How to Prepare & Survive Recession 2022 & 2023 — Economic Collapse — Stock Market Crash

The U.S. economy needs a re-set if it is to lift all boats, and the sooner the re-set occurs, the sooner we can dispense with all the cronyist intervention, self-serving manipulation and exploitive distortion that’s turned our economy and society into a speculative casino that only benefits a few insiders and those who know how to rig the game in their favor.

Most people are ill-equipped for recession, never mind Depression or Collapse. The secret to riding out a recession is no debt. Trump will be tweeting about amazing new economic data, a winning trade agreement with China right around the corner, incredible jobs numbers, super-mega worker productivity and corporate profits just as the FED’s trading desk swings into high gear to buy up billions of dollars worth of US corporate stock and bonds! There is NO economy; there is only market manipulation. Realistically, it’s too late for most debtors.

We have at best a matter of months before the shit hits the fan. If you haven’t ferreted away a few years worth of savings by now and vacated major population centers, you’re unlikely to survive the Reset. Zombie corporations and local governments that have been insolvent in all but name will finally go bankrupt, clearing the system of their dead weight. Economies supporting zombie entities are sacrificing their capital to keep insiders afloat, which leaves less capital to invest in increasing productivity, which is the only way to increase broad-based wealth.

The Everything Bubble will finally pop, stripping the system of phantom speculative wealth and fictitious capital. Price discovery will once again be possible, as all the central bank-inflated bubbles will deflate and real demand and supply will set the price of assets. Once central banks have been revealed as powerless, the quasi-religious belief in their omnipotence will dissipate, and people will finally start dealing with the Gilded Age excesses of the past 20 years. Common sense limits on financial predation and trickery will gather support, and tricks like corporate buybacks will be outlawed or restricted.

If capital can’t earn a low-risk return, then it can’t flow to productive uses.Once central bank manipulation fails, capital might demand a yield, and in doing so, it will start a beneficial cycle in which speculation will no longer be enabled and rewarded by zero-interest rates or negative rates. Only those enterprises and households with productive uses for borrowed capital will reckon the interest costs are worth the risk of taking on debt. The bloated, parasitic banking sector will implode, and what’s left of it will return to its proper role, a thin, regulated sector of the economy stripped of political power.

All the cartels and monopolies that depend on debt will implode: banking, higher education, and ultimately national defense and sickcare, which depend on federal borrowing to fund their predatory pricing. The U.S. economy needs a re-set if it is to lift all boats, and the sooner the re-set occurs, the sooner we can dispense with all the cronyist intervention, self-serving manipulation and exploitive distortion that’s turned our economy and society into a speculative casino that only benefits a few insiders and those who know how to rig the game in their favor.

A profoundly shattering recession requires patience, fortitude and an awareness that the sacrifices demanded will be worth the pain if we rid our society of at least the top layer of financial and political parasites and predators that have corrupted our economy, our governance and our society. Does anyone really think The Everything Bubble can just keep inflating forever ! Surely nobody is that deluded. When the multitudes of the massive bubbles burst – the pain and sorrow will be Biblical for the common man and family. Not only are we facing the financial-economic debacle to eclipse those of the last several hundred years, this will unfold simultaneously with a grand solar minimum.

The combination will be lethal for large swaths of humanity. Deep poverty and plummeting food production can only thin the human herd by hundreds of millions. Or some billions. Now, if that scenario doesn’t have you rock-hard or dripping wet, allow one more factor to seal the record book. During prolonged privation, the stress of surviving intertwined Armageddons will ply havoc on immune defenses. Historically this is the time of rampant disease and pandemics. Factor in the unforeseen, such as the mutation of avian flu to human-to-human transmissibility, you have humanity reduced to pockets, ala “The Stand”. 1/3 population may die in the process .

And 1/2 the others will become so degraded, that it will resemble the Dark Ages . The Gigantic Sucking Sound is the Capital Destruction of the Western World Economies . Party on like it is the 476 – Fall of the Western Roman Empire . When the bubble pops, I do not see how in this fragmented society the center will hold. With the center gone, the supply chains break.

Then all hell breaks loose. I have come up with a top 10 ways to survive the coming 2023 recession.

1. Take care of your health. Exercise. Eat healthy.

2. Stay out of debt. Live beneath your means.

3. Keep learning. Learn new skills. Learn how to fix and build things yourself. Invest in yourself.

4. Realize that government (at all levels) will lie to you. Government will not take care of you. Government will take everything you have if it means they stay in power one day longer.

5. Save. Buy a little gold and silver. Bitcoin if you must. But realize that this is just a little insurance and not much else.

6. Stay far away from bubbles. Hard to do when friends and relatives are getting “rich” and think you the fool .

7. Relationships are worth far more than “stuff.” Families are worth way more than “stuff.” Good friends are worth more than stuff.

8. Enjoy life. It doesn’t take lots of money.

9. Learn how to shoot safely and have at least one gun. Even if you think you will never touch it again.

10. Be part of “something” bigger than yourself such as a Church or a volunteer organization that actually help people.

All the issues we see today are the same issues seen over the last 2000 years.

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