Build Up to WW3 — Russia mobilizes 40,000 soldiers on Ukrainian border


Build Up to WW3 — Russia mobilizes 40,000 soldiers on Ukrainian border

American diplomacy in the Ukraine crisis was summed up earlier this month by State Department senior official Victoria Neuland, a leading neocon: “F….k Europe.” On Friday, Europe responded by brokering a sensible compromise to Ukraine’s increasingly dangerous crisis just as the army was about to intervene. If the pact holds, Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich will relinquish some of his powers, a unity government will be formed, elections held, and jailed protestors freed.

The fate of imprisoned nationalist leader, Yulia Timoshenko, remains unclear. Russia accused NATO on Thursday of using the Ukraine crisis to justify its existence by creating an imaginary threat, while the alliance’s head urged Moscow to pull its troops back from the Ukrainian border. NATO published satellite pictures it said showed Russia’s military buildup, but Moscow immediately dismissed them, saying they were from last August.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who accuses Moscow of amassing 40,000 combat-ready troops near Ukraine’s border, said: “We have seen the satellite images The Ukrainian parliament reportedly is considering a bill that would allow security forces to arrest and detain local citizens for up to 30 days without formal charges or court approval, a Russian politician claimed Monday, citing the measure as just one indication that the political upheaval in Ukraine is descending into Nazi-era “Gestapo times.” “A majority of Ukrainians today are hostages of that situation because they are afraid of those bandits who are next to their doors,” said Zheleznyak, speaking through a translator.

NATO to Putin’s list of bashing. “We see that military resources of certain states and members of the NATO alliance are being built up right by our borders and in contravention of previously reached agreements — We cannot allow ourselves to remain indifferent to the obvious ‘muscle-flexing’,” Putin has been quoted as saying.

Here’s the best part. The Russian President also said the response to the NATO problem will be that strategic nuclear forces — which control Russia’s long-range nuclear missiles — should be on call “to deliver a swift and adequate response to any aggressor”.

Anyone else think that Putin is making obvious overtures to war with the West?

Any solution must come democratically royal family illuminati british empire london Brennan went to Ukraine to work on logistics for the next phase of the crisis — a proxy war against Russia similar to the successful one in Afghanistan that defeated the Soviet Union. THe CIA, of course, denies this, and also denies it made the trip to spur the coup onward and upward to victory, a dim prospect at best due to the fact so many Ukrainians are less than thrilled about being ruled by ultra-nationalists and Right Sector brownshirts. Even Ukrainian soldiers are less not pumped up about attacking their fellow countrymen: they have surrendered to unarmed activists in Donetsk and Sloviansk. russia situation crisis news media timeline military.

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The claim that Director Brennan encouraged Ukrainian authorities to conduct tactical operations inside Ukraine is completely false. Like other senior U.S. officials, Director Brennan strongly believes that a diplomatic solution is the only way to resolve the crisis between Russia and Ukraine,” said a CIA spokesperson in a statement. The Pentagon has officially announced it will provide the regime with “non-lethal aid.” The Obama administration is playing the same game in Syria while behind the scenes encouraging Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to send in boatloads of cash, arms, and, most importantly, fanatical al-Qaeda and al-Nusra mercenaries willing to slaughter unarmed civilians and even Christian priests. “The pull of getting involved in proxy wars is intoxicatingly strong for an obvious reason: proxies do all the work,” writes John Glaser. “Just provide surrogates cash and guns and voilà! The devil, as always, is in the details. Proxy wars are usually waged secretly and thus represent U.S. foreign policy that the American people (and indeed most of the U.S. government itself) has no say in.

They usually involve supporting unscrupulous groups of people that often end up committing serious crimes (although, it’s by proxy so U.S. officials typically wiggle out of any responsibility).” The CIA’s track record provides ample evidence this is precisely why Brennan personally traveled to Kyiv and rubbed elbows with the coup leaders. Since its inception, the agency has undermined, subverted, masterminded and directly orchestrated the overthrow of dozens of countries.

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Four reasons why Putin could be saying what he’s saying and doing what he’s doing

One thing is for certain: Vladimir Putin is trying to distance himself from the United States and is readying for a possible battle with the West. That said, here are the some of the possible deeper reasons behind his actions.

Reason number 1: He’s in cahoots with Iran, China, and possibly other countries in a plot to preemptively attack the United States. Listen, all you have to do is look at the evidence to know that this is feasible. After all, Putin’s been dishing out fighting words for some time now.

That said, a direct attack is the least likely scenario right now. But that doesn’t mean that war is.

Reason number 2: Putin is looking to protect Iran and his energy interests. Said another way, is he anticipating our strike against Iran and readying to fight for them? Unfortunately, with the presence in the Mediterranean and recent findings suggesting that they’re beefing up their nuclear presence, this reason seems very possible. Heck, Israel higher ups recently even went as far as to suggest that a large scale conflict was looking unavoidable for them. Remember: We’re one of their greatest allies.

Reason number 3: Putin is simply looking to further the international view of Russia’s military might. This one is simple, probably too simple. Still, it is feasible that he may just be trying to remind people of what they can do as a precautionary measure.
Putin warns Russians of the danger from ‘those who wish to rule over mankind’

Reason number 4: Putin is simply trying to gain public approval for elections. Recently, there was a sweeping parliamentary victory for his party in Russia (an election that many believe was manipulated). If a successor from his party is elected-since by law Putin is unable to be-many in the west believe that the new president will simply be a figurehead doing Putin’s bidding. Further, there are some that believe Putin will be put back in office soon after the new president steps down, according to some grand scheme.

This scenario is also very reasonable. Here’s the issue, though. Why would talking tough against the West, particularly the United States, help someone become popular in Russia? The answer?

We are hated there. And that can’t be good.

So no matter what the reasoning is for Russia’s and Vladimir Putin’s recent actions and verbalizations, one thing is for certain. None of it can be good news for the United States, and that means we should all be on alert.

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  1. Josh

    “Anyone else think that Putin is making obvious overtures to war with the West?”

    I feel it’s the opposite, the nwo is forcing world war on Russia. As to US spec ops “helping” the Kurds, I find it much more likely that they’re there to limit Kurd successes and to spy on the Kurds rather than to help them. After all, isis are Hillary and 0bamas soldiers and the nwo is pissed it’s losing Syria like it lost in Egypt.


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