The Elites Underground Bunkers, Planet X (Nibiru) Earth Changes and How To Prepare – Safe Locations for the U.S.A.

Earth Changes

The Elites Underground Bunkers, Planet X (Nibiru) Earth Changes and How To Prepare – Safe Locations for the U.S.A.

The elites have been building bunkers all over the place in anticipation of Earth Changes. Governments around the world have built D.U.M.B’s (Deep Underground Military Bases).

So, we know in December 2013 the “missing dollar” figure was around $5 TRILLION, so it’s a safe assumption that number is now over $10 TRILLION today, right? That begs the question, what in God’s name does $20,000,000,000,000 buy? Many people suggest it buys a set of underground tunnels, housing, and military complexes that not only strand our entire nation, but also every other major developed nation on earth according to satellite readings.

In the video below, Alex Jones and Steve Quayle review some of what is known about the ultra-secret underground military complexes. Steve is a best selling author, syndicated radio talk show host, and someone who many today would consider the founder of the modern day prepping movement. Sometimes what he says may seem far fetched at first, but once you know his track record, you’ll learn very quickly not to question the things he says.


This File is a correlation of data from many sources. It is based on documents which are believed to be written by responsible individuals who have either witnessed the information first hand, or knew someone who did and came by the material in an honest atmosphere. If you do not believe the information presented here can be possible, then perhaps you should go elsewhere and try to live your life out in as normal existence as possible.
The material here has been reported by real people. The government, of course, would deny it. If you do believe that the concepts represented here may be possible, then you may learn a great deal in the following lines of text.
It would detract from the information presented here to stop each time a different author said something and give him or her credit, so I will instead, give credit at the end of the document to as many titles as possible. Some are not possible, because I don’t want to know who they are, and they don’t want me to know who they are, and I respect their wishes. However, some of these authors are known by close associates of mine, and they do know these persons individually.
If you are a person who believes that this information is not possible because the government has not agreed to it, or because the government disagrees with it, then this material is not intended for you. It is intended for those who already know that the government has much to lose by admitting any of this information, or at least they feel that they have something to lose. So don’t expect government confirmation of this, expect them to disagree totally with everything here. It’s to their advantage to disagree, and keep trying to maintain their secrecy.
The material in this document is an attempt to bring light on the subject matter involved, because the government will never do so. If, for some unintentional reason, I should fail to acknowledge any certain author whose work is wholly or partially represented here, I invite them to correspond with me and I will be happy to include their names whether real or pseudo, and give them the proper credit.

Much of the US is honeycombed with naturally occurring caves and caves systems, sinkholes and abandoned mines, especially in the West. The Government (federal and/or federal and state) is the biggest landholder/owner in the states that the underground bases are purported to be in. Top 10 ranked in order of % of state land owned (acres) by federal – states governments:


% of state acreage federally owned
% owned by federal and state gov. combined
 Nevada – 87.8%
 Alaska – 96.8%
 Utah – 67.9%
 Nevada – 89.2%
 Alaska – 67%
 Utah – 75.2%
 Idaho – 65.2%
 Idaho – 70.4%
 Oregon – 55.5%
 Oregon – 60.4%
 California – 49.9%
 Arizona – 56.8%
 Wyoming – 49.7%
 Wyoming – 56%
 Arizona – 44.3%
 California – 52.1%
 Colorado – 38.9%
 New Mexico – 47.5%
 New Mexico – 36.2%
 Colorado – 43.3%

There are currently 96 Government (mostly FEMA) underground bases, and 129 Deep Underground military bases in the U.S.A.

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underground city
Is Planet X going to Collide with Earth?

Planet X near miss with EarthPlanet X colliding with Earth has thus been donned the Nibiru Cataclysm. Planet X is approximately 250 astronomical units away from the sun (this is a complete rumored estimate). Remember however, that the first person to guess / measure the distance to the moon Hipparchus in the 2nd Century B.C.. Hipparchus was an astronomer, geographer and mathematician who estimated the moon was 400,000 kilometers away. He was only 26,000 km off from the actual distance, making his margin of error a mere 6.8%. Therefore, this estimate of Planet X may be very accurate given our advancing science and technology of the new age!
There have been many times throughout history where astronomers or scientists were shunned for their hypothesis theories including collisions, impacts or existences of comets, asteroids and even planets, only later to be vindicated as the astronomical object is identified and proven legitimate! This is cause for grave concern, as it means our astronomy and science community is more likely to dismiss anomaly discoveries on the basis that they are likely anomalies! Take Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok, as a recent example, two astronomers who discovered Comet ISON which was brushed off as a hoax only later to be revealed as quite true! Considering there is very little actual information coming from NASA, or other space agencies about Planet X, it is a good idea to be properly prepared! Afterall, if they know about it, they are preparing for it; some say the government even built the South Pole Telescope (SPT) specifically to track planet Nibiru and the orbital collision.
Update: Recent theories may suggest a collision in 2016, 2017 or 2018! Being prepared is essential!

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Nibiru Earth Changes Almost 20 years ago I received a visit from some enigmatic inter dimensional beings called Pleiadians. They came with a warning about future Earth Changes. All the warning signs they foretold are happening right now.


Nibiru Earth Changes This created a Three-fold Return, or three outcomes based on the people’s choices (through their vibration). One or all of these scenarios will occur. Humanity can still change the outcome, but it is very unlikely now.


