Maximize Home Security With Creative Camouflage

camo-building-400x266For many people home security can be as simple as buying an alarm and/or security system and letting it do all the work.

However, there are problems with these types of securities. Many people forget to set the system when they leave, making it useless, and lots of times they’re placed in a spot in the home where intruders and villains can see if they’re set or not. Luckily, alarm systems like these aren’t the only answer.

There are many ways you can protect your items without busting the bank, or installing any systems. Camouflage is a great way to protect your assets.

If you live in a forested area and your house is surrounded by bushes and shrubbery, you can utilize legit camo pretty easily. There are companies like Camoclad that sell camo sheets. These can be used in many ways. If you’ve got a shed, or outside storage facility, covering those in a type of camo that suits your lot can be a great way to conceal them.

There are even some camos that can be used on windows, in case you’re serious about concealing your entire shelter, or home! However, in most areas this won’t help protect your stuff.

But you don’t have to actually use camouflage paint or designs in order to camouflage the things you need to protect. Concealing and hiding, or confusing onlookers can be done a number of ways.

Simple and minuscule things like hide-a-key rocks can be inexpensive ways to keep spare keys and small items safe. There are many different things besides rocks that have space to hide things. There are fake books that double as gun safes, or fake Barbasol cans that can hold cash and jewelry.

In the event an intruder gets into your house, there are many ways you can camouflage your safes and other items by having them resemble other non-interesting items in your home. Safes are great ways to prevent theft of weapons, cash, legal documents, etc. However, people usually pick smaller less expansive safes, without realizing that they can easily be carried off. This article highlights a couple ways to hide a mini vault safe. You can make it look like a speaker, or book shelf and many other things.

So next time you’re looking to update your home security, or change the way you keep things safe, think camouflage and utilize some of the techniques highlighted here.









Naomi Broderick enjoys the outdoors and blogging. She often writes safety and security articles for ADT Security Lake Charles Louisiana

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