How Would You React?

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The moment you step outside your home you become prey for the predators. I know that some self defense instructors may disagree with me on this, but even folks with years of training can still be eaten by predators. So what do you do? Carry a gun with a lot of ammo? Carry the latest and greatest in self defense products? The answer is no.

We always come back to the fight or flight response. I know most, if not all of our readers know what this is so I will only touch on this briefly. When some people are faced with a situation that they can’t believe is happening they freeze or leave. Whether it be a physical attack or even a medical emergency, some people don’t have the mental capacity to handle what is happening. This is what gets people injured or even killed.

I came across a video that showed an example of the senseless violence that is happening today. I am warning you that this may not be safe for work, so just letting you know. While there are many things in this video that will make you angry, try to concentrate on the important aspects.

There is something you can do to try and alleviate this and not end up in a situation such as this one. Take steps to condition yourself whether it be training scenarios or working on your situational awareness. We don’t know what happened in this video to start all this, but we do see that the one girl became a victim of a violent attack by multiple attackers. This occurred in a public fast food restaurant and as you can see, no one helped protect the victim from harm.

What would have you done in this situation? What if it was you or a family member being attacked? Since no on intervened to help the victim, would the use of deadly force had been warranted? I ask this because if you watch through to the ending, you will understand.

In the end, being prepared for situations like this is a vital part of preparedness. You will not always be able to retreat or resort to using a firearm. Both mental and physical training are two important steps you can take to insure a “one-up” on animals like these. Especially with the holidays coming up and events like Black Friday, it is very important that you be aware of what’s going on around you. We always welcome feedback from our readers. Please feel free to leave comments below.

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