffer cold injuries, such as frostbite or hypothermia, from being outside too long and by not being well protected from storm.

Why do people wait till the last second to prepare for anything?!?!


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