Nibiru Earth Changes The elites have been building bunkers all over the place in anticipation of Earth Changes. Governments around the world have built D.U.M.B’s (Deep Underground Military Bases). Find out in Part 3 how you and your loved ones can survive the coming catastrophe.


Nibiru Earth Changes Your government will not tell you about this event, and they will not help you. However, I offer humanity’s last chance to overt the cataclysmic event. They have been hundreds of videos and articles claiming the Pole Shift will occur in September 2017, however I spent 2 days tracing the original source to this claim. 


Millions of Americans live in areas guaranteed to suffer a major, catastrophic earthquake within the next thirty years. Millions more live in areas vulnerable to savage hurricanes and floods. Still more Americans live  in areas vulnerable to terrorist attacks or “technological disasters” of our own making. Why are they there? What have they done to get ready for these disasters? Recent events in New Orleans, Mexico City and Haiti show how truly vulnerable we are, and how slow an effective government response will be. This book can help by walking you through a step-by-step process of planning, preparation and action that will help you get ready for the catastrophe you just know is coming. This book is useful for all those who wish to survive the coming catastrophe, and help their families and close friends to survive as well. Fortune favors the prepared. Get ready!

Is concerned, Karst areas in the southeast are a concern, but for the entire state I am suggesting a complete disconnection of gas lines from your house, in fact it would be a good idea for everyone in the U.S,. really, because gas supply will not be available anyway.
Food supply for the early years . An addendum to the latter is that Pole-Shift preparation must be done about a year ahead-of-time for the southern, mid-land states and the eastern seaboard of the U.S. Migration of the hungry and the desperate needs to be planned against: by being to be out-of-the-way and hidden, as much as we would like to help them. It’s suggested that if some people could have a store of food, water and clothing/blankets, etc. kept aside for those on foot, an excellent plan. Of course, this presents a problem of being inundated with requests for assistance, plus it could get out-of-hand leading to dire circumstances if the offer of food is not well-managed. I’m thinking that assistance be offered when remote from your survival camp/home: caches could be buried or hidden some way in various strategic areas.

All areas of the world will change in character during the Pole-Shift into either a death-zone for all Earth-life forms or a stable geological platform to face the earthquakes, hurricane winds (with rock), extreme weather events and the fresh water (rain) and sea water tsunami (pole-shift waves) or moving flood waters.
All coastal areas of the globe are dangerous, In-lands are better, but with caveats depending on moving Earth and proximity to volcanoes or flooding. Mountainous areas are dangerous from falling rock and landslides, but the caveat here is the age of the mountain range:
The Rockies and Sierras are young and sharp, that equals danger, the Appellations and the Ozarks of eastern USA are rolling, smoothed-over and much older, which equals safety. Immediate migrants can also be a big problem for those settlements and camps that haven’t prepared for them. There will be thieves and marauding gangs among those wandering the landscapes searching for food and shelter, however, protection against thievery, etc. will be very much required if one lives near a migrating-zone of Pole-Shift survivors. The suggestion is to carefully choose your safe location settlement so as to be invisible or hidden and to also buy propane and propane cooking equipment for the first years, so that the settlement is not visible from the sky (military) or from the ground (marauders) via a smoke-trail.
We are hoping that some wealthy people of the world will arrange for food, water and survival items like blankets and clothing and shoes to give to the desperate families with children as they can. Perhaps a secure and secret compound can be built and stocked beforehand in a nearby area where such an operation can be staged. If you are wealthy and reading this, please be aware that money will be of no value, neither “precious” metals or any objects considered of value in these end-times of late modern Earth-man. Even in the year just prior to the Pole-Shift, bartering will begin to take over for the exchange of “money”.

The food would need to be completely sealed (to prevent bears and other animals digging it up), perhaps in 10 or 20 gallon containers here and there throughout the country-side and plotted on a map. Also, I am partial to families with children, with the children taking precedence.
From my various interactions with people around the world, I am being (personally) alerted that food will be the most important item on the menu, as-it-were. It is as if Pole-Shift food supply is not being considered as important as it should be. This may be extended from my attitude on food, as I intend to be active fishing and hunting in the first weeks .
Vermont and New Hampshire seem excellent areas for the Pole-Shift, with an exception of the migration issue which will be a deal-breaker for some, but the state of Maine is exceptional. Maine is a large state with a population of only about 1.33 million people, the most of which are near the Atlantic coast. If a survival camp area can be set-up in northern Maine, it could be a very safe area. Remember, gangs looking for food and other things will be active for years, so it’s highly suggested to have your camp well-hidden to avoid having to create a lot of noise during an unwanted approach attracting even more marauders. Beside food being the new gold, silence is also golden.


Continuing in my series of Safe Location, state-by-state of the USA, the basic situations for the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South & North Carolina and Tennessee. States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida will be essentially be under water after the Pole-Melt, which I think will completed by 2025, so not recommended to try to locate permanent survival areas anywhere in those states. South Carolina and Georgia will mostly flood but have easy access to the highlands of Tennessee, with the slight exception of Georgia’s high lands which will over populate, along with Tennessee i, so both states are off the list of good survival states. Tennessee will suffer from overpopulation as many migrants from the lower gulf states will naturally move and try to settle there during the march of the rising sea sea level. North Carolina is a special situation where sociological problems of a disparate community of very different people and lifestyles try to occupy the same mountainous zone of the southern US, therefore I discuss North Carolina in it’s own segment.(source)

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