How the Left is Openly Destroying America … and Why Trump Can’t Save Us

Civil War

How the Left is Openly Destroying America …

Can America rise? Only After a Second Civil War.

How Did We Get Here? … And How to Survive What’s Coming.

From America the Beautiful, to America Hell Damnation … How Did We Get Here? … And How to Survive What’s Coming.

Trump stunned countless numbers of people by taking the White House.

Fears of a Hillary Clinton presidency were enough to rouse conservatives and encourage a large turn out at the polls. As state after state across the American heartland and beyond showed Trump winning, it was clear before the night was over that we were now heading into a different future than most people expected leading up to the vote.

What Happens Under Trump

Trump’s vows to “make America Great” again are going up against a goliath system of bureaucracy, red tape, special interests, corruption, greed and the liberal left that is opposed to everything they believe Trump stands for.

America is cracking at the seams, bleeding from untold numbers of weaknesses, and as much as Trump wants to whip this former champ back into shape for another championship race, the liberal left and everything that they represent has cut America’s achilles heel; America will never run again. The left is bleeding us.

Can America rise? Only After a Second Civil War

We either cut off the left, which would call for an all out Civil War … or we die. Since I do not predict that America’s modern day conservatives (as a whole) have the passion or will power for that kind of movement (some do, don’t get me wrong), I predict that we are going to die.

But can Christians go to war?


Christians Who Receive a Calling

Remember, God has given that “calling” for war to his people in past centuries, before Christ. It’s a pattern in the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, when God repeatedly empowered the Israelites to defeat brutal and neighboring nations; nations that sacrificed children, and worse. They were bad. Really bad. ISIS in many ways, doesn’t compare today to the primitive and brutal peoples that lived in Middle East lands long ago.

ISIS does come close though.

ISIS Kills Children who Refuse to Convert

ISIS has killed large numbers of Christian children (and even more adults) for refusing to convert to Islam; but to date, ISIS does not sacrifice their own children to appease their gods… if you read the Bible, you’ll find out that’s one reason that God told the Israelites to kill their enemies (their enemies at times were so wicked and brutal to the core, that it would not be safe or reasonable for the Israelites to attempt to coexist with them.)

And just how and when America will fall … everything you took for guaranteed … you current lifestyle, the comforts of life and America will be erased of the face of the earth.. World War 3 will hit by.2017…And this is only real solution for you and your loved ones…

Coexistence Doesn’t Always Work

So, Yes, Christians and Conservatives Can Go to War

I believe God gave that calling to our Founding Fathers, when a band of rebels defeated the British Empire and turned those original colonies into the United States of America. They couldn’t have done it without God. And our Founding Fathers recognized that fact and they saturated us in our Constitution and other early writings with the idea of “one nation under God.” That’s why God is so big in our early literature. For decades, children have stood in schools before class every day, saying the pledge of allegiance, and saying “one nation under God.”

In God We Trust

God stunned our founding fathers by giving them amazing victories in battle against the British Empire. And so this nation would be built with God at the helm. And it was. It became America the Beautiful.

In God We Trust.

Fast forward 240 years … what happened to us?

The left happened.

And now we are America the damned, who would have us believe, if they could, that God is dead.

Calling for Civil War — Minus the Alt-Right

Ok, so let’s say in a hypothetical future, conservatives were given a call from God above for war on the left, not to make America great again, but to take America back… from the left. Don’t mistakenly believe that God would include the Alt-Right, what the media calls right wing radicals … they would not get that call. They are already at war, but it’s a war they are fighting on their terms, without God at the helm.

They are not Christians. They are more like a cult. Even if they proclaim God. Their words and actions show the truth. The Apostle John wrote:

1 John 2:4 – Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person.

There is no love in the Alt-Right, and so there is no God in the Alt-right.

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Conservatives Can Win A Civil War Without Guns and Bombs

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a war involving guns, and bombs, and death — and definitely not hatred. What is called for is countless new laws passed by the Supreme Court, and abolishing poor laws passed in recent decades that go against moral values.

It would take a huge grass roots effort to win over voters on the left who are sitting on the fences, those that are willing to listen to the pros and cons of poor moral choices and good moral choices, which is the line where conservatives and the left are “supposed” to be split at. Those on the left are being fed lies, lies, and more lies … and it’s coming from pop culture and it’s feeding into their beliefs from a young age.

Good Moral Choices — The Split Between Conservatives and the Left

The attacks on moral choices started years ago. Many Christian households saw the booming of American popular culture destroy the idea of chastity before marriage.

It’s Not the Music Though — It’s the Lies That Came With It

The music isn’t to blame; it’s the values and lifestyles that magazines, television, and the movies, and the musicians themselves built around the music. They used the music to make “sex” cool and something to desire above everything else in life (while also pushing greed, envy, pride, and the list of social ills goes on).

