Food, Gardens & Fuel; What’s yours, is ours!

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Food, Gardens & Fuel; What’s yours, is ours!

Are you self sufficient?  Do you grow your own food, and sustain at least 30% of your family’s nutritional sustenance through your own permaculture or other off-grid technologies?  If so, this might be the most important article you’ll read this year.

Love him, or loathe him; in March of 2012 Obama passed Executive Order 16303 to directly target and destroy your personal liberties, and your pursuit of life and happiness.  Under the disguise of National Defense Resources Preparedness under EO 16303 Part VIII Section 801, this dictator has given himself the personal power to retain, control and confiscate the following at ANY given point, not just under an emergency:

  1. Civil Transportation (from mini storage to highways and ports)
  2. Energy (All forms, including hydro, solar, wind and gasification)
  3. Farm Equipment (All equipment involved in making or harvesting food)
  4. Fertilizer (Anything used for plant nutrient)
  5. ALL Food Resources (both for human & animal consumption, including water)
  6. Food Resource Facilities (All other facilities required for the production or storage of food)
  7. Functions (Includes powers, duties, authority, responsibilities and discretion)
  8. Head of each engaged in procurement for the national defense
  9. Health Resources (Drugs, biologics products, medical devices, facilities, supplies, etc.)
  10. National Defense (Stockpiling, space, emergency preparedness activities)
  11. Offsets (compensation in purchase of government to government or commercial sales of defense articles)
  12. Special Priorities Assistance (to Assist with expediting deliveries, placing orders, etc)
  13. Strategic and Critical Materials (I.E. Anything he wants)
  14. Water Resources (ALL USEABLE WATER other than covered under food resources)


Take a moment and please, re-read that.  Did you see?  While you were celebrating St. Patricks day, Dictator in Chief stole your God Given Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Police State

Please, just stop and think about this for a moment.  He has taken control of everything related to the transportation and storage.  Have supplies in a mini storage?  They’re Obama’s now.  Plan to go off grid with solar or wind?  It’s all Obama’s now.  What about feeding yourself off your cattle, rabbits, vegetables and nut trees?  Oh yeah, those are Obama’s too.

Do you realize the impact of such a thing?  Stop and think about it.  Please…  Everything you hold dear, Obama has given himself the authority to take.  Not by state of emergency, not under martial law, but by the pure evil thought of, “it’s mine,” and the law shall enforce it.

Take a look at number 14.  He is claiming that the rain belongs to him.  Don’t you want to use rain to water your permaculture, or simply take a bath?

What’s the solution?  Good question… Maybe you’ll choose to just not comply.  In which case, you’ll be “disappeared” under the NDAA which he passed while everyone was celebrating new years, and allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens without trial, completely circumventing our constitution.

Whether you choose to live in a state of denial or wake up and smell the blood stained scent of tyranny, it’s here.  And in his own words, “We need a private military that is just as well funded,” the DHS will enforce your non-compliance.

There are three ways to fight this:

  1. Politically
  2. Reinstate The Grand Jury
  3. Armed Revolution

I encourage everyone; an Armed Revolution is NOT the answer right now.  No matter what political side you align yourself with, please… for the sake of humanity, look at this nation and ask yourself honestly,

“Are we better off today than we were 10 years ago?”

 “Will our kids have a better future than us?”

I don’t believe that we are better off.  In fact I contend that our children have no hope for a future unless we reverse the tyranny, and demolish this police state.  And that, my friends, begins with the immediate impeachment of Barrack Hussein Obama, and the repealing of Obamacare, NDAA, EO 16303, and much, much more.

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By. Dave


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