Do It Yourself (DIY) Magnetic Power Generator – Generate Electricity At Home

imagesIf you want to lower your utility bills and make your home more energy efficient you can if you build amagnetic power generator. You can drop or completely eliminate your energy bills if you build a large enough generator that puts out the power you need.

By building a magnetic power generator at home, you will destroy those energy bills. Many people are able to stop paying utility bills for good because their generators supply all the energy they need. As long as many of us have been alive we’ve been tied to the petroleum market but today technology has finally made big enough strides to help us fight back. The use of this magnetic generator is one of the most effective ways for us to reduce our dependence on the big energy corporations.


It’s crucial when you try to use a renewable energy source whether it’s magnetic, solar, wind or hydro that you also try to use less energy. Your energy alternate energy source will be far more effective if your energy use is efficient.

Changing to compact florescent light bulbs, and turning off entertainment electronics instead of allowing them to remain on standby are good ways to start conserving energy. Electronics on standby can may between ten and fifteen percent of your monthly energy consumption. Other great ways to reduce energy consumption are by using air conditioning less or at least raising the temperature on your thermostat so that the machine uses less energy and hanging clothes dry rather than using an energy guzzling tumble dryer.

Now that you’ve started conserving energy you can build your magnetic power generator and provide all of the energy your home needs or at least a portion of it.

If a series of magnets around the outside of a wheel the opposing forces of the north and south poles of the magnets will force the wheel to rotate, this is the driving principle in a permanent magnet generator.

If you then connect that spinning wheel to a DC generator the motion energy of the wheel can be transfered into the mechanical energy in the motor and then into electrical energy. The electricity you have produced can then be sent to a battery for storage until it is needed to run an item in your home. Learn how to build a magnetic generator today and start saving money on your electrical expenses.


how to build a magnetic generator


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