Post-Apocalypse: The Cashless Society and the Mark of the Beast

Your world has been turned upside down unexpectedly in one of history’s biggest government overthrows … and now you’re being asked to take a chip implant so this “new world order” can track you at all times… Have we seen this before?

Article by Tom Brennan

Say goodbye to paper money.

Say hello to a possible chip-implant in the right hand and forehead and its necessity for each person to buy or sell in a cashless society ran by a government that won’t hesitate to imprison and execute anyone who denies its authority and won’t bow to its image. Maybe you’ve seen some episodes on the History Channel that discuss ancient prophecies from the Bible about the end of days in the far future. These shows made it to television because there is an interest in a large number of people about these prophecies that pertain to the “end of days.” Some have watched the growing threats and divisions in the world as signs we are approaching these “end times” that the History Channel discussed in it’s series, Revelation: The End of Days

For some people of course it’s just entertainment.

“666” And The End Of Days

In the era of 70s and 80s heavy metal rock bands, followers brought the term “666” to pop culture where it found a counter-culture climate with wannabe Satanists. But that’s just part of growing up in America, went the thought of many parents at the time. Some lost these kids to drugs. Others lost them to suicide, prison and violent crimes. Fast forward 30 years. What exactly is “666” and could it become a reality?

Here’s a look at a possible post-Apocalyptic America and the Mark of the Beast, as the Bible might have us understand it…

Watch this video to learn more about the possible end of days scenario that we’re rushing towards… All the signs are there.

stockpiling challenge

The Mark Of The Beast: An Evil Government Of The Anti-Christ

“Imagine the day the White House is a charred crater…”

The Hollywood stars are all dead with much of Los Angeles in flames.  Now a New World Order (NOW) comes to power and the long feared mark of the beast (what the Bible calls 666) spreads across the land. You cannot buy, sell or even exist without it. What now, average American? What now Christian believer?

Make sure you watch this video below… It demonstrates how God’s plan unfolding before us… and not everybody is going to like it.

alive after the fall

You may not agree with everything that is said in this video, but it definitely makes some good points from a biblical perspective.

Your World Has Been Turned Upside Down Unexpectedly In One Of History’s Biggest Government Overthrows

Chips, barcodes and cards and the internet and how they will be used against believers is a serious issue to be considered. Before today’s technology First Century believers faced the same situation. The first Christians saw discrimination from the ruling priests and local authorities. They overcame this by sharing necessities.

Not Being Socialists: Just Cooperating Survivors In Dangerous Lands

This wasn’t a socialist environment of sharing necessities, but a Christian way of helping each other and sharing with each other what item was needed the most and by whom.

Pagans Became Converts When They Saw Christians Sharing, Cooperating, Surviving

“See how these Christians love one another” won converts to Christianity in the harsh pagan world. They were pushed to the edge by society and they pushed back by bypassing the rules.

Today, in many parts of the world, just like those earlier times centuries ago, Christians and Jews are seeing increased persecution and intimidation. In the Middle East brutal executions are daily events; in America the pressure has been through the courts and media. Radical Islam of course wants to bring the violent executions here to America as well, where Jews and Christians are waiting to be slaughtered in the name of Allah as these Islamic radicals believe it.

Fast Forward To The Modern Day …

Technology now makes the internet of things a lot more convenient. Chip implants, face identification all offer increased security but no privacy. Access to goods and services can be canceled instantaneously. ATM cards, access to banks and purchasing all end. Online services offer music and answers on voice command, all searched and supplied by an internet servant that is actually listening and watching all the time. Our phones and personal devices keep track of our conversations, purchases, choices.

New Testament Repeats Old Testament Warnings About Global “Beast” Kingdom Ran By Anti-Christ

The Book of Revelation (New Testament) repeats many of the prophecies in the Book of Daniel (Old Testament) regarding the seven years of Tribulation before the triumphant and all powerful return of the true King. But before the Messiah returns to save His people, the Anti-Christ will force believers to take his mark, the mark of the beast. It will be on the forehead or on the hand, a mark of some kind. Many think it will be the number “666” the number of a man. In the Hebrew tradition of gematria, numbers in Scripture have a symbolic, iconic value. The numbers “3”, 7″ and “12” are reserved for Divine actions. The number”6″ denotes human actions.

