Lindsey Williams & Final Warning 2023 — PREPARE NOW🔴 Everything Is Going Worst – Economic Collapse 2024

President Putin to gravely warning: “We can see clearly and know what is happening in the Donbass right now…This, of course, very much resembles a genocide”—a warning quickly followed by Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov stating: “The deliveries of helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft to Ukraine are pushing the Ukrainian authorities towards abrupt and dangerous steps…Kiev is not fulfilling the Minsk Agreements…The Ukrainian armed forces are touting that they have started to employ US-supplied Javelin anti-tank missile systems in Donbass and are also using Turkish reconnaissance/strike drones…As a result, the already tense situation in the east of that country is further deteriorating…However, any provocations by the Ukrainian authorities to settle the Donbass difficulties militarily will be thwarted”.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov to issue a dire warning yesterday saying that Russia and the United States could end up in a situation resembling the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962—that was followed by China warning that it “will heavily attack US troops who come to Taiwan’s rescue”—a threat China then joined by establishing diplomatic ties with the Central American nation of Nicaragua, that broke off all ties with Taiwan—with Nicaragua having turned away from the United States it now sees China in near complete control of Central America, where its military bases will soon be placed—and in explaining to the world its confrontation with the United States, this week China released its geostrategic document “10 Questions for American Democracy”, two of whose most critical questions to Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden state:

Question 9: Bring development and prosperity, or disaster and turmoil to other countries? Some 241,000 Afghans were killed in the war beginning in 2002. 183,000-206,000 Iraqi civilians have died in violence since the war in 2003. Yemen currently has some 20.7 million people (71% of the total population) in need of humanitarian assistance. The United States is a veritable “refugee maker” in the world today, making at least 37 million people destitute and homeless by the war launched by the United States after the September 11 attacks.

Question 10: Safeguard world peace and development or undermine international order? As of 2017, the United States had conducted 392 foreign military interventions since 1880. The United States has been at war more than 92% of the time since its founding. The United States maintains approximately 750 overseas military bases in 80 foreign countries and colonies (territories). The United States spends about $778 billion on the military, accounting for about 39% of the world’s total. The Middle East and North Africa still have about one in five people living on the brink of conflict. America’s currency, the world’s problem.

While these “refugee maker” American military forces rampage across the entire world, this report continues, the socialist Biden Regime has astonishingly branded Russian troop movements within their own sovereign borders as “aggression” against Ukraine—in response to this insane socialist hypocrisy sees defense experts publishing documents like “Following Debacles In Iraq And Afghanistan, Failed Interventionists Are Now Agitating For Wars In Ukraine And Taiwan”, wherein it asks: “Ukraine and Taiwan are proxy fights over the soul of American foreign policy: does it exist to protect America’s security interests, or everyone else’s?”—in response to these elite socialist warmongers ruling America this week it saw India “sending a signal to Washington” when it expanded military ties with Russia—saw the European Union issuing a draft proposal to create their own army so they can break away from the United States—and saw French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour declaring to his nation: “We are France…We are not the vassals of the United States, of NATO, of the European Union”.

With the United States having been declared an oligarchy ruled over by its privileged elites in 2014, this report details, it was no surprise this week to see US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin expressing his growing concerns over the American peoples declining trust in the US military under President Biden—declining trust fueled by those like US Army Colonel Earl Matthews, who held high-level National Security Council and Pentagon positions under President Donald Trump, and in a scathing document accused US Army General Charles Flynn and Lieutenant General Walter Piatt of being “absolute and unmitigated liars” for how they characterized the events of 6 January—is a US military whose personnel take a solemn oath to protect the Constitution, but whose marching orders come from leftist media propagandists like the Washington Post, that today declared: “We have a system of governance that nobody in their right mind would design”—is a US military whose oath includes a solemn vow to protect the American people from “all enemies foreign and domestic”, but whose grim reality facing Americans is documented today in the Wall Street Journal article “Yes, The Crime Wave Is As Bad As You Think”—is a US military that since socialist leader Biden seized power failed to protect American borders from being invaded by millions of illegal aliens, all of whom yesterday were given the right to vote in their nation’s largest city New York—is a US military that sat silently by this past year during the largest wealth transfer theft in American history, that saw elite oligarchs pocketing the trillions-of-dollars they outright stole from the American people—are elite American oligarchs that over the past few weeks have been selling their stocks at historic levels, and today sees them taking their riches and fleeing by the tens-of-thousands to the Middle East city-state of Dubai.

The conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members noting with grave concern how leftist tech giant Google ordered its video service YouTube yesterday to slam an “age restriction” notice and “inappropriate content” warning on “The Victims of Socialism” presentation given at the Exposing Communism Seminar—is a direct censoring from the American peoples knowledge of the demonic socialist-communist ideology that killed 100-million people over 100-years—most critical to notice saw this censoring taking place just hours after the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the largest Roman Catholic Church in the United States and North America, and one of the ten largest churches in the world, was desecrated when the hands were smashed off the Our Lady of Fatima marble statue—and saw this desecration followed a few hours later by shocking reports emerging from America like: “One of the strangest statues that I have ever seen in my entire life has just been set up right outside UN Headquarters in New York City…When I first heard about this, I could hardly believe that the global elite would be so brazen, and so I checked into this very carefully…Unfortunately, this is not just a bad rumor…This absolutely gigantic statue is called “The Guardian of International Peace and Security”, and it looks like something out of a science fiction movie…It does not resemble any known creature on this planet…Instead, it appears to very closely resemble a “beast” that is described in the Book of Revelation”.

A nightmare scenario from the Cold War finally unfolds. Year 2021.
In 2022 Russia invades the United States, decimating cities, seizing soft targets and critical infrastructure. Think you’re safe out in the countryside? Not if you live near one of these “10 soft targets of strategic importance” that may be crucial to a Russian take-over.

It’s a nightmare headline that most Americans probably relate more to the movie “Red Dawn” than something that would ever actually happen — but what if it did happen?

What if Russia has it’s eyes on America?

Fears of A Russian Invasion
Fears have long abounded in certain U.S. circles dating back to the Cold War of ominous threats coming from the U.S.S.R., and some of those circles include the Pentagon, more familiar with extensive KGB spying in the U.S. than the average American who probably thinks that the spy-threat is only a real threat in a James Bond movie.

Yet KGB spies were here during the Cold War. After the Soviet Union fell in the early 90s, probably a number of these spies remained, even if they’re no longer thought of as “KGB”.

Today we can bet that Russia has a healthy and vital network of spies in the United States, including more than a few “double agents” — meaning U.S. citizens who work in federal government like CIA and national defense who, like many Americans, can be persuaded to pass on intel when enough dollar bills are offered.

A Russian Invasion
Only after knocking out U.S. defenses and critical infrastructure, could a Russian plan to invade and occupy parts of America unfold with the potential for success. Of course to take things to that level Russia would have to be willing to do a few things that would put them on par with Hitler.

We’re talking Russia would have to be willing to nuke a few million Americans preemptively (Cold War suitcase nukes, anyone?), or perhaps use a highly lethal virus concocted deep in a Russian laboratory, and then spread across U.S. cities like a plot from the television series “24” — or perhaps a combination of both suitcase nukes and lethal virus.

Is Putin on the same level as “Hitler”?
We can’t quite tell yet. He’s invaded two countries to date, the first being Georgia in 2008, and the second and most recent, the Ukraine, currently making world headlines.

Commercial Airlines
The plot from the original Red Dawn (1984) was that Russian forces invade the U.S. using commercial airlines on international routes to disguise the first wave of the invasion — a modern day Trojan horse.

Could commercial airlines really be used to help get a Russian first wave into American airspace and parachuting into American communities?


Then of course there are container ships — the U.S. has dozens of cargo ships entering U.S. ports every day of the year. Just one cargo ship can carry troops, house missile systems, and possibly even be outfitted to offer Russian fighter jets a place to take off from and return to land and refuel. Essentially, an aircraft carrier and battleship disguised to look like a cargo ship.

How many of these could the Russians move into place, just off shore or even land and then launch attacks from U.S. ports?

Ace in Russia’s Sleeve
Russia we can bet would have it’s “ace in the sleeve” — meaning, one or more clever ways that they could get people here, and weapons, that the Pentagon may not quite see coming yet, or have a scenario for.

