Learn To Develop Survival Medicine Skills Before A Pandemic Hits!

Survival Medicine

Learn To Develop Survival Medicine Skills Before A Pandemic Hits!

We constantly stress the need for all survivalists to consider pandemic survival medicine skills a critical element of any survival plan and news is constantly surfacing about why.

For example, more than 100 patients at a California hospital may have been exposed to what experts are calling a “nightmare bacteria”.

According to multiple resources, the superbug known as “CRE” lives in the gut and has been linked to the deaths of at least 2 patients and infected at least 7 other patients at the UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

According to the hospital, the infections occurred during exploratory procedures on multiple patients, using equipment that is very difficult to sterilize and is used on more than a half million people every year.


The Government’s Center For Disease Control (CDC) warns…

The CDC is taking it seriously and Dr. Anthony Fuaci is warning the public that this could get deadlier…

“It’s resistant to virtually all antibiotics.  So when an individual gets this microbe and it invades the blood or invades tissue, curing them becomes very difficult.  Some germs are beating even our strongest antibiotics.”

Following our recent Ebola outbreak… flu infections… and measles outbreak… the CRE “superbug” is just another sign of what the CDC has been screaming about in recent public warnings…

…that we’re LONG overdue for a devastating pandemic and it’s not a matter of “if”… it’s a matter of “WHEN”!

Our continued overuse of antibiotics in dealing with disease (as well as its use in our cattle and poultry production) have rapidly developed more and more of these “superbugs” that will eventually bring us back to a time where we’ll see “quarantine zones”… medical martial law… and spiraling death rates.

Here Are Some Pandemic Survival Medicine Tips
For How To Prepare Now For “Superbugs”…

1. Track the germs.

I don’t place a lot of faith in our government’s disaster response but the CDC’s website at www.CDC.gov really seems to care about letting the public know about the many potential pandemic threats we face.

2. Don’t assume hospitals are safehavens.

Hospitals and Red Cross stations are the worst places to be when a virus, microbe, bacteria, or other pandemic outbreak occurs because that’s where all the infected go and you could contract an even worse disease.

3. Be your own “survival doctor”.

When a disaster or pandemic hits, it’s guaranteed to overwhelm your area’s medical resources.

You may be the only medical attention your family ever sees which is why it’s critical that you develop some simple survival medicine skills that will cover not just injuries, but also some ailments that could spiral out of control if they’re not attended to.(source)

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