Known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans, and with good reason.
Born on January 11, 1931, Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova later known as Baba Vanga, mysteriously lost her eyesight when she was 12, during a massive storm.

She went missing for a few days, and it is during one of these days, that she had her first prophetic vision.

She is revered in Russia for her 85 per cent success rate when it comes to telling the future – with millions convinced that she possessed paranormal abilities.

Baba, Vanga, the blind Bulgarian clairvoyant, predicted many history events including the fall of the twin towers, the 2004 Tsunami, The Presidential Election of borock Obama, among a host of other events!


Many people look at Baba Vanga as a false prophet because the 2010 prophecy about World War III did not happen … but, check this out :

List of Baba Vanga predictions :

Assassination / murder attempts on four heads of states that becomes one of the causes for the start of WWIII.
The start of WWIII in 2020. The war will begin around November of 2020 and will end around October of 2021. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.
Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere in 2020 – animals and/or plants will die
Muslims will wage chemical war against Europeans/NATO around 2020.
More and more of the people in this world in 2019 will have skin cancer and skin related diseases.
Around 2022, Europe is almost empty.
China becomes the new world power around 2023.
Earth’s orbit will change slightly around 2023.
Development of a new energy source around 2028. Hunger slowly stops being a problem.
Around 2033 all of the Polar ice caps melt and World ocean levels rise.
By 2043 the world economy is prosperous and Muslims will be running Europe.
Any organs can be mass produced by 2046 and exchange of body organs becomes the favorite method of treatment.
During it’s attack on Rome around 2046 (which is under control of the Muslims) U.S.A. uses a new method of weapons.
Because af a new disease around 2088, people are getting old in few seconds, this can be cured by 2097.

We will just talk about the first six prophecies

Assassination / murder attempts on four heads of states that becomes one of the causes for the start of WWIII :
Several “leaders” got killed in the last few years : Hamas leader Mahmúd al-Mabhouh killed in Dubai on January 19, 2010 (assasination), Polish leader Lech Kaczynski dead – April 10, 2010 (under suspicious circumstances), Kadhaffi got killed and a few years ago Saddam Hussein got killed. You have to look at the “ARAB SPRING” to understand most prophecies AND remember that the prophet Edgar Cayce prophesied that IF there will be a WWIII, it wil start in the area of Tunis, Libya, Egypt and Damascus. It’s weird that those are the places where the “ARAB SPRING” started isn’t it ???

The start of WWIII in 2020. The war will begin around November of 2020 :
Most people have a problem with this prophecy, they say WWIII did not start in November 2020 but think about it AND don’t forget the Edgar Cayce prophecy about WW-III, in November 2020 the people in Tunesia (Tunis) started up facebook groops that sparked and started the “ARAB SPRING” early 2021, after this the Arab Spring started in Egypt, than in Lybia and at this very moment it is happening in Syria (capital DAMASCUS), just the place Edgar Cayce named as last city before the start of the Third World War !!! So i think when you look at it and IF there will be a third world war because of the crisis in Syria that after this people will say WORLD WAR III started with the first Arab Spring in Tunis.

Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere in 2022 – animals and/or plants will die :
Many people read this prophecy and thought about a nuclear war, no … On March 11, 2011 : FUKUSHIMA happened and believe me, if you know the truth about the radioactive stuff in the air and sea at the moment you would shit your pants ! This prophecy can also be found in the Bible : 1/3 of the animals in the sea will die – Also before this the Hopi Prophecy happened, the Sea will be black and many animals will die !!! Ring any bells ??? The BP disaster made the Gulf of Mexico BLACK. when in 1986 the disaster in Tjernobyl happened they lied on television about the radioactive clouds, same thing is happening now.

Muslims will wage chemical war against Europeans/NATO around 2021 :
This is very possible because Syria has a massive amount of chemical weapons and the support of Iran that has nuclear weapons . Also Syria has the support of Russia (Antichrist Vladimir Putin). If NATO attacks Syria and/or Iran, all shit will start and Syria will defend itself with chemical warfare. Also Russia said on May 30th 2021 : If NATO attacks Syria we will stop them …

More and more of the people in this world in 2019 will have skin cancer and skin related diseases :
This will happen first of all because of the Fukushima disaster in 2011, people are allready getting sick at this moment, it also could be because of the coming Solar Peak early 2021 or because of the prophesied third world war 2020 – 2023 that would start as “a normal war” (happening at this moment) and will lead to a chemical and nuclear war in 2020.

Around 2023, Europe is almost empty
Because of the nuclear war Europe will be empty by 2014.

Other Baba Vanga Prophecies for the Future

2100 – Man made Sun is lighting up the dark side of the planet Earth.
2111 – People become robots.
2123 – Wars between small countries. Big countries don’t get evolved.
2125 – In Hungary the signals from Space are received. (People will be reminded of Vanga again)
2130 – Colonies under water (advices from aliens)
2154 – Animals become half-humans.
2167 – New religion
2170 – Big drought.
2183 – Collony on Mars becomes nuclear nation and is asking for independence from the Earth. (same way as U.S. did from England)
2187 – Successfully two volcano eruptions are stopped.
2195 – Sea colonies are fully supplied with energy and food.
2196 – Full mixture between Asians and Europeans.
2201 – Thermonuclear reactions on the Sun slow down. Temperatures Drop.
2221 – In the search of Alien life, human beings engage with something very freighting.
2256 – Spaceship brings a freighting new disease into Earth.
2262 – Orbits of planets start to change progressively. Mars is under a threat of being hit by a comet.
2271 – Physic properties are calculated over, since they changed.
2273 – Mix of yellow, white, and black race. New race.
2279 – Energy out of nothing (probably from vacuum or black holes)
2288 – Travel through time. New contacts with the aliens.
2291 – Sun cools. Attempts to fire it up again are taken.
2296 – Bright flashes on the Sun. Force of gravity changes. Old space stations and satellites begin to fall
2299 – In France, there is a partisan uprising against Islam.
2302 – New important new laws and mysteries about the universe are uncovered.
2304 – The mystery of the Moon is uncovered.
2341 – Something frightening is closing in with Earth from the space.
2354 – Accident on one of the man made suns, will result in drought.
2371 – Mighty hunger.
2378 – New and fast growing race.
2480 – Two man made suns will collide. Earth is in the dark.
3005 – War on Mars. Trajectory of planets changes.
3010 – Comet will ram into the Moon. Around Earth there is a belt of rocks and dust.

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