That ace may be “American based” manufacturing plants, where instead of just cars or airplanes being built, maybe weapons and weapon delivery systems are being built right here on U.S. soil, in industrial areas of major U.S. cities, with access to trucking fleets, helicopters, and heavy equipment that can be used to lay siege to several “soft targets” essential to putting America into a strangle hold and forcing a surrender.

In those U.S. based Russian manufacturing plants… how about Russian drones and — right on the forefront of science and technology — Russian robots?

In World War II, against Japan, America’s secret “ace” was the first working atomic bombs, shortly later dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing Japan to a quick surrender. Japan at first didn’t know what hit them.

Looking at Japan, history has seen the ace card played before with disastrous consequences.

Does Russia have an “ace” card?

Will there be a financial collapse in the United States before the end of 2021? An increasing number of respected financial experts are now warning that we are right on the verge of another great economic crisis. Of course that doesn’t mean that it will happen. Experts have been wrong before. But without a doubt, red flags are popping up all over the place and things are lining up in textbook fashion for a new financial crisis. As I write this article, U.S. stocks have declined four days in a row, the Dow is down more than 750 points from the peak of the market in May, and one out of every five U.S. stocks is already in a bear market. I fully expect the next several months to be extremely chaotic, and I am far from alone.

In order to gain insight into the current and future state of an economy, many economists hold that it is helpful to get the view on this from consumers and businesspersons. Randomly selected consumers and businesspersons are asked to provide their views about the current and the future state of the economy. Thus if the majority of those surveyed express optimism it is regarded as good news for the economy ahead. Conversely, if the majority of surveyed are pessimistic it is taken as a bad omen for future economic activity. Is it valid to hold that surveys can tell us where the economy is heading? Moreover, why should we regard an opinion supported by a large percentage of people as any more credible than the view of a particular individual?

The main point here is that the current trajectories of so many critical economic and financial indicators point directly to an American economy that is ready for a collapse. The stock market alone is so disconnected from reality that a correction is now long overdue. Quite shockingly, the more bad news that is delivered on any given day the more likely the market is to go up. All the markets have been counterintuitively moving in the wrong direction since the crash of 2008.

There are very good reasons for this. First the U.S. dollar is under enormous pressure on every front. The BRICS and other allied nations are systematically removing the once Almighty Dollar as the world reserve currency. The Federal Reserve Bank, consequently, has been forced to create money out of thin air as dollars role off the Fed’s printing press. The successive phases of Quantitative Easing, as it is known, have shown that such wanton money printing will only make the eventual monetary meltdown much worse.

The reason the Fed could do the bailouts is the Fed could print the money to fund the bailout. The next crisis is the dollar that is going to be in crisis. The dollar is going to be crashing, and they can’t bail anybody out from a dollar crash because all they can do is print more dollars, which will just accelerate the collapse of the dollar. The warning is simple. This is a completely dysfunctional economy that is going to collapse when the bottom drops out of the dollar. I think that crisis is close at hand. The credit catastrophe that we warned about is rapidly approaching.

Right now the biggest kink in the goods chain is transportation, whether container ships backed up at ports, or the shortage of long haul truck drivers. Buy local and stock up while supplies last. I used to think three months of supplies was sufficient; now it appears that one year is more appropriate. When you are buying canned goods like beans and veggies, don’t forget the fruit for a balanced diet. Definitely get a water filter and the means to get rain water and store it. Potable water is our biggest infrastructure problem.

The same GE&FCM forces are also engaged in a never-ending scheme to artificially depress the price of gold. Because the gold price is a HUGE financial indicator of the true level of confidence that the markets have in the ‘real’ economy, the controllers of the GE&FCM are constantly compelled to push gold down. That daily drill alone commands a tremendous amount of resources. As the gold price is further manipulated downward, the dollar has been consistently ratcheted up by the same controlling forces.

There are several other key economic and financial metrics the understanding of which clearly reveals that 2020 is shaping up to be an extraordinarily turbulent Shemitah year. On other fronts, such as the civil war in the Ukraine and the many conflicts throughout the Middle East and Africa, it is clear that resource wars have come to dominate the world stage.

 Everything is going to plan. The plan is to alter human nature and to control what we do, where we go, with whom we associate, and thereby to stiffly any possibility of organized revolt. 5/. The owner of the reservation demands absolute obedience. Obedience will be rewarded with tokens that may only be exchanged at the company store.

