Top 6 Reasons 2022 Will Be The Year Of The Mother Of All Supply Chain Crisis

Port delays due to congestion, quarantines, and shortages of labor and material have the effect of reducing the global supply of available ocean transport. Half the country got paid to stay at home for six months and ordered a bunch of stuff from China. When governments worldwide forced lockdowns on their populations, they knew full well what the outcome would be. Way too many charts to try to explain what is ACTUALLY a planned collapse of the global economic Ponzi.

There is an ocean of empty promises in the world. Government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks, CDSs, CDOs, public and private pensions, real estate loans, student loans, car loans, credit card debt etc. that can NEVER be satisfied. Only the illusion of “sustainable growth” keeps the mirage from fading but fade it will. Supply chain issues are only worsening. Global companies will be raising our prices 2 to 3 the normal annual hike due to our costs, supply chain fiasco and short on help. That will all get passed down to the little guy. Energy prices are going to be exponentially higher which will only throw more fuel onto the inflation fire. But the market has been so disconnected from reality who knows how it will actually play out. Remember inflation is transitory according to the Fed.

But the real Bloodbath starts in April. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. The “global oligarch”, Russian billionaire entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska in his Telegram channel spoke about the reasons why America is doomed.

“America can certainly dream that President Xi Jinping will make too many mistakes in the near future or the Chinese bureaucracy will rebel. But this will not solve those internal problems that pose the maximum threat to her:

  1. Uncontrolled growth of federal debt without creating sources for its repayment or refinancing.
  2. Huge trade deficit.
  3. Lack of competence in the modernization of basic infrastructure in the United States.
  4. A strong military-industrial lobby demanding conflicts around the world and even the withdrawal of conflicts into space to justify military spending.
  5. The complete absence of a program for the development of nuclear energy (as the basis of a low-carbon economy).
  6. Dependence on imports for many raw materials from countries that are not very friendly to it now, etc.

The US would like to buy some time, but China cannot be stopped: financial technologies and the digital yuan will provide it with an advantage in global trade, especially when dollar settlements are seriously complicated by sanctions obligations , and a potential reunification with Taiwan in 2025-2026 will not only solve the remaining technological problems, but also make the Pacific Ocean an internal Chinese reservoir. So, imperceptibly, the American dream can become an American tragedy.

But, of course, this will not make it easier for us in that new world, where China is no longer a kind teddy panda, but a strong dragon. I would very much like to see an updated strategy of Russia in Asia with a serious acceleration in the development of those regions beyond the Ural Ridge, taking into account the new role of China.

This generation will face planned economic collapse, relentless inflation, depopulation , probably mass starvation and a push toward a world wide tyranny. I guess we are going back to step one, hard times. The great majority of Boomers finished high school after 1970. They graduated into an economy with sky-high interest rates: mortgages 12%-15% or more. The Arab oil embargo crashed employment. Then it was the economic idiocy of the Carter years. Most of that applies to the Greatest Generation in the years after WWII, not to the saintly Boomers, who are keeping the economy running for now. 10,000 baby boomers retire each day. They have the skills and experience.

The supply chain is only going to get worse. As millennials have no skills, nor work ethic to take over. There is a reason The Boomers are this particular, self centered, arrogant, lecturing. The boomers parents were the silent generation, hard working, patriarchal, religious families and communities with real bounds to each other. Life was hard back then, still very rural, even when the war was over. The typical Boomer gets on with professional life in the late fifties/sixties with basically knowing how to read, write, History, literature and basic algebra, fair enough.

There was no need for job centers at this time since the growth was insane and automation much lower. You could take one job, work one day, quit, walk across the street and start another one. With one salary, the main one, you could find and support a family, take a home loan and raise children, in a still homogenous, so-called “patriarchal society”. The cultural revolution of 1968, its disastrous consequences have not happened yet, across The West. In the 60’s, thanks to the economic and monetary era, you could buy your own house in a span of 10 to 15 years. The price, even with the late 70’s inflation, appears to be so cheap when you look at the surreal price of Houses right now.

