The When: “The Economic Collapse Cannot Be Predicted By Looking at Stock Market Charts or Other Standard Economic Indicators” *Micro Documentary*

imagesMost astute observers and analysts understand that the world is on the brink of a widespread economic collapse. Our debt, the expansion of the U.S. police state, the militarization of governments, and geo-political posturing are all pointing to an end to life as we have come to know it in the modern world.

We know it’s coming.

The question is when?

What signs should we be looking for?

What will be the catalyst?

The following micro documentary from Storm Clouds Gathering examines the complexity of the variables involved, the intentions of those making the decisions, and the various possibilities – real or imagined – that may set the whole thing into motion.





(Video follows excerpts)

As long as the U.S. military is able to crush or intimidate any major oil producing nation that defies them, the Petro Dollar Arrangement will stand, and the dollar will retain its position.

What this means is that the economic collapse cannot be predicted by looking at stock market charts, interest rates, GDP or any of these other standard economic indicators. Because as long as America has the power to write hot checks at the entire planet’s expense they’re going to keep bailing out the banks and corporations. There’s no question about that whatsoever. They’ll drop money out of helicopters if they have to.

Of course, the situation can’t last forever.

The obscene national debt, the massive derivatives black hole still on the books, and the impending municipal bond crisis will eventually destabilize the rest of the system. And if allowed to run its course with these bailouts and the quantitative easing cushioning the fall we would be in for a very slow, painful economic death spiral.

However, that’s not a very likely scenario.

As of right now, our present course has a setting towards a third World War. This is where the game will most likely play out.

The powers that be want to kick this next conflict off very soon – in a matter of months if all goes smoothly. Whether they’re able to pull that off is another question.

If the United States and NATO go into Syria and the conflict spreads to Iran the results would be disastrous. This won’t be a replay of Iraq or Afghanistan.

This will be a whole new level of war, one that will like draw in Russia and China, and which has the potential to bring the entire planet to utter ruin.

Even these so called powers-that-be won’t be able to control what follows. They are quite literally playing chicken with nuclear weapons, gambling all of our lives on their deranged power games.

To avoid that scenario [of civil unrest and rebellion] they’re going to preempt it by engineering a crisis. They’re going to knock over the game board like a spoiled brat to bring humanity to its knees, until we’re begging for a solution, until we’re begging for it to stop.

When you really see just how many variables are involved here and how many of these variables are human decisions that are impossible to predict, it should be clear that there’s no way to pin down the collapse to a definitive date.

That said, the escalation in Syria and Iran this next year has the real potential to set off a chain reaction that can very easily bring the global economy to its knees.

Watch: When will the economy collapse?

While the collapse of our financial, economic, monetary and political systems may be a foregone conclusion, the timing of these events is difficult, if not impossible, to predict. We know they are coming, as the powers that be have been actively positioning pieces on the global chessboard for many years.

Keeping abreast of current events, especially those events which are not discussed in mainstream reporting circles, is critical to understanding what’s happening and to getting a heads up before this comes to pass.

If you’re paying attention you may have some time to get ahead of the calamity and prepare for the worst case scenario.










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