Making Your Home More Secure in 5 Simple Steps

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Miniature House With Lock and ChainWith homes constantly being invaded by burglars, it is extremely necessary to protect your belongings from the reach of uninvited strangers. An astonishing fact about burglary is that, a burglary happens once in every 15 seconds in the USA. Most of them happen when you are away at work. The cities that recorded the highest burglary are Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles etc. So, what measures have you taken so far in restricting the thieves from breaking into your house?It does not take a professional approach in making your house more secure than before. A few simple steps are enough to enhance the security of your house.

Step 1

 Lock All Your Doors and Windows Properly Before You Leave the House

Locking up all the doors and windows of your house before you leave is the first essential step to take. It is better to use a deadbolt lock as it provides better security. Whenever you leave your home, make sure to lock the garage area and the backdoor because people tend to forget these areas often. Also, do not keep a spare key within the reach of intruders. One common mistake people make is by keeping the spare key under the door mat. By doing this, you would be inviting strangers to break into your house.

Have all the old locks replaced by new, modern and stronger locks. Pin your windows for maximum security. Get rid of hollow doors and have them replaced with solid wood doors or metal ones with lock block. If you having a sliding door at the backyard then make sure to have it secured as well. In case of any confusion, you may call a locksmith and he will assist you well.

Step 2

Get an Alarm System Installed

There are various kinds of home alarm systems available in the market. You can get one of them installed as per your budget, convenience and need. This would an excellent addition to the security of the house. A security system can offer protection 24×7 and can guarantee peace of mind.

Step 3

Have Adequate Lighting

Homeowners often leave the backyard and the garage area unlighted. This invites burglars who hide in this unlighted area of the house and break into whenever they get a chance. So, even if you are away, make sure to light up the exterior areas of the house. You may install a motion sensitive light for the backyard. Do not worry about the electricity bills; instead get a low energy consumption lighting device for the exterior areas of the house.

 Step 4

 Cut Away Tall Bushes around Your House

Do not neglect the tall shrubs and bushes that cover the garden area and the exteriors of the house. These can serve as a hiding den for the burglars. Immediately tell your gardener to cut the tall bushes that surround your house, especially around the window area. This method of using environment for crime prevention is known by the name “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)”.

Step 5

Keep Some Pets

Ever thought of getting a pet for your home? Well, if you haven’t then have a look at these interesting questions being put by Jack Mclean before prison inmates who were burglars. Most of them say they are afraid of dogs and 32% would not opt for burglary if there is any breed of dog in the house. I hope I have explained my point well. Hence, it is more than recommended by home security experts to keep a dog in your house.

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