Preparing America For Poverty–This is HOW People Will Lose Everything


Preparing America For Poverty–This is HOW People Will Lose Everything

UN Agenda 21 “sustainable development” is a dastardly UN-led program where individuals will be stripped of personal rights and freedoms, cars will become scarce and the masses will be herded into large hellish cities and forced to live in tiny “sustainable” dorm-like apartments. In fact, according to The

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“The United Nations seeks to co-opt, via individual governments, and eventually, a “one-world government,” privately held land under the auspices of “sustainability.” Worse still, the UN’s Agenda 21 has even laid out plans for “depopulation” or rather, “population control.”
Our guest anti-Agenda 21 Gary Gileno is one of the premiere activists in the United States. His mission is to expose this horrendous, anti-human agenda and shine a light on any politician who supports these genocidal plans. Gary showcases his work, multiple video reports daily, on his excellent You Tube channel grindall61.

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Dollar Collapse and WW3 HAS BEGUN !!! WATCH THIS !

Dollar collapse is coming soon America , prepare , it is real,  it is going to be worst then 2008 dollar collapse. this is the end of the American empire. 70 % chance is big. the ship is singing slowly it is like Titanic, the hole is getting bigger each day past by.

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Writer & Researcher Bil Holter joins me to discuss the latest as we document the collapse. Over just the past week, Bill explains, “all hell has been breaking lose” in the global credit markets.
Bill wants readers of SGT Report to understand that “the stock market(s) are merely a side show to the grand Big Top circus of the credit markets because the credit (bond) markets are so much larger than the equity markets.” And Bill says when the credit markets implode – EVERYTHING will implode.
So how will it all end? Bill explains, “This is going to be an overnight or over the weekend type of event where you have what you have on a Friday and you wake up on a Monday morning and you can’t trade anything and you’re locked in to your position. So it’s absolutely imperative that you have what you WANT to have, because you won’t have a chance to change it” And Bill asks, “Do realize that gold and silver are THE only monies out there that are not “credit based” or derive their values via the credit markets … markets which will ultimately will be closed?”

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The choice is yours, paper brokerage account statements and ones and zeros on a computer screen, or real physical wealth. The time to make your decision is running out.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing America For Poverty–This is HOW People Will Lose Everything

  1. Arizona

    FIE,FYI,FOE ,FUM,..I smell the BLOOD of an englishman,you guys ever heard that,IT was a giant of old searching for food,THEIR COMING BACK,and when they do you better be ready,Hiding won’t save you,THEY CAN SMELL YOU,and they will come looking,and IF by chance they find you,YOU’LL be what for dinner,NOW I’am not sure how you’d go about stopping these guys,BUT,as far as I know it won’t be easy to stop them,I would suggest you make that a TOP priority,talk to every weapons expert you know and ask them WHAT WOULD STOP A GIANT????

  2. Bill

    screw the U.N. and its evil nation states, The U.N. will be the one to be pushed into a box along with its islamic marxist cohorts. we will kick the U.N. out of the U.S. once the civil war begins and none of the U.N leaders will ever leave the U.S. because they will all be hanged as abettors of Islamic terrorism, and that you can count ton, every one of them will be hanged.


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