Helping Others Prepare: No Family is an Island

educating-others-on-preppingThis is an especially important message to you families who are quietly but efficiently preparing for an EOTWAWKI (end of the world as we know it) event – whether it be a full economic collapse of the dollar, or a solar storm taking the electrical grid down like the Carrington Event of 1859, or anything in between. You’ve been gathering and storing necessary items to keep your family well fed, provide clean water to them and provide electricity with wind, solar or generators. This is all well and good, but haven’t you forgotten an important aspect of preparedness?

What you have is yours only if you can prevent others from taking it from you. If your family is the only one in your community that is looking well fed, not sick, and has the glow of electric lights coming through the windows, generated by that noisy generator out back, then it won’t be long before all the neighbors are at your doorstep asking you nicely to help them. And if you refuse them, how long will it be until they steal from you, or just come and take what you have accumulated from you with force and malice aforethought?

I don’t mean to scare you, but reality is what it is, and hungry people do whatever is necessary to get fed and feed their hungry children. This situation is what you really have to prep for – to prevent this from occurring, at least in your immediate neighborhood.

Educate Neighbors on Why They Need to Prepare

Speaking with those living nearby will probably be educational. Many people today know something is coming that is not good. Of course, many people are still unable go ‘get it’ and just don’t seem to be capable of breaking out of today’s popular culture, but that is another story. You will find, as I have, that more people are preparing than you’d expect.


How to Find Like-Minded Families

Besides talking to your immediate neighbors, start up conversations with others in local coffee shops, food co-ops, grocery stores, church function, local groups and clubs, and really just wherever you find the occasion to talk with other people you meet. My personal philosophy is to wake up one person a day – I don’t have to alert the entire world, but I can speak effectively to one person each day. I don’t mean for you to tell them you have all this huge stash of preparedness items… not at all! You don’t want people to realize that when things get difficult they can just come to your house!

What Do I Tell Them?

mp-neighborhood-300x225You don’t want to scare your neighbors with potential scenarios that paralyze them with fear. A general discussion of the downward spiral of things is a good place to start, then you can exchange emails in order to forward them links to some of your favorite websites – like Mom Prepares – where they can continue to learn about the preparedness momentum that is going on in the world.

If those living around you are placing themselves in the best position possible to prepare for whatever is coming, then they will not be a drain on you and your family’s resources – they can even be a helpful component to your own coping and survival skills. The more prepared people are, the better we all survive, and the better we can assist each other in not only surviving but rebuilding communities. Be assured, after any collapse there will be a rebuilding of society eventually. The better prepared we all are, the better we are individually.

None of us can be an island unto ourselves, we are all interconnected – we will survive together, or else we will find anarchy ruling, and those that have will be overrun by those who do not have. Waking up your neighbors, and getting them to understand and prepare, is one of your best avenues to making sure you and your family are as prepared as you can possibly be.










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Listening to elders who lived during the Great Depression gave me the lifelong passion to prepare for lean times during good times. Gardening, canning and preserving foods, restoring old barns into homes, geology and sailing are some of my interests. I am a Christian having placed my faith in Jesus Christ.
I am a grandmother to five children and mother to one extraordinarily wonderful daughter.

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