Cleanse Your LUNGS Naturally Natural Recipe That You All Know From Your Grandparents – From Smoke, Toxins, Dust, Pollutants, Chemicals

Lung cleansing techniques may benefit people who smoke, people who get regular exposure to air pollution, and those with chronic conditions that affect the respiratory system, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cystic fibrosis.

Breathing in air pollution, cigarette smoke, and other toxins can damage the lungs and even cause health conditions. Maintaining the health of the lungs is essential for keeping the rest of the body healthy.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to air pollution results in 4.2 million deaths worldwide each year. Cigarette smoking is the cause of death for one in every five people in the United States.

In this article, we discuss some of the methods that people can use to try to cleanse their lungs.

It’s Possible To Cleanse Your Lungs
Lung health is vital for a person’s overall health. The lungs are self-cleaning organs that will begin to heal themselves once their exposure to pollutants stops, for example, when someone quits smoking. After the lungs have had exposure to pollution, such as cigarette smoke, a person’s chest may feel full, congested, or inflamed. Mucus gathers in the lungs to catch microbes and pathogens, which contributes to this feeling of heaviness.

People may be able to use specific techniques to help clear the lungs of mucus and irritants to relieve chest congestion and other uncomfortable symptoms. Some of these methods may also open up the airways, improve lung capacity, and reduce inflammation, which can help reduce the effects of pollution and smoke in the lungs.

How to Cleanse Your Lungs

Today I’m predicting a miracle tea that treats respiratory ailments and that many need. For this we need fir buds harvested as I show you in the video clip. These fir buds have the property to cure or relieve respiratory tract ailments.
I will also come back with the famous fir bud / pine bud syrup that you all know from your grandparents.

If you are looking for a natural cough remedy and also a natural remedy to clean your lungs and boost your immunity, you should know that fir buds are the solution!

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1. Rock Salt (Pink Salt) with Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm water is very essential in keeping our lungs naturally clean and healthy. Addition of rock salt (Pink) helps in getting rid of accumulated cough. According to Ayurveda, ushan jala (Warm water) and saindhava lavana (rock salt) both are kapha dosha pacifying hence reduces chances for kapha dosha vitiation. It cleanses the overall respiratory system thus enhancing the performance of lungs.

2. Herbal Teas

There are many herbal teas which can be made easily at home. These teas are very effective in detoxifying lungs and enhancing their performance naturally.

  • One can have ginger (Zingiber officinale) tea, which can be made by boiling crushed ginger in water. You can also add half teaspoon of honey in it, strain it and drink!!
  • Another herbal tea can be made using pepper and mint. All you have to do is add 3-4 crushed black pepper (Piper longum) along with fresh mint leaves into water. Here also, you can add half teaspoon of honey and boil till it reduces to half. Strain and enjoy your lung detoxifying tea!!
  • One more herbal tea can be made by using mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra). All you have to do is add one fourth teaspoon of powdered mulethi in boiling water. Boil the liquid for around 2-3 minutes and then pour it in a cup and start with your lung detoxification.

3. Regular Steam Before Sleep

If you are having recurrent cough and you always feel like spitting it or you’re having recurrent dry cough then you may try this natural method before sleep. You can add 3-4 drops of camphor oil in boiling water and then use it for steaming before sleep. It helps in relieving chest congestion and also prevents accumulation of kapha dosha. It also helps in relieving inflammation.

4. Golden Milk

Golden milk is not a very big rocket science but “Haldi dudh”. Haldi also as turmeric in English and haridra (Curcumin longa) in sanskrit is having many properties like it has anti-inflammatory effect, it relieves pain, increases metabolism of the whole body and detoxifies all the systems of the body. It keeps all dosha balanced and prevents any kind of infection.

5. Exercise, Yoga and Pranayama

Exercise, yoga and pranayam is the best way to keep your lungs clean as exercising increases the rate of inspiration (number of times air is inhaled) and rate of expiration (Number of times air is exhaled). Exercises like mild running, some yoga poses like Bow pose, bhujangasana (Cobra pose), Udhav mukta asana (Upward facing dog pose) and tadasana. These all poses are best for naturally cleansing and detoxifying lungs. Moreover, one can perform anulom vilom which is also a very good exercise for naturally cleansing and detoxifying the lungs.

6. Homemade Soup

Homemade soups are incredibly impressive in strengthening and detoxifying lungs. One can start with black gram soup after adding ginger and garlic in paste form, if you are preferring something vegetarian. But some kind of non-vegetarian soups can also be preferred which can have shredded meat as it’s ingredients along with garlic and black pepper. It is called as mansa rasa in Ayurveda. Both of these soups are balya (that provides strength) and improves digestive metabolism which helps in balancing whole body metabolism and prevents accumulation of endotoxins.

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