Preparing for Civil War: American Shakedown… A Second Civil War?

With so much division in government, states, and cities, is the U.S. on course for a second Civil War?

How it might just happen and how to survive and prepare for what many believe is a coming WAR that will tear apart the America we know and replace it with something that looks like this …

How to prepare for and survive the coming civil war.

Shakedown – a radical change or restructuring, particularly in a hierarchical organization or group.

When Ideologies Collide And Compromise Is Gone …WAR

There is a lot of belief in the general public that modern day escalating and emotional division between conservatives and liberals is going to cause a radical breakdown of government at some point and — if that’s the case — both sides may have individuals already at work to escalate this.Here’s how it could be happening…

American Shakedown

You awake one morning to find that the country in which you have lived no longer exists. Mainstream media in its daily coverage of fake news and celebrity and sports “events” deliberately covered up a coup that has led to a breakup of the formerly United States. As you recover from shock you begin to put the pieces together.

Both Sides Had Been At Work For Some Time … Creating Division

The Nation had been carefully and deliberately divided by clandestine and well financed groups for some time. Working on racial, financial and ideological lines, these groups surfaced after the election and immediately began a “resistance.” Violent clashes in major cities erupted. The media’s one-sided reporting promoted lies and divisive stories which disregarded the truth of why voters chose the way they did. But that is now history.What now?

How To Prepare For Civil War

The signs are everywhere of serious division in America so begin by networking. Do you live in a state which is conservative or liberal? The breakup will not be like 1861-1865. No uniformed armies and flags.

U.S.S.R. … Rest In Peace

The Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) broke up after an astounding defeat in Afghanistan. President Reagan’s buildup of the military stressed the USSR to such a point that its economy could not function in competition with other nations. And then…

Collapse Of The Soviet Union

The rout in Afghanistan broke the morale and will of the nation to go on in addition to the troops bringing back serious opioid addiction problems which overburdened the medical system. Independence movements in Poland (Pope John Paul II took the lead here) as well as East Germany and the states within the USSR changed the political landscape almost overnight.The USSR collapsed from within.

America Divided … And What Could Happen

What might happen to an America divided ideologically and demographically is the following. East and West Coast states will form their own “autonomous regions” under a liberal central government. Central and Southern States will unite under a conservative one. There will be two presidents in the former nation a “Red” one and a “Blue” one. Travel between regions will be mostly normal, but there will be “hot pockets” where regional rivalries have long existed.Travel from California will be hampered by several States which have had “issues with California”, notably Idaho. Also the States with legal marijuana will see entry issues with those States which prohibit sale or use. Those who follow a traditionalist Constitutional view and live in large cities will have to decide to emigrate or go along with the majority.

Possible Breakdown And Under Financing Of US Military

What will be an unknown will be the status of the military. When the USSR broke up there were bases in the former Soviet Republics. Ukraine had nuclear bases and modern Tu-160 supersonic bombers. The weapons were broken up as were many of the aircraft. The aircraft carrier Varyag, sister ship to Kuznetsov, was sold to China, which said at the time it was destined for Hong Kong as a resort and casino.The ship is now the Liaoning, “Ship16” China’s first aircraft carrier; by the way Ship 17, the first “made in China” aircraft carrier, has just been launched. A third is under construction. So much for the “resort” concept as China now projects a world naval presence.

Will the military forces based in each state declare allegiance to that region? After all there are their own families living on base to be considered.

Will “Martial Law” Unite A Divided America? (Or Divide It More?)

Will the military declare a coup d’état and govern the entire nation (to save it from itself)? The 1960’s novel Seven Days in May explored this concept (available in book or video).In a national crisis these things are real possibilities and to avoid them a general population could be made to see this as a necessity.

The 5 Worst Places To Be If / When America Splits Up

Big Cities

Cities have become wholly dependent on big central Government. The services and entitlements they offer cannot be sustained by local taxes so subsidies, rants and outright gifts compensate for the difference. As a result, their populations are overly liberal-Progressive and will be hostile to the U.S. Christian population and conservatives. Also, several States have seen an upsurge in Muslim immigrants. Your current home may come under Sharia Law in a breakup if cities with high Muslim populations and Muslims working behind the scenes in local politics “rise up.”Local gangs, anarchists or other groups may mark anyone who opposes them as enemies. Crime and outright violence between gangs and criminal groups may surge seemingly overnight.

