Benefits Of Food Storage During Economic Collapse Or Civil Unrest, Rioting


Benefits Of Food Storage During Economic Collapse Or Civil Unrest, Rioting

Chances are high that you have come across a few stories from the media regarding the increasing risk of economic collapse, or perhaps you have spotted several situations of rioting in Baltimore or Ferguson. You have probably witnessed photographs of shops boarding up their doors and long, empty food store shelves that were a result of looting. You may ask, however, “What is my family to do during such uncontrollable events?”.

Although a possible economic collapse or state of civil unrest is out of your control, (96% of Americans expect more civil unrest in US cities next year !*) it is very possible to prepare yourself and your family for such scenarios. One of the most important things that can be secured to greatly increase the chances of making it through an economic shutdown of your community, state or country, or a sudden state of emergency from riots erupting, is a substantial food storage supply.

When faced with the reality of sudden travel restrictions, whether it be cross-country or as close as your neighborhood supermarket, the importance of securing necessities for your family becomes much more apparent. You may have created a supply of items that will help keep your family safe when things outside the home are getting out of hand, however, food is something that no one can go without. Nearby stores will most likely not have the option to remain open to serve customers during a riot in the community, and if economic collapse were to strike, your community’s infrastructure would be gravely affected as well.

An adequate food storage supply for your family can help you weather the storm of an economic collapse as you start to make adaptations to your suddenly different lifestyle, or possibly move to another more promising location. It can also increase the safety of your family while your surrounding environment grows hostile, providing you with resources accessible from within the home.

Take a look at our extensive selection of freeze-dried food storage foods that will last you up to 25 years, are highly portable and convenient, and can be the perfect choice for your family to utilize when faced with the hardships of an economic collapse, or outbreak of rioting in the community.

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How to Prepare Yourself for a Food Shortage

How I’m Preparing For Economic Collapse

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