Naturally, this led to an explosion in premarital sex, rape, adultery (resulting in several murders), pregnancies, abortions, children given for adoption, sexually transmitted disease, a high rate of divorce, and basically chaos to what for most Christian marriages used to be pretty tame and relatively “faithful.”

The Bill Clinton Monica-Lewinsky Scandal

At the same time, politicians even up to the highest office in the land became a spectacle, surrounded in shameful stories of adultery, sex tapes, and prostitution.

How Popular Culture Uses Music to Deceive the Masses

Music sets the mood. Pulls people out of the doldrums of life in that moment, can have an immediate cheering effect, and then when they are fed the idea of “sex, sex, and more sex” (or “money, money, more money”) it sinks into their belief system. And so, as conservatives have been saying for a long time, we can blame American popular culture as being toxic to having respect and appreciation for Biblical principles.

Wake Up Call for Conservatives

You might be conservative — but you also might be heavily influenced by the left and not even realize it.

Pause for a moment and reflect where Biblical principles are mentioned a few moments ago. If “Biblical principles” makes you cringe, you would have had a hard time back in the 18th century and in the era of our founding fathers, adventurers and warriors many who had deep rooted Christian convictions.

If they were here today, a number of them would be ostracized in the media as “Christian fundamentalists,” a term that has been used to push Bible believing Christians into the same circle of groups associated with right wing whack jobs.

In fact if you’re a fundamentalist Christian today, in the media and on the public stage you’re something of a pariah. Just goes to show how much America has changed since it was founded. Our founding fathers had the highest respect in the land.

If our founding fathers showed up today they would be pariahs.

The Sanctity of Marriage — Destroyed

Let me pause for a moment and ask: Are you on the left with your belief system? How do you feel about the sanctity of marriage, and eliminating chastity before marriage? If you support premarital sex, adultery, etc, you’re not actually a conservative. You have been liberalized. Maybe not has far as some of them. But you’re no longer standing on Biblical principles.

Are you on the left?

If you are in your right mind, if you have any semblances of wisdom, if you are a person able to have an open discussion without prejudices and disdain … then you should be able to agree, that YES — there have been some UNFORTUNATE consequences of destroying the Biblical sanctity of marriage.

American “Nuclear Family” is Dead

That is why today, the idea of an American “nuclear family” has been lost to the pages of history. You can’t push it in school. You can’t educate children on the BENEFITS to their future children and to themselves if they will choose to make good moral choices and resist the moral choices being flaunted by the left.

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The Left Flaunts These Choices —

And the left is successfully attacking conservatives ability to teach their children good Biblical principles.

Left Wing Radicals — Not Who You Think

Left wing radicals aren’t just the groups staging sit-ins and taking to the streets and declaring that Trump is not their president. They’re just pawns in a game being controlled by people in suits, ties, and other business attire, sitting behind desks with pens and keyboards and deep pockets. They are the policy makers.

It’s the left wing radicals that hold public positions that are the most dangerous.

Here’s Why Trump, America, is Doomed for Failure:

Trump is doomed for failure from the start. And it’s the Left’s fault. The Left doesn’t want to hear that though. How could they be to blame?

Progressive … But Why?

The left sees itself as progressive. But are we progressing by pushing a left agenda? It doesn’t matter if a “Republican” president is in the White House along with a “Republican” led Congress … America is still being pushed along by the values and beliefs that shape the left. The left owns Hollywood, saturates YouTube, Social Media, and the list goes on to shape and influence people of all ages and backgrounds, including immigrants brand new to America, and even the youngest of us who have access to the internet.

Why the Progressive Movement is BAD

Cracking the moral foundation doesn’t give us a future generation of children who have learned self-control and can exhibit that self-control in any future leadership roles. Behind closed doors it will be their lack of morality and also their tendency toward selfish impulses that will characterize their behaviors, making them more susceptible to greed (special interests), lewd behavior, immorality, and hatred for those who do not view the world the same way they do.

The Left Lacks Wisdom

Moral values reflect self-control; self-control reflects inner strength. But that understanding, that relationship, is not grasped by the left.

They are clever schemers, but don’t mistake that for “wise” decision makers. They’re smart. But they are not wise.

Proof that the Left Hates

In a twisted move, voices from the left come against American ideals of “freedom” and “liberty” (to believe what we want to believe, including freedom of religion), to make it wrong for conservatives to encourage good morals and beliefs in God to their children.

The public arena is widely influenced by the left and we see that first hand in the American public school system where left-leaning laws, what they call progressive, push immoral behaviors as “good” while also pushing principles that make it “bad” to speak out against the left.

Today’s acceptance of homosexuality and increasing acceptance of transgender as ok and even “normal” is a slap in the face against families and the values they hope to instill in their children. This follows the prior attacks decades back on the institution of marriage.

The Fall of Marriage

At one time marriage was built on the foundation of faithfulness, honesty, and mutual love and respect, words still spoken during marriage ceremonies, but nowadays to large numbers of people who can’t grasp what these words actually mean and how they should be applied in life.

