Secret FEMA Meeting Discovered Some Very Bad News For Mankind (Video)

FEMA meeting

If you follow world news, you more than likely have seen that in the last few weeks there has been an alarming number of massive earthquakes all over the globe. Just to name a few, one recently occurred in Hawaii, there were up to 20 others that recently shook Arizona, Pakistan has been having earthquakes, Japan has been ravaged by earthquakes since the infamous Fukushima incident, including three more just recently, and earlier this month Tonga and Ecuador got shaken to pieces. 

In addition to all these crazy earthquakes, people from all over the world have also reported hearing what sounds like loud sonic booms, or trumpeting sounds that to date have remained unexplained. In the post that follows, after a SECRET FEMA meeting of the highest priority that occurred April 16th, now we have a few more answers than most people probably are ready to hear. 



The following will give a bit of background on the types of events being referred to above from a post titled: Prophecy? The World is Changing; This Video is Proof! Are These The End Times? That post was nowhere near as heavy as this one is going to be, but it’s a great intro to the subject material: 

Are we living in the end times? The world is changing alright… but how many people would say they believe it’s changing for the better. Could it be we are living in the end times and many don’t even realize it? Could it really be?

The following video from wildly popular YouTuber “Jason A” takes a look at just some of the strange and even disturbing trends we are witnessing around the globe.

All over the world people have reported hearing what sound like loud sonic booms or trumpeting sounds that to date have remained unexplained. So far in 2017, you’ll see that some were caught on video in places like: Massachusetts, North Carolina, Idaho, and Florida. There have also been massive earthquakes lately in Hawaii, up to 20 in Arizona, Pakistan, Japan was just hit with three more, Tonga, and Ecuador hit yesterday! 

“And there shall be earthquakes in divers places” – Mark 13:8

The Bible indicates in Revelation that seven trumpets will sound before the end of the age and many would say five of the seven have already sounded as evidenced by critical moments in recent history. Could it be the sixth trumpet? Doubtful, and here’s why: Revelation 9:13-21 indicates that four angels will command an army of 200 million individuals. 

Something not even mentioned in the video, but showing up in the news with increasing regularity has been the discoveries of what potentially could be more than one previously unknown of planets in our solar system rotating around the sun on abnormal ellipses. 

Jeremiah, a prophet from the Old Testament, felt compelled to warn us of something he called the Destroyer. He obviously knew the significance of its wrath and that every place on Earth would be affected.

“Disasters will soon spread from nation to nation. They will come like a powerful storm to all the faraway places on earth… The DESTROYER will come against every town, not one town will escape… The Lord said this will happen.” – Jeremiah 25:32 & 48:8

There is a growing number of people today who believe a planetary body known as Planet X, or Nibiru, will fly through our solar system very soon, and it’s pass will have with cataclysmic results for the Earth. 

In recent weeks there has been hail the size of torpedoes, entire bodies of water have been found with enough dead fish lining the surface of the water that a person could walk across… 



The following video certainly contains some hearsay, because the person in the video is relaying information given to him by a retired Army Colonel who received the information from someone allegedly in attendance at the top secret FEMA meeting held on April 16th, 2017, that addressed all the mysterious quakes and sounds. It’s worth noting however, that virtually everything the man in the video below says is corroborated in a later video by Sgt. Pattie L. Brassard and Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen on the REAL reason behind the secret FEMA alert meeting, and the story is further backed up with state of the art satellite imagery.

In the video above, the gentleman says at the Emergency FEMA meeting, there were scientists, seismologists, geologists, and other experts who analyzed what they referred to as a “major separation of land mass.” A WHAT?!?!?!? The experts said the “major separation of land mass” would be the cause of a “major strain” along a fault line in the months and years to come, and that the end result is expected to wreak havoc on the earth. 

The experts said to expect an escalation in natural disasters like never before in history, giving way to unpredictable and unusual weather patterns, and what they called “swarms of earthquake activity.” As a result of this activity, the scientists are very concerned about losing critical infrastructure… things like water municipalities are in danger of being lost completely, and that’s just the beginning. 

Traditionally, “swarms of earthquake activity,” might produce hundreds of mini quakes measuring between 2.0 and 2.5 on the Richter scale. Now, those swarms might read as HIGH AS 6.5 to 7.5 EACH on the Richter scale, which could lead to one “ULTIMATE MEGA-QUAKE.”The video above concludes with the areas on a map that might have to be concerned with such a “MEGA-QUAKE” occurring. 


As I mentioned earlier, virtually everything the gentleman talked about in his video above is confirmed by Sgt. Pattie L. Brassard and Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen in the following TWO HOUR video shot using some of the most sophisticated satellites available. As you’ll learn, virtually every conclusion that was presumed in post titled Why Are Global Elites Stealing Trillions to Build Secret Underground Bunkers turned out to be correct. In the video that follows, even though it can be a bit tough to follow at times, when some of the subjects discussed in the video come up, it’s AMAZING how quick a person can laser focus.


It has long been rumored that there are hundreds of underground top secret military installations referred to as  D.U.M.B. sites, and they were written about in, Why Are Global Elites Stealing Trillions to Build Secret Underground Bunkers. They are all allegedly connected by hundreds of miles of high speed bullet trains, and an alleged map can be found below…

As you watch the video, Sgt. Pattie L. Brassard and Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen call your attention to an underground bullet train and tunnel known as Carson Tunnel that had to be destroyed for some reason back in 2013. It is believed that in addition to losing many lives, and several D.U.M.B. sites, the explosion caused a “deep fracture” that has been a problem ever since. 


During the video, the men bring up two points of extreme interest.

First, they say there has been lava flowing in underground aquifers, and when the lava passes through certain gaps left for the heat from the bullet trains to escape, it often makes loud sonic boom sounds or trumpeting sounds that have been reported. That same lava is also said to be leaking into the Mississippi River now. 

To further support the story, right along the “major separation of land mass,” where the area was said to be notably more unstable, FEMA recently put up signs warning people of danger, but not telling them what the danger is from.

Finally, there have been numerous reports of the underground tunnel systems around the country, and it is widely believed Walmart is involved. The following video explores that a bit. More can also be found in Why Are Global Elites Stealing Trillions to Build Secret Underground BunkersThe tunnels are alleged to be a massive underground system with military bases called D.U.M.B.’s, and tunnels that go for hundreds of miles. The index below, is the best source of information I’ve been able to find thus far on a great many topics that deal with U.S. black ops. If you begin to go through the links, you’ll find that they are extremely thorough. 

The last portion of this post is going to focus exclusively on what we know (or at least think we know) about these undergrond D.U.M.B Bases. As for their purpose, we’ll close with that.(source)

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