The typical Boomer wants to go on a never ending cruise over the 7 seas, across the globe. This eternal cruise is paid by the younger generations, their own descendants, who will live in utter misery, in the near future as a counterpart. Boomers do not want to die, they are scared as hell by death, since most reject transcendence and religion. The typical boomer loves the Social Credit Health Score, the countless injections of Big Pharma juice into their veins. They are entitled to their comfort and do not care about what will happen to others after they are gone.

The typical boomer has zero clue about what is really going on. He does not know or care about the Great Reset, the fact that our monetary and economical system is a living dead, putrid ghoul. He only cares about what is on the restaurant menu, and his retirement pension. The typical boomer lives in a parallel world where everything goes as usual. I talked with some boomers, about what is going on and how their lives were when they were younger. When you speak about some ugly truths, they just switch to an irrelevant subject.

They hide their heads in the sand, it amazes me. A minority among them acknowledged that life was easier back in the 60’s, even in the 70’s, and they lived through a golden era. The whole system is built around the useful idiots which boomers and the woke/Marxist/leftists/pseudo ecologists really are. Once the boomers are gone, the system will collapse even more over itself. Fine by me. The West is terminally ill, anyway. The silent generation had a hard time throughout the Great Depression years, they knew well what hunger and despair were. They were old schoolers by today’s “moral” standard. Patriarchal families, not poisoned by materialism, hedonism and false abundance, thanks to the Great Depression.

Being a patriot had a meaning back then. Hard times create strong men, this was the silent generation. Strong men created a better standard of living for their descendants, the Baby Boomers. Ultimately better standards of living just made most of the baby boomers a weak generation, creating hard times later on. Rinse & repeat. Still, vote was already irrelevant back then, and is even more nowadays.

The technological society uses these computers as a senseless reward for a society that becomes more and more meaningless. It is not a wasteful mentality, it is a technological prison, it is enslavement. Besides, a lot of millennials do not participate in society because they do not have any reason for doing so. I mean, low wages, even for skilled jobs, you could not afford a rent, not even dreaming about owning your house or building a family. Most workplaces look like Dante’s inferno on xanax. We cannot fix the problem. Our technological society is long overdue. We still use an analysis grid stuck decades ago. It will not work that way, automation has exploded, more and more jobs have become obsolete and disappeared.

Most workers became obsolete. Menial jobs were created for this very reason. The main problem our society has is the constant thirst for more technics, this is an endless alienation of the human inherent nature to force its integration inside the technicist society. Modern, industrial, technicist society will lead to an ever increasing amount of human misery and pain. We are stuck in a technicist society heading further and further to advancement of its technicist aspect. There is no break on this technicist train, even if in this process what defines us as humans will be completely overwritten. The government is not in charge of anything but himself.

Politicians only care about themselves, their career, and their bank account. This is all political kabuki, for everyone to see. The future should be LOCAL. Local production of goods, local agriculture, local energy creation All this BS talks about “global warming” when the tiniest good is shipped 6000 miles on 7 different carriers just to to get to you and no one seems to have a problem with this All this talk about “Global Warming” but yet the cheapest, cleanest and most efficient method of transport was regulated nearly out of existence by the government (talking about rail of course) .. But this won’t be allowed.

Look up the destruction of the Kulaks (small business, small farmers) during the early stages of the USSR. They were demonized and destroyed. And this universal destruction was accomplished with primitive, yet effective, centralization. Today the technology is much more advanced for centralization and oppression. May God have mercy on us. I call 2022 the year of “peak” everything. The peak insanity of the unsustainable world we have manufactured has been reached. Want a thumbnail example? How about 6? Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and Baltimore. Completely subsidized, fantasy lands built on subsidized energy and government welfare. Peak, my friends, peak. There are about to be some major adjustments. Plan accordingly.

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  1. L. G.. Mcabirac

    The Silent Generation was elementary school age or younger during the Great Depression. The brunt of the Great Depression fell upon the shoulders of those in the G.I. Generation and the Lost Generation born before them. Of course, the small children of the Silent Generation may have suffered along with their parents, but unless they endured particularly tragic circumstances, may not have the same recollection of the Depression as their elders. My mother was a tail-end Silent whose memories were more fixed upon the 1950’s, for example.


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