The mark will be fashionable. Government leaders, rappers (if they’re still around), rock stars and sports personalities will all promote them. Today many gang members use facial tattoos for membership. The ever present media will make the “mark” an absolute necessity for being socially accepted. You will not be able to log on to social media without one. It will make life so convenient.

stockpiling challenge

RFID Implants … Maybe

The mark can be an RFID implant through a medical procedure, a consumer item to make shopping easier, or it can replace a drivers’ license, social security identification card or other required government type of registration. Not having one will cut you off from your rights and make you a “non-person”. Those classified as radicals, “hate mongers” fanatics and terrorists will not have them. They will not be able to buy food, pay bills, travel or do anything that requires the mark, and that means just about everything.

Will you take the mark or will you and other believers band together as the first ones did to provide for each other outside and oppressive system until The King returns?

The Bible only has one thing to say for people who take the mark. You’ve just signed your death wish in the eyes of God. The Bible cautions believers to reject it at all cost, even if it means being imprisoned and beheaded in a widescale execution of people who refuse to accept it.

Post-Apocalypse: No Money. No Government-Issued Currency. Another Possible Scenario.

A manmade or natural catastrophe can make the concept of government, currency and even energy a thing of the past. The capability of an EMP attack by hostile forces grows closer every day. Your ATM card won’t work, gold and silver have no real value, stockpiling commodities will be useful but at some time things break and someone who can make, repair, fabricate and innovate will have a future in a very uncertain time.

There was a time before gold and silver were considered as a way to purchase goods and services. Exchanging things or services was the usual means of doing business. Even when coinage was developed with the weight of the metal as the value, when money was short goods and services were exchanged. Both parties would seek an equal return for their item. Shortages added value.

Today bartering is done via web services such as Craigslist, and believe it or not many states tax bartered items with a sales tax. Today’s money is a promissory note backed by the Federal Reserve; coins are composite metals whose value is less than the coin. In a time when there is no government, no Federal Reserve or bank to back up currency, even gold and silver will face decreased value since these soft metals have value only to those who can exchange them for purchase. Bartering of goods and services will replace currency and money.

Top Ten Barterable Skills For A Cashless Society And What’s Needed To Make A Living.

Fathers should teach children and develop a specialty for enduring security. Once upon a time the family was the core of a strong and resilient society. Fathers taught children a trade to use, even if they sought higher education. Today’s entitled, dependent culture has deprived many of the real liberty and independence that builds strength and character. Learning a useful, non-digital trade is a sure way to provide for an uncertain future. Here are ten useful and barterable skills to consider.

Wood-working (be able to repair, make, build something)

Metalwork (using iron and recycled metals; blacksmithing and forge work)

Gunsmith and reload (repair, maintain firearms; reload cartridges)

Forager: nails and screws, tools, steel, lumber, building supplies, usable items, sort and clean (for your own use, trade with others)

Tanner and leatherwork (make belts, repair shoes and boots, make sturdy clothing)

Foods: plants and edibles (be able to find edibles, avoid dangerous items)

Farmer: crops/ livestock/horses (breed, grow, harvest; buy and store non-GMO seeds)

Hunter/fishing: not for sport; use the best way to find, hunt and process food)

Teacher/minister/counselor (for morale and spiritual support)

Medical and first aid (medicinal plants and where to find them. Many directories available in book form)

Preparing And Surviving In A Cashless Society That Is Coming

Whether the cashless society is a result of a war, natural catastrophe or revolution, at some point “the mark” will be upon us.

As it’s only in the pages of the Bible that the world has heard the warnings about 666 and the end of days “mark of the beast”, it’s there that many Christians say that the way to survive these times is by trusting and obeying God. Our society, our corporations, schools, and military have those that are both believers and unbelievers.

Hundreds Of Millions Of Believers: A Global Phenomenon

It’s a true phenomenon when so many people in the modern day believe in Bible teachings from 2,000 years ago and even before that. These teachings shape many lives and influence decisions even in our government where many believers hold public office (though clearly not all are true Christians as the Bible teaches it).

At the end of the day, the question we all have to ask ourselves is this:

What If It’s All True?

Many Christians are worried and perplexed by the Book of Revelation and Book of Daniel’s prophecies. But why worry? Being prepared is the best way to keep calm and survive. One particular verse in Daniel says it all. Chapter, 12 verse 9 tells us to “go our way.” In many interpretations this means, go about your business and don’t worry. These things will come to pass, but you have been warned about them and should be getting prepared beforehand — so you find yourself on the right side of the line when God’s hammer comes down. That’s what the Bible essentially has to say.

Again, watch this video if you want to understand why some people are saying that God’s plan is unfolding before our eyes right now.

End Of Days Survivors

Trust and obey. Don’t worry. We’ll get through it. If you are one of these end of days survivors, having a skill or service to barter in a cashless society will likely assist in survival until God’s victory (how the Bible teaches it) is fulfilled.

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