Rural Areas With Crime Rates And Drug Use

Country living is no guarantee of safety or security. The fact of isolation and minimal police protection encourage these places as refuges for drugs, gangs and persons of low morals.

Social Engineering Already At Work

The West Coast

The West Coast is in the crosshairs of a longstanding social engineering process. Oregon has legal marijuana, high rates of human trafficking and assisted suicide. Recent rioting by anarchists after the election has shown the depth of the unrest. Washington State mirrors these issues in most ways as well from social unrest to drug and high unemployment in several regions.California is in serious financial crisis; it is overrun with illegal aliens and is governed by erratic and questionable officials. A popular move to separate and become its own country is getting publicity.

The East Coast

The East Coast and inland to the Midwest is the most densely populated, interconnected and socially liberal region of the current United States.Food production and even commercial fishing have declined due to population growth. Ivy League colleges and other public institutions have discarded actual learning in exchange for social activism and elitist concepts that are totally anti-Christian. Public libraries offer programs aimed at social engineering at taxpayers expense.

With few exceptions, dependence on Federal funding keeps most afloat. Conservatives and Christians are not welcome here.

Southern Border Areas

Despite a dramatic decrease in illegal entries across the southern border after the Obama opening and non-enforcement of immigration laws, the opportunity for serious and outright invasion from Mexico by gangs, Jihad terrorists and even armed militants is a reality as it could overwhelm local and even new national border agents.The reality that Jihadists have used the open borders in recent years to infiltrate the country, awaiting opportunities to strike is a reality. Over 400 “Stinger” ground to air missiles were captured by ISIS when Iraq was attacked by The Caliphate. As ISIS gives up territory in Iraq and Syria, fighters are returning to their homes, trained and armed. The Caliphate is now worldwide.

Now even Catholic cities in The Philippines are under attack.

Be Ready, Be Informed And Prepare And Plan Now

Current events in North Korea have added the threat of a nuclear or most likely EMP attack on the United States. The fragmented social and political conditions in the nation would add a civil war to the effectiveness of the scenario that would ensure that even a small nation such as North Korea could easily overcome and occupy a (region) of a segmented country.A nation reduced to an 1850 technological status would be no match militarily for an aggressive and well equipped adversary such as North Korea.

There is also the likelihood that Russia, China and Iran would join in as well. A civil war would do the basic ground work for them.

Possibly the best advice is Biblical. Paul’s letter in “Romans” (New Testament; circa AD 40) to the Romans tells us to be at peace with all men as much as it is possible and go about your business (in The Lord). If it becomes unbearable, leave. Christians can influence entire societies by their faith and life. Some who don’t believe spit at this concept, yet at the same time may openly respect (because of their morals) any friends or family members they have that live by their Christian beliefs.

Maybe It’s Time To “Emigrate” To A Better Region Of The Country?

But at some point it will become necessary for Christian men and or just women to “emigrate” with their families as part of their responsibility to lead a Christian life. The emotional divide between conservatives and liberals will of course have liberals asking themselves the same things.

Can We Choose Sides?

Consider how hard and oppressive it would be to be forced into a life deep “behind enemy lines” within liberal-progressive territory… In the end, those who stay believers after a second U.S. civil war are stewards and shepherds and must answer to the Highest Authority — which we know as God.

Monitor The Political Agenda In Your Region

Be informed about liberal-progressive groups working in your region today.Be prepared (depending on how serious the threat is in a possible second civil war after “lines” are drawn and new local governments are in power; over in “Ukraine” in the modern day, citizens who considered this threat and moved out of future hot bed cities were smart to do so ahead of time; in recent years, if you recall from world news, those cities had citizens at war with each other, some backing Russian troops, and some against Russia’s sudden invasion).

Act Decisively

Finally, act decisively, today, to be able to survive should that day come. Across we have multiple articles about preparing for and surviving anything from natural disasters, to martial law, and out right war and post apocalypse. In a best case scenario, these articles just serve as interesting reading today.In a worst case scenario, these articles help get families, individuals, and entire communities prepared to survive a dark future, perhaps a day without the power grid and food supplies, perhaps a day with a fractured and splintered U.S. military and government unable to defend it’s people … should that day come

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SOURCE : by Tom Brennan 

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