Nostradamus Decoded – The End of the World

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Who was Nostradamus? How did he rise from a French quack doctor to one of the highest selling authors of all time? And why, in our supposed age of science, was Nostradamus the highest searched term on the internet after 9/11? Now, for the first time, we get to the truth about one of the most famous people that ever lived. In “Nostradamus – The Truth” new translations of the prophecies he wrote almost 500 years ago will be revealed. And this evidence “the history of the world according to Nostradamus” is astounding.

For almost 500 years it was believed his predictions were randomly mixed and numbered. Now his underlying formula has been found and his predictions fall into groups that apply to distinct historical periods. At last we can tell which predictions are for the future and which are fulfilled, or failed. Also the decoding has led to new interpretations, since it is now easier to find his meaning.

There is a mystery to Nostradamus’ Prophecies. To those with faith in prophets its main essence is ‘What did he reveal?’ but even to a cynic some mystery must be attributed to Michel de Nostredame for his work he claimed is in code.

Many analysts seem to imply the code is a protective device to prevent the authorities from judging him a heretic but the nature of the work belies this; he did not need to fear the inquisition beyond the time of his death and certainly not 500 years into the future.

It is also a popular claim that there is a degree of ‘derangement’ or ‘incoherence’ in the writing.

This presentation gives insight into the outcome of my research and by the completeness of its content brings out reasons why there is the 500 year time gap between its writing and its revelation. The topics reflect those great mutations that Nostradamus said were at the heart of his work and in reading this listing the reader can understand why he was interested in them. It is about evolution of a new species with mental powers that redress those legacies from our primitive ancestors that threaten our own species’ demise. It is about the outcomes of our unique cleverness and how it transforms itself into our own destruction. It is about the coming dark age and the re-emergence of the earth under a new life form.

Nostradamus wrote: “The ancient task will be completed, From on high, evil will fall on the great man.

“A dead innocent will be accused of the deed, The guilty on will remain in the mist.”

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, when he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Another cryptic passage attributed to Nostradamus is said to have forewarned of the devastating US nuclear attack on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1954.

The quatrain in question reads: “Near the gates and within two cities, there will be scourges like of which was never seen.

“Famine within plague, people put out by steel, crying to the great immortal God for relief.”

Which is why people always revisit Nostradamus at the New Year. And for the arrival of 2020, Nostradamus predicted some really important and even chilling events. We tell you what they are for you to prepare!

More Volcanic Eruptions Will Occur.
2020 was a year of great volcanic eruptions. These and new catastrophes will affect the territories with volcanoes in the world, and there will be much destruction.

Major Medical Advances.
The advances of medicine will take giant steps in 2020, especially regarding the cure of serious diseases of which until now is known only one treatment.

Herbal Remedies are Used to Treat and Reduce Cancer Risk

Climate Change Will Be A Real Thing.
Climate change will continue to make its own with planet Earth. Large floods, some of which we have seen throughout 2020, will occur in places that have never experienced this kind of natural disaster.

We have been taught for years that everything that begins must have an ending, and considering how long Earth has been around, the clock is ticking for our home planet. And because we are more fascinated by how things will end than just accepting our inevitable demise, hundreds of theories have emerged in order to try to hypothesize and make sense of it all. Just as the dinosaurs are extinct, everyone wonders for a period of time (or two) just how far away humanity is from extinction, and just how it will happen. Some of the theories are fairly peaceful, but there are others that are truly terrifying. Here are some of the most devastating ways that humanity could end.
The first theory is pretty real since we are in the midst of it; global warming. The years 2010 and 2019 were the warmest years compared to the previous century, and the result of global warming is bizarre climate change. With the funky seasons and weather conditions that have plagued us in the 21st century, one has to wonder if maybe we’ve gone too far with our pollution and are on our way to meet our end because of our own foolish actions. The next theory is death by asteroid, which is pretty scary considering that we don’t have much control over the course of massive rocks that could hit our planet at any moment. Our Earth and Moon have been hit with asteroids before, which is speculated as to that was what killed the dinosaurs.

The next thing that could wipe out humanity is a pandemic. With the Ebola scare, and other unknown illnesses that are killing people left and right, it is rather easy to spread a massive virus and do some population control. While vaccines are being perfected every day, they have to be updated annually because viruses and diseases are constantly adapting and evolving. That is scary in of itself right there. Speaking of illnesses, there has even been several rumors that the government is working on mind-control viruses as a biological weapon, thus setting off a zombie apocalypse. But let us not forget that we can also literally kill ourselves with nuclear war. With governments of various countries constantly pointing weapons at each other with veiled threats (for now), it’s only a matter of time before one side starts firing and sets off a rapid fire exchange of nuclear weapons, thus killing millions and setting off a nuclear winter that could last for years.
The next thing that could kill humanity is something that you are using right at this very moment; your computer. Computers are being used in almost every aspect of everyday life from work, to home, medical facilities, shopping, dining, and more. What would happen if computers would ever become aware? It’s not like there is anything that humanity could give back to them in order to survive.
From Mother Nature to our own hand, there are so many devastating ways that humanity could end. The question and mystery that remains is the how.

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