The Great Revolt

American culture eroded everything good about marriage, creating, for example, a revolt against the idea of waiting until marriage for sex. Another erosion was the destruction of faithfulness. Without an appreciation and desire for faithfulness, adultery plagued millions of marriages, and the majority of marriages in recent decades have ended in divorce, whether because of adultery or not.

Faithfulness is a Moral Value

Faithfulness in marriage is a moral value; without faithfulness, we lose marriage.

You can’t mention this in the public sector though. You can’t teach these kind of values in school.

Biblical Principles Have Been Booted Out of the Public Sector

In the end, today parents, children and teachers with these kinds of values can’t believe in things like good morals in the public sector anymore. They can’t believe in good morality in public schools. Or they are hated by those with left leaning values; they are called intolerant; they are called any number of other names.

All Lack of Restraint is Being Cast Off

Our society has lost marriage to culture. We lost heterosexuality. Is it normal anymore to be and think solely heterosexual? We have lost the right to teach our values to our children and have also lost the right to teach our children to stand up for these values.

The Left Owns Our Children

The left movement owns the public school system; it owns our children.

From a Biblical standpoint, Christians throughout history would have looked on a culture like the one that ours has become as something to fear, because of it’s lack of restraint, and consequently Christians would have seen our culture as something we need to repent from.

At any moment God could rain down judgment in the form of some kind of disaster that wiped out Sodom and Gommorah so many centuries ago.

America Can’t Repent

But America can’t repent. The voices of the left have a strangle hold on conservative values. They are bigger. They are everywhere.

They are bleeding us. They are killing us.

Trump Can’t Make America Great Again

Trump can’t make America great again, despite the hope of many. America has been demonized, literally, and it’s like a big, dark phantom pinning down the memory of our founding fathers, choking them, ripping out their guts, destroying the fabric of the ideals America was built on.

America the Beautiful. Now America, the damned.

But This is Global — It Goes Beyond America

This goes beyond America though and reaches into countries where Christians reside, from the UK, to Europe, to Africa, Asia, and around the world. The world itself is against Christian and Conservative beliefs and values; there is not one “Christian” government on earth. It doesn’t exist anywhere. God has every right to wipe us out. And the Bible teaches that he is going to. Only the “elect” will be saved. Is that you?

Burn with the Earth? Or Rise with the Elect?

Revelation 7:9 – After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

How do you become part of this “great multitude … from every nation”, part of the saved from the Earth when God brings down wrath, as promised and foretold long ago?

It’s Time to Become a Survivor

The “Secrets of Survival” are:

• Repent.

• Put your faith in Christ.

• Reject the Left. Declare War on Left-Wing values. Educate conservatives, that have been liberalized, with Biblical truth.

• Educate children on the sanctity of marriage built on Biblical principles, love, strength, and faithfulness.

• Stop being so politically correct that words like “love, strength, and faithfulness” make you cringe. Speak up and be strong.

• Get Ready for Hell on Earth.

• Pray, as Jesus said, “to escape all these things that shall come to pass so that you can stand before the Son of man.”

We’ve Been Given a Sword

Hebrews 4:12 – For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Ephesians 6:13 – Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.


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3 thoughts on “How the Left is Openly Destroying America … and Why Trump Can’t Save Us

  1. jknbt

    What is needed is a new political movement. We need a political party to promote the agenda of Christian Nationalism. This is in direct opposition to the agenda of Humanist Globalism.

    The moral and spiritual foundations of the new movement will of course be the Word of God. The purpose will be to promote the best interests of the nation as a whole. This was the belief and agenda of all patriots from the American Revolution to the Eisenhower era.

    My hope and prayer is that a group of young strong leaders will rise up and take us into this future.

  2. Phoenix

    We don’t need religion to dictate our moral behaviours as long as we follow the “do unto others” rule. That pretty much covers everything from ALL religions. Relax a little – not all the “wrongs” you wrote about are actullay wrong – it’s all about context and how one’s actions affect the lives of others! Even GOD understands that!

  3. Concerned Citizen

    The motto of this country, adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782, is “E pluribus unum” or “out of many, one”. This motto originally reinforced the notion of many states combining into one great nation, but came also to support the idea of America as the joining together of many people into one society. Unfortunately, that spirit of inclusion was undermined by a conservative Congress. In 1956 the motto “In God We Trust” was pushed through by legislators reacting to the anti-communist “Red Scare”. America has been going downhill ever since!

  4. Sharon

    But Trump, Three divorce which is against, so he is living in adultry by want the Bible says one child that doesn’t belong to any of his wives calls people stupid lies everyday and you want us to believe this is the man who will lead us out of destruction. Yes God forgives but lies everyday. I don’t think he believes half what he’s saying. Look sin is sin, one of the commandments is Thou Shalt Not Bare False Witness, so start with Trump and people might believe this. I had a vision of Trump with 2 horns in his forehead and God took me to Revalations. Look it up it is not good.


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