CLAIM: 80% Probability of Planet-Wide “Carrington Event” Within Weeks; That’s why Solar Observatories Closed

A Department of Defense (Dod) source informs me that the reason the sunspot observatory in New Mexico has been evacuated and multiple other Solar Observatories around the world have been suddenly closed is because this week Earth’s magnetic field goes into its annual “crack phase” in which it becomes very thin and cracks open in Margin areas allowing solar activity to enter earth easily. 

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Sunspot prediction software which AURA (Which is the company that runs the Solar Observatory) also is linked to, warned scientists of a possible Carrington event at 80% probability, within weeks.  The Solar Observatory notified the government and within hours, FBI and military helicopters arrived at the Observatory, moved everyone out, and other Solar Observatories around the world were suddenly closed.

This claim CONFLICTS with information I received earlier from other sources, who said the Observatory was closed due to real-time China spying equipment having been covertly installed there, so as to spy on US Missile testing at the nearby White Sands Missile Testing area.

DoD has operational connection to the Solar Observatory due to a security entrance to a underground facility which connects it to the White Sands Missile Testing facility nearby. 

The President has already been informed and this is apparently why he allegedly requested testing of the Presidential Communication feature of the nationwide Emergency Alert System this Thursday around 2pm. 

According to the DoD source, Aura engineers allegedly claimed this would be a world wide event.  I will explain what this means below.

The Solar Observatory

The National Solar Observatory (NSO) is a United States public research institute to advance the knowledge of the physics of the Sun.

NSO studies the Sun both as an astronomical object and as the dominant external influence on Earth. NSO is headquartered in Boulder and operates facilities at two locations: Sacramento Peak near Sunspot in New Mexico, and at Kitt Peak in Arizona.

The institute is constructing the 4-meter Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in the Haleakala Observatory on the island of Maui.

NSO provides its observations to the scientific community. It operates facilities, develops advanced instrumentation both in-house and through partnerships, conducts solar research, and carries out educational and public outreach.

Shut Down and Evacuated

The national Sunspot Solar Observatory in an isolated, mountainous region of New Mexico was shut down on Sept. 6 with little explanation.

The group that manages the facility announced on the observatory’s Facebook page Sunday that it had been “cooperating with an on-going law enforcement investigation of criminal activity that occurred at Sacramento Peak.”

During that time, said the statement from the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), “we became concerned that a suspect in the investigation potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents. For this reason, AURA temporarily vacated the facility and ceased science activities at this location.”

(HT Note: This statement contains complete bullshit.  If there was a criminal investigation and the feds believed a suspect posed a clear and present danger to . . . anyone . . . . they would arrest that person – not evacuate a whole facility for weeks and the homes surrounding that facility.  Moreover, they would not also close the local Post Office, which was done.  So what this statement is conveying, is not truthful.)

Officials had said very little about why the observatory, near Alamagordo, shut down. Local law enforcement officials said the FBI was involved in the closure — which the feds have not confirmed or denied — and the resulting lack of information led to all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Information that I obtained from sources in the federal government told me that real-time spying equipment has been secretly installed on the radio towers and/or computers at the Observatory, to allow China to steal information about the nearby US Missile Tests at the White Sands Missile Test Range.  

This new twist from a source within DoD is interesting because if true, it might explain why other Solar Observatories around the world were also closed around the same time.

Possible Carrington Event

A HOLE IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: A jagged hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet. Estimated time of arrival: Sept. 17-18.

Because the gaseous material will reach Earth only a few days before the onset of northern autumn, it may be extra-effective at sparking auroras--a result of “equinox cracks” in the geomagnetic field. 

Observers of these Auroras have notice that instead of being shades of green, the Auroras now also show brilliant Pink as well.

Pink is a sign of nitrogen.

Most auroras are green–a verdant glow caused by energetic particles from space hitting oxygen atoms 100 km to 300 km above Earth’s surface. 

Pink appears when energetic particles descend lower than usual, striking nitrogen molecules at the 100 km level and below.

So why are the Auroras showing pink this year?

Earth’s magnetic field is heading into its annual “crack phase” for the Autumnal Equinox.   Cracks in the magnetic field allow more energy from the Sun to enter and reach deeper into Earth’s atmosphere.

The September equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s Equator – from north to south. Thishappens either on September 22, 23, or 24 every year.

Equinox cracks in Earth’s magnetic field may have helped the solar wind penetrate deeper than usual. If so, more nitrogen auroras could be in the offing. The actual equinox is less than a week away, and a new stream of solar wind is approaching Earth. ETA: Sept. 17-18. Stay tuned for pink or, if today’s DoD source is correct, a Carrington Event.

Carrington Event

The solar storm of 1859 (also known as the Carrington Event) was a powerful geomagnetic solar storm during solar cycle 10 (1855–1867). A solar coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record, September 1–2, 1859.

The associated “white light flare” in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by British astronomers Richard C. Carrington (1826–1875) and Richard Hodgson (1804–1872). The now-standard unique IAU identifier for this flare is SOL1859-09-01.

A solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause widespread disruptions and damage due to extended outages of the electrical grid. The solar storm of 2012 was of similar magnitude, but it passed Earth’s orbit without striking the planet.

Yet, as mentioned earlier in this story, a jagged hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet. Estimated time of arrival: Sept. 17-18.

Because the gaseous material will reach Earth only a few days before the onset of northern autumn, it may be extra-effective at spawning Geomagnetic Storms –-a result of “equinox cracks” in the geomagnetic field. 