The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates at artificially low rates through their monthly purchases (80 Billion of Treasuries and 40 Billion of Mortgage-Backed Securities). If and when the FED starts to gradually reduce their monthly purchases, then there should be an increase in interest rates. The FED knows that they are responsible for the surge in equities and real estate. The FED also knows that equities and real estate will crash without their continued intervention. The fall in the rate is a function of the risk-off moves in the market, probably since the Fed started floating QE tapering talk. Traders fleeing risk assets and moving into treasuries – more buyers so the seller can lower the price (the rate) and still make sales. Pretty simple. 

In the USA the manufactured social chaos, which has been a staple of the Trump Administration, has further intensified with each new ‘race’ riot and/or illegal alien immigration fiasco. The U.S Federal Government is very busy implementing an array of diversionary tactics and distraction techniques to accommodate what will occur in 2021.

Whether it’s the unprecedented Jade Helm military exercise or the carefully coordinated race riots in Baltimore, this Administration has a real knack for throwing lots of fuel on a fire that seems already set to burn down the house.

The debt-fueled prosperity that so many of us take for granted is about to come to a screeching halt, and we are about to enter the hardest times that any of us have ever known. And I am not just talking about economics either. Based on all of the intel and information that I have gathered, we are about to enter a “perfect storm” that is going to shake this country in just about every possible way that it can be shaken. So I hope that you will truly savor this winter – days like this will not come around again any time soon.

Have you ever known someone that lived a seemingly charmed life even though that individual made foolish decision after foolish decision?

In the end, reality almost always catches up with people like that.

And in so many ways, we have been living a charmed life as a nation even though we have been making incredibly foolish decisions for decades. We have cursed ourselves over and over again, and just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding all around us. As a nation, we now stand for just about everything that is foul, disgusting and wicked, and the rest of the world is absolutely horrified by what has happened to us.

The economy is sucking. The government is stealing everything from everyone in sight. And they are killing us all in the process.

China skipped the step of making the RMB the primary vehicle of currency manipulation – instead they use the oligopoly/monopoly power of its enormous labor force and supply chain control. As I’ve noted before – the primary reason the RMB is not a reserve currency is that it is not freely traded because enabling this also enables mass capital flight out of China – which the CCP does not want. Its 2015 experiment proved this clearly: any opening up of restrictions would result in trillions of capital leaving the country. As such, I think it is premature to say that the decline of the Dollar is going to always be gradual.

The real test will be when, not if, China decides on some form of an external RMB; the same labor force and supply chain control mean there is more than sufficient trade impetus to rapidly propel China from its 2.5% reserve currency status to something closer to the 20% which percentage China’s GDP is part of world GDP. Note US GDP is 24.5% or so of world GDP. The delta between the 59.5% US Dollar reserve status and US GDP to world GDP is the benefit of being a reserve currency. In trade terms, the situation is worse (for the US). The US is 8.5% of world export trade and 17% of world import trade. Given the previous notes on currency manipulation, it seems likely that the 17% is skewed high as an outcome – meaning actual baseline US share of world trade is more likely in the very low teens.

Compared to the EU share of world trade (16%), China share of world trade (13%+), and Japan share of world trade (~3%). What impact would a 10% or 20% fall in the US Dollar usage as trade reserve currency mean? Absolute value-wise – total world trade is around $190B. Each trade dollar has an impact beyond its presence on one or both sides of a trade – there is the central bank reserve, there is the profit, there is the reserve behind the transaction held by the trader, and ultimately, the bank behind it. I have yet to see credible estimates of this impact but it seems safe to say each 10% of US Dollar reserve currency status means at least $30B in free cash float.

The overperformance of the US Dollar in global trade thus equates to something like $100B in free cash float every year. If we treated these US Dollar as an export (which they are) – it would be 60% more than the single largest category of US physical exports (planes) and nearly as much as the top 2 combined (planes and refined petroleum). Cars are #3, ICs are #4. What would the economic impact be of losing 1/2 to two thirds of any nation’s single largest export? And at this point, it seems 100% clear to me that China will do so. Some people have noted that the trade deficit – closely related to the reserve currency benefit – corresponds to the outsize of American military expenditures vs. the rest of the world. American activities with said military are such that China and Russia believe that the best way to combat it is simply to defund it. The Belt and Road Initiative and similar programs are the first step. 

