Is America Doomed? V The Guerrilla Economist and Ken Schortgen

economyvThis segment of The Weekend Vigilante show features a dynamic & powerful melding of the economic minds.  V, The Guerrilla Economist and renowned economist Ken Schortgen.

Readers may know V as the economist who has worked for some of the top commodity trading firms and investment banks; contributing to private think tanks shaping investment policy. His track record & predictions are uncannily accurate and well documented on his appearances with Steve Quayle.

Ken Schortgen, prominent and well respected economist with a remarkable thumb on the pulse of the global and U.S. economy; giving us their hard hitting take on what’s really going on, what’s really coming this year and why it’s so imperative that people understand this.

According to Sheila Zilinsky, the host of The Weekend Vigilante, this show is “probably the most powerful show yet on what’s coming like a speeding freight train.”


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