How To Heat Your House With Garbage – Build A Trash Furnace


How To Heat Your House With Garbage – Build A Trash Furnace

How to build a forced air trash fired furnace. Because of high winter heating bills and the lack of a proper wood stove, I built this outdoor furnace out of some miscellaneous items. My goal was to heat my home for free or very cheap by burning cardboard, paper, and wood scraps. In part 1 I designed and built the appliance, and in this video I test to see if it can actually heat the house.RELATED : Easy way to heat your home for free forever !–Biomass briquettes
I had an idea about building a homemade furnace that burns household garbage to heat my home. If the heater works it will be a great way to heat the house for cheap, and get rid of trash. This is the result. I fabricated a heat exchanger, blower fan and incinerator from easy to attain items, and hopefully it will create some meaningful heat.

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