Is Being Self-Sufficient a Threat to Society?

95abd799fb0b4955b9b7a46b707e71b7-228f96eb6b274dd890e6f9dfb29a93ae-e73eab33ceb9161a3a0f6a70670014b9For decades, Eustace Conway has lived an independent, sustainable life, building shelter for himself on his land, growing his own food, setting up outhouse facilities, composting, and allowing others to learn these methods first-hand so that we may once again have a populous versed in the healthy manner of primitive survival skills.



After a preliminary visit from the local Planning & Inspections department, several independent local government agencies together performed a raid on Mr. Conway’s property, and now the Watauga County Health Department has ordered a cease & desist on Mr. Conway’s educational activities, and the Planning & Inspections Department has cited many “violations” on the property, as well as ordered that Eustace Conway bring his structures up to code, or demolish the structures on his own property. Some of the code citations include using unmarked lumber for his constructions (structures are made from cut-down trees without grading system indicators), and requirements for permits, plumbing, and wiring for any structure. Some of the structures cited requiring permits, wiring, and/or plumbing installation include a “roofed-over platform,” a doghouse (shown in video), and a tree house (shown in video).

Clearly, that which is law in today’s society radically contradicts Mr. Conway’s entire way of living. The situation illustrates the fact that a central-planning society is incompatible with individual freedom, personal choice, self-sufficiency, and individuality, concepts upon which this country was founded.



8 thoughts on “Is Being Self-Sufficient a Threat to Society?

  1. David Sims

    It sounds very much like the county’s utility companies are behind the pressure against Mr. Conway. He’s showing people how to live without being their customer! Without paying for water! Without paying a sewage fee! If he was generating his own electricity, the county would have someone come out and declare that “illegal” too, probably. He’s raising his own food, and the county doesn’t like it, which most likely means that there’s a business enterprise in the county that believes that Mr. Conway is a threat to their customer base. What this means, of course, is the the Little People are slaves to Big Business – they will be given no choice other than to be the customers of the local trade establishments, subject to fines and incarceration if they resist.

  2. Betty Black

    Personally I think the gov’t doesn’t want people to build as they want, etc. is because they are thinking that the place could be sold (if built to gov’t codes, etc.) once the self sufficient person dies- in addition to another way they can collect money from everyone !

  3. Burn Akashic

    This is clearly harassment from government (corporations) for not spending enough money on their stupid codes. The codes, to some extent, are to keep us safe. Further research shows that the government is a corporation and likes to keep the money wheel spinning. If you don’t spend the money on the products they want you to build with then you get harassed and they shut you down for not playing the game by their rules. It’s all about the money nowadays. They know who has it and who does not. Those that try to drop out of their society and go it alone are seen as threats to their way of life. The good news is that this will not continue much longer. More and more people are waking up to these shenanigans and following the same path as Eustace Conway. What happened to freedom in America? That was all an illusion.

    1. Rebecca Box

      Not only is it about money, the government wants to have control over everyone so they can rule our lives! They fear of us taking control of our own lives and taking over the government ourselves!

  4. Lynne

    The U.N.’s Agenda 21 does not allow for self sufficiency in any form and that includes the ownership of private property. We are being dismantled as a free independent people slowly but surely.

  5. Bruce Miller

    Fact is: If you build, the bankers will mortgage, steal and “set you free” again. How many of the original stump pullers in all North America are still on their land? How many huge corporations now own and profit from that land? How many factory workers still have jobs? How many industrial workers still have jobs? Is China “captivating” its farmland this way? Captivating its workers in cities this way, as we speak? Marx predicted this as the final stages of Capitalism. Unfortunately he was right, more unfrotunately he had no bettter alternative to present at the time?


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