How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Sq Feet

Small space gardening is both efficient and convenient. Being able to produce food without a large area is a truly useful skill for any survivalist, and few foods are better for survival than potatoes.

They keep for a long time, are extremely versatile and filling, and just about everyone likes them. Seriously, have you ever met someone who doesn’t enjoy potatoes one way or another?

Now, learn how to grow potatoes in a box with this easy and inexpensive DIY square garden design. Read on and think about all the great food you could make with the pounds of potatoes you’ll grow using this easy guide

How to Build a Box to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes In

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Before we get to growing potatoes, let’s first build this 4 by 4 wooden box. You can reuse reclaimed woods or wooden pallets for this project but make sure you use those which are food grade.

What’s best about this raised garden beds design is you can use this box for growing potatoes, again and again, for different growing seasons.

  • 6  2×6″ boards, 8 ft. long
  • 1  2×2″ board, 12 ft. long
  • 96  2 and 1/2″ wood screws


  1. The first step is cutting the 2×2 inches board into pieces of 33 inches in length; four pieces will be enough. Then, take the 2×6 boards and cut those into 12 lengths of 21inches and 12 lengths of 24 inches.
  2. Make some screw holes in these and attach the bottom row on the 2×2 boards.
  3. Place this part of the vertical garden over the soil, fill with mulch and plant potatoes about 4 inches deep. Remember each layer which you plant must have its sides boarded up.
  4. Now, let them grow a bit. When the vines reach some 12 inches above the soil, it’s time to add another set of boards and fill the space with dirt. Make sure you don’t cover more than a third of the plant.
  5. Do the same for each layer until you finish the box.
  6. In order to harvest your potatoes, take out the screws from the bottom board. With your hands reach in the box and grab your potatoes.
  7. Replace boards and soil and the layer is good to go again. After the necessary time, remove the second board and have yourself a handful of potatoes.
  8. Read some more off the internet about growing potatoes to make sure you do it right.

How to Build a Potato Box video from Kain Outdoors:

Watch this video from Arnboat to give you a preview of your potato box harvest:

Now you know you don’t need a huge vegetable garden to grow potatoes. A small garden design used wisely will give you all you need to grow food which can actually give you the sustenance you and your family needs.


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