How to Prepare for and Survive a Grid Collapse

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How to Prepare

How to Prepare for and Survive a Grid Collapse

Generating Elecricity When Others Have None

You’re enjoying a relaxing evening watching television when suddenly all the lights go out. The TV shuts off and the room goes quiet. The sound of silence is foreboding. You just lost all electrical power, and you immediately get uneasy. It’s the “sum of all fears”–the electrical grid is off.

You look outside the window. The whole neighborhood is dark. There are no traffic sounds, no noise, no street lights–all is still and silent. You begin to see flashlights and candles flickering in the windows of your neighbors houses.

Then your thoughts turn to family and friends. Were they affected too? Can you contact them? Are they safe? Are they secure?

What should you do? Who should you contact? How can you light up the room? You search for a flashlight. Should you check the power panel outside? What do you do about your pet dog out in the yard? Do you need to find a store that’s open and buy food, water, and batteries? Are there any stores open? How long will electricity be out?

You go out, get into your car, and turn on the radio. Your favorite station is strangely silent. You adjust the tuner knob and finally hear the sound of the Emergency Broadcast buzzer. Then an announcer reports that a massive power outage has affected the entire nation. The grid is down, and power may not be restored for some time. The government is cautioning people to remain in their homes and to fill containers with water in the event that city water lines lose pressure. In addition, the continued availability of natural gas is uncertain while the cause for the outage is determined.

After several minutes it sinks in. You won’t have light, heat, air conditioning, TV, or anything electrical until the utility crews can fix the problems and restore power. Your furnace and air conditioner will not work. Your refrigerator and freezer have stopped functioning. You pick up your cell phone and discover that the cell phone service is also out. How will you communicate? How will you text others? How will you keep informed? How will you know when it’s safe to go outside your home?


In an instant your life enters a new reality. You are about to experience what happens when the electric grid collapses. And life after electricity may be scary and dangerous.

Sound far-fetched? Can’t happen here? Or can it?

A complete collapse of the national power grid is highly unlikely. However, should it occur, the effects would be catastrophic. This is why utility companies and government organizations are working to harden the electrical infrastructure across America.

But even a collapse of the local power grid with the loss of electricity in just your own neighborhood can be just as disrupting to you personally as a loss of power across the whole country. The collapse of any power grid–local, state, or national–is the focus of this book. By learning how to deal with any power-out situation, you’ll be better prepared to deal with surviving the “big one.”

When electrical power goes out, most people look around and simply wait for appliances, lights, radios, and TVs to re-energize and begin working again. They feel they have a flashlight and power will come back on shortly. When electricity doesn’t come back on as expected, people get apprehensive–uneasy. As the length of time without power increases, worry sets in and their stress levels rise as they realize that their whole life could be significantly different until power is restored–and that could be a long time from then. They ignored the threats and warnings about the vulnerability of the electrical grid and focused on just living for themselves and having fun. They didn’t prepare for a power emergency and expected electricity to always be available. Suddenly it’s too late. Suddenly power is gone. Now they face survival in an environment without electricity. Those who relied on the government to take care of them suddenly find no-one available to help. Those government employees are all facing the same loss of electricity and have entered their own survival modes. POWER IS OUT. And you’re on your own!


– 95% of all people ignore the growing risk and vulnerability of the electric grid.
– After decades of avoiding the issues, severe and lengthy power failures are here.
– Guaranteed electricity is like a house of cards that’s about to fall.
– A grid collapse is coming and everyone will be affected.
– Experts tell us that society will revert to life 150 years ago.
– Yet smart homeowners will experience little disruption.
– Prepare before the grid goes down!
– Knowledge is not enough! You need to act!

Power availability reassurance for the homeowner.
What to do when power goes out.
How to survive extended power outages.
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Create your own power.



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1 thought on “How to Prepare for and Survive a Grid Collapse

  1. squodgy

    Been happening to us for years.
    We end up going to bed early, like we did in the fifties, we light candles and talk to each other, and start to enjoy life….then BANG…the power comes back and we revert to our insular internet based moronic existence.


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