From August 28 to September 2, 1859, many sunspots appeared on the Sun. On August 29, southern auroras were observed as far north as Queensland, Australia. Just before noon on September 1, the English amateur astronomers Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson independently made the first observations of a solar flare. Carrington and Hodgson compiled independent reports which were published side-by-side in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, and exhibited their drawings of the event at the November 1859 meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The flare was associated with a major coronal mass ejection (CME) that travelled directly toward Earth, taking 17.6 hours to make the 150 million kilometre (93 million mile) journey. It is believed that the relatively high speed of this CME (typical CMEs take several days to arrive at Earth) was made possible by a prior CME, perhaps the cause of the large aurora event on August 29 that “cleared the way” of ambient solar wind plasma for the Carrington event.

Because of a geomagnetic solar flare effect (“magnetic crochet”) observed in the Kew Observatory magnetometer record by Scottish physicist Balfour Stewart and a geomagnetic storm observed the following day, Carrington suspected a solar-terrestrial connection.Worldwide reports on the effects of the geomagnetic storm of 1859 were compiled and published by American mathematician Elias Loomis, which support the observations of Carrington and Stewart.

On September 1–2, 1859, one of the largest recorded geomagnetic storms (as recorded by ground-based magnetometers) occurred. Auroras were seen around the world, those in the northern hemisphere as far south as the Caribbean; those over the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. were so bright that the glow woke gold miners, who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning. People in the northeastern United States could read a newspaper by the aurora’s light. The aurora was visible as far from the poles as south-central Mexico, Queensland, Cuba, Hawaii, southern Japan and China, and even at lower latitudes very close to the equator, such as in Colombia. Estimates of the storm strength range from −800 nT to −1750 nT.

Telegraph systems all over Europe and North America failed, in some cases giving telegraph operators electric shocks. Telegraph pylons threw sparks. Some telegraph operators could continue to send and receive messages despite having disconnected their power supplies.

On Saturday, September 3, 1859, the Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser reported:

Those who happened to be out late on Thursday night had an opportunity of witnessing another magnificent display of the auroral lights. The phenomenon was very similar to the display on Sunday night, though at times the light was, if possible, more brilliant, and the prismatic hues more varied and gorgeous. The light appeared to cover the whole firmament, apparently like a luminous cloud, through which the stars of the larger magnitude indistinctly shone. The light was greater than that of the moon at its full, but had an indescribable softness and delicacy that seemed to envelop everything upon which it rested. Between 12 and 1 o’clock, when the display was at its full brilliancy, the quiet streets of the city resting under this strange light, presented a beautiful as well as singular appearance.

In 1909, an Australian gold miner C.F. Herbert retold his observations in a letter to The Daily News in Perth:

I was gold-digging at Rokewood, about four miles from Rokewood township (Victoria). Myself and two mates looking out of the tent saw a great reflection in the southern heavens at about 7 o’clock p.m., and in about half an hour, a scene of almost unspeakable beauty presented itself, lights of every imaginable color were issuing from the southern heavens, one color fading away only to give place to another if possible more beautiful than the last, the streams mounting to the zenith, but always becoming a rich purple when reaching there, and always curling round, leaving a clear strip of sky, which may be described as four fingers held at arm’s length. The northern side from the zenith was also illuminated with beautiful colors, always curling round at the zenith, but were considered to be merely a reproduction of the southern display, as all colors south and north always corresponded. It was a sight never to be forgotten, and was considered at the time to be the greatest aurora recorded… The rationalist and pantheist saw nature in her most exquisite robes, recognizing, the divine immanence, immutable law, cause, and effect. The superstitious and the fanatical had dire forebodings, and thought it a foreshadowing of Armageddon and final dissolution.

In June 2013, a joint venture from researchers at Lloyd’s of London and Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) in the United States used data from the Carrington Event to estimate the current cost of a similar event to the U.S. alone at $0.6–2.6 trillion.

When a magnetic storm takes place, wires (and everything else) are enveloped with a magnetic field.   If the magnetic field is strong enough (i.e. a Carrington Event) the electrons in those wires begin moving from the presence of a magnetic field . . . the exact same way our power plants create electricity.  Power Plants have generators with giant coils of wire, which surround a powerful magnet which spins in the generator.  The spinning magnet causes moving magnetic fields, and those fields free-up electrons and thus create electricity.

In a Carrington Event, the magnetic fields generated by solar wind penetrating our atmosphere would cause wires themselves to begin creating electric through the movement of the electrons in the wires.  Voltages upward of 5,000 volts per meter of wire, could be generated by the wires themselves.

Now, this won’t take long for anyone to figure out . . . The voltage for home electricity in the USA is 120 Volts or 240 volts, sometimes 110/220.   If the wires outside start generating their own electric and start pumping 5,000 volts into your house, what do you think that will do to anything that’s plugged-in?

Yep:  BOOM.  Fried.  Destroyed.

According to the DoD source, THIS is the information that the feds did not want to get out to the public for fear of sparking worldwide panic.

If this 80% probable magnetic storm from the sun takes place, pretty much everything would ground to a halt.

Vehicles may or may not work.  There would be nothing left in any homes to power because none of it would work.

Electric company transformers would explode all over the place, taking out the electric grid for . . . . . YEARS.

What do you think would happen to our present day societies without electricity for YEARS?

No food.   No pumped water.  No Computers, no cell phones, washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Microwave Ovens, etc. Few, if any vehicles would run (Diesels would probably work).

But here’s the rub: No factories would have working equipment to produce or refine things.

We’d be looking at complete, total, societal collapse.

If the DoD source is correct, this is forecast to take place with an 80% probability before October 1.

If he is not correct, nothing will happen.

You may want to stock up on Emergency Food, Water, guns and ammunition just in case.

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