Once upon a time, we were one of the most loved nations on the entire planet.

Now we are one of the most hated.

The things that we have been doing to ourselves and to other countries are about to catch up with us in a major way. We thought that we were getting away with everything that we were doing, but that was never the case. When you do evil, there is always a price to pay.

Over the past few weeks, some very strange things have begun to happen. And in the months ahead, we are going to see some more unusual events. But to be honest, this is just the tip of the iceberg. For now, you are just going to have to trust me on this one.

If my tone sounds ominous, that is good, because that is precisely the mood that I am trying to convey. Right now, there are major things going on behind the scenes, and all of our comfortable little lives are about to get shaken up big time.

I have often written about the global elite and about how they like to go about doing things. Throughout history, they have always liked to create order out of chaos. In other words, they will often purposely create a crisis in order to push through things that they would not be able to accomplish during “normal” times.

I believe that we are about to enter one of those periods of time. The problems that we are about to experience are going to be used to justify radical “solutions” that will further the overall agenda of the elite. But because we will be in the middle of an “emergency”, a lot of people will choose to go along with those solutions.

Sadly, most people don’t understand how the world works because they are so consumed with other things. We live in a society that is absolutely addicted to entertainment. Just recently, I wrote about how the average American spends more than 10 hours a day plugged in to some form of media. If we are not watching television, we are listening to the radio, going to movies, playing video games, messing with our smartphones or spending endless hours on the Internet. And more than 90 percent of the “programming” that we are fed through these devices is produced by just 6 absolutely gigantic media corporations.

And who controls those gigantic media corporations?

The elite do.

And have you noticed how “the mainstream media” loves to divide us?

Today, Americans are more divided than ever it seems. Our news broadcasts endlessly fixate on “black vs. white”, “male vs. female”, “liberal vs. conservative”, “rich vs. poor”, etc, etc.

Americans are extremely angry and frustrated at this point, but most of our anger and frustration is directed at one another.

How can we ever hope to come up with any solutions for our nation if we spend so much time hating our fellow citizens?

But this is just how the elite like it.

They love to play divide and conquer. If we were united, we would be far more difficult to manipulate.

And even if we did find a way to come together, what values and principles would we use to rebuild this nation?

The truth is that most Americans deeply reject the values and principles that the founders of this country once held so dear.

Personally, I am very optimistic about the future. My family and I believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are still ahead of us.

But am I optimistic about the future of the United States?

No, I am not.

Perhaps you are reading this and you have come to the conclusion that I am being irrationally negative. If so, you are probably spending way too much time plugged in to the “propaganda matrix” that I described above. The establishment wants you to believe that everything is going to be just fine and that the best days for this world are ahead.

If you think that I am wrong, I challenge you to bookmark this page. Then, after some time has passed, come back and revisit what I had to say today.

I believe that you will be quite shocked by how your perspective has changed.

The last half of this year (2021) is going to represent a major turning point, and we are moving into hard times unlike anything that America has ever seen before.

Unfortunately, most of the “sheeple” are going to be completely blindsided by what is coming. They just continue to follow their utterly clueless leaders down a path toward oblivion.

But the good news is that once the “shaking” starts, many of these “sheeple” will begin to wake up.

When that happens, who will those “sheeple” turn to for answers?

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  1. Anthony

    “I believe that we are about to enter one of those periods of time.”

    I believe we entered that period of time quite awhile ago. This plan of theirs has been a long time coming, meticulously and masterfully built block by block. Trump, at best, was a few speed bumps, at this point, in their grand plan of constructing their nightmare of a “New World Order” they intend to bestow upon the people of this world. And, while I believe more people are constantly waking from their slumber in regards to the events taking place around the globe as being more than just by chance, MANY more would need to wake the hell up, and fast, in order to force any real road block or challenge to what is coming, if even possible at this point. I fear the only recourse now will be the fight to defend.

    I tell people, family, and friends all the time, some whom are much more well off than others, about what they should expect and prepare for, but it falls on deaf ears. It reminds me of an old saying my late mother used to say from time to time, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ’em drink it.” Still, like you, I continue to spread the message in the hopes that someone is listening and will truly hear and heed it!

    Keep up the good fight, friend! God bless!


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