Colon cancer is one of the most dangerous and hard to cure cancers that also create additional complications. According to N. Cancer Institute, more than 1.20 million people suffered from this sickness in the USA in 2017.

Nature has again provided a cure for this deadly condition, like in many other similar cases, through the delicacy fruit named jackfruit. This fruit grows in hot tropical areas in the world and people from these parts use it to prepare many kinds of recipes.

Jackfruit is believed to be a strong cancer killer. This fruit is rich with nutrients such as isoflavones, lignans, phytonutrients and saponins that benefit the health and are able to fight cancer.

These nutrients prevent the flow of free radicals that are the main cause for cancer and other chronic sickness.

Phytonutrients prevent the creation of the cancer cell in its first stage. The jackfruit can cure a person who suffers from belly ulcers and remarkably improves his/her health condition. There are thousands of the phytonutrients discovered and recognized by scientists that have the capability to provide remarkable benefits to overall health. Phytonutrients originate from food based on plants.

Scientists are still researching to find out how these phytonutrients actually work to cure cancer.

The saponins are very important and strong colon cancer killers. A research has discovered that these phytonutrients caused mitotic arrest. In the condition of the leukemia cells. The research also showed that it is useful for various cases in creating remission. Saponins attack the outer layers of the cancer cells, by linking them and stopping them from growing further.

Isoflavones and Lignansbelong to phytoestrogens. They are attached on the receptors of estrogens. These nutrients are believed to be able to lower the risk of the endometrial cancer. In 2006, the N. Cancer Institute published a research that covered about 500 women that were chosen random. According to the research, the group of women that consumed largest levels of isoflavones leaves and the lignans from the jackfruit showed lower cancer rates than the ones in control group.

The jackfruit is also rich with antioxidants that are important for protecting the cellular DNA from the potential damage that could be caused by free oxygen radicals. And it is also successful in fighting already created mutations. Therefor the anti-cancer benefits of jackfruit do not stop here. The value of this fruit is enormous. It lowers the risk of colon cancer and is fiber rich. It is an incredible colon cleanser and also cleanses the digestive tract from toxins.

Jackfruit is rich with vitamin C and with simple sugars that are important for strengthening the immune system in humans. A research was performed on mice that involved an analysis of influence of sugars that exist in the pulp of jackfruit on immunity. The results of the research showed that jackfruit consisted of polysaccharides that help improve the function of the phagocytic cell, which is part of the immune system. See below the nutritional value.

For lowering the risk of colorectal cancer and improving the digestive system, jackfruit is the number one fruit.
1 cup jackfruit has 155 calories and just 4 calories from the fat
The fruit has minimal quantities of saturated fats, cholesterol and also sodium.
It is rich with vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin.
It is rich with minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, copper, selenium and phosphorus.
Contains simple sugars that are exceptional for human health
Only one cup jackfruit provides more than 11% of daily fiber that your body needs.
This fruit is so delicious that it is almost impossible to satisfy your taste buds with just one cup, once you start consuming it. In China, jackfruit is also able to reduce the negative effects caused by alcohol.


This is a juice that takes as main ingredient Beetroot contains many vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, C, antioxidants, folic acid and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium and iron.

This large plant (beet) has properties that are very strong against cancer, for the amino acid called betaine, confirmed by numerous studies that can destroy cells in tumor tissue.

Although there is something important that you have this juice has, it destroys cancer cells in a short term.More than 50 thousand people with cancer and other diseases that are not curable have experienced the benefits of this special juice and have obtained the result they are looking for.

This juice is vegetable-based with the main ingredient such as beets. During the duration of this regiment, your health will improve, but cancer cells are starving and after the deadline given will see the results of this fabulous juice.

55% of beet
20% of celery (root)
20% of carrots
3% of potatoes
2% of radishes
What you need to do is mix the ingredients and can start treatment is recommended to take 2 times a day.

You must remember that you have to drink as much as your body needs and not to exaggerate.

Take a look at this collection The Lost Book Of Remedies, taken word for word out of a circa 1845 manual.

What is The Lost Book of Remedies? The Lost Book of Remedies PDF contains a series of medicinal and herbal recipes to make home made remedies from medicinal plants and herbs. Chromic diseases and maladies can be overcome  by taking the remedies outlined in this book. The writer claims that his grandfather was taught herbalism and healing whilst in active service during world war two and that he has treated many soldiers with his home made cures.

How does it work?

The premise is that many modern day medicines work on the basis that they treat the symptoms and not the cause, but contained within The Lost Book of Remedies are a number of tinctures and tonics made from plants and leaves that will treat the cause of the illness, thus eradicating the disease altogether.

The book is a direct copy of the little notebook carried around by the author’s grandfather when treating his patients.  However, the illustrations of the plants have been updated to photographs so that they are easier for you to identify


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