Truth About Fukushima — The Entire World is in Danger


Adam Housley, who reported from the area in 2011 following the catastrophic triple-meltdown, said this morning that new fuel leaks have been discovered.

He said the radiation levels – as high as 530 sieverts per hour – are now the highest they’ve been since 2011 when a tsunami hit the coastal reactor.

“To put this in very simple terms. Four sieverts can kill a handful of people,” he explained.

He said that critics, including the U.S. military in 2011, have long questioned whether Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) and officials have been providing accurate information on the severity of the radiation.

TEPCO maintains that the radiation is confined to the site and not a risk to the public. It’s expected to take at least $300 billion and four decades to fix it.

Housley said small levels of radiation are still being detected off the coasts of California and Oregon and scientists fear it could get worse.

“The worry is with 300 tons of radioactive water going into the Pacific every day, what is that doing to the Pacific Ocean?” said Housley.

He added that critics are now questioning whether the radiation has been this severe all along.

We first want to thank Fox News for FINALLY reporting on a subject that has been highly censored by the mainstream media for the past 5+ years, the situation in Fukushima, Japan is completely out of control.

While Fox News recently reported that radiation levels at Fukushima were now at ‘unimaginable levels’ more than 5 years after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami struck, as Steve Quayle asked in an SQNote he left while linking to that story, why has the mainstream media been silent all of this time?

We’ve long believed that ‘reality’ has a way of ‘awakening’ everybody and the stories recently coming across the wire over at ENENews have been mind-numbing the last few weeks to say the least.

You can hear the Fox News report on Fukushima in the 1st video below while in the 2nd video, Mike Adams over at Natural News gives us a new update on the ‘Fukushima radiation apocalypse’ that has been steadily spewing poisons into our atmosphere for almost 6 years now with hardly a peep from the MSM.

In the most recent stories from ENENews, on February 5th they reported the heartbreaking news that a record high number of whale deaths had recently been reported surrounding the Hawaiian Islands with the sick and starving animals allegedly a ‘mystery’ to experts.

Reporting that rotting carcasses were scattered throughout the islands, how can so-called experts NOT know that Fukushima poisons flowing into our oceans for years are most likely to blame?

As Adams tells us in his video, the sustainability of all life throughout the Northern hemisphere is in danger and the entire MSM up until now has been in a complete blackout mode except for this recent reports.

Do CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them think that if they DON’T report upon Fukushima, what’s happening to the fish and our oceans is ‘fake news’?

Do they think that because we can’t actually SEE the radiation, it’s not really there?


The MSM’s failure to report upon Fukushima may be the final straw that not only breaks the camel’s back but puts that camel out of our misery.

For the past several years, we’ve reported horror story after horror story of sea life dying all across the Pacific Ocean and up and down the entire West coast, from Alaska to California.

Also documented in great detail over the past several years by ENENews, with mass animal deaths all across the world being kept track of by End Times Prophecy, it’s clear that the mainstream media has completely failed the American public on Fukushima.

Another recent story over at ENENews reports on Fox News’ sudden admission that Fukushima is out of control, highlighting a few phrases used by Fox in their report that shows just how completely out of touch the MSM has been with reality over the past 5+ years.

On the second anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, an international panel of leading medical and biological scientists, nuclear engineers, and policy experts assembled at the prestigious New York Academy of Medicine. A project of the Helen Caldicott Foundation and co-sponsored by Physicians for Social Responsibility, this gathering was a response to widespread concerns that the media and policy makers had been far too eager to move past what are clearly deep and lasting impacts for the Japanese people and for the world. This was the first comprehensive attempt to address the health and environmental damage done by one of the worst nuclear accidents of our times.

Helen Caldicott takes an unprecedented look into the profound aftereffects of Fukushima.and In accessible terms weighs in on the current state of knowledge of radiation-related health risks in Japan, impacts on the world’s oceans, the question of low-dosage radiation risks, crucial comparisons with Chernobyl, health and environmental impacts on the United States (including on food and newborns), and the unavoidable implications for the U.S. nuclear energy industry.

FDA Refuses to Test Fish for Radioactivity … Government Pretends Radioactive Fish Is Safe. The FDA says it won’t monitor radiation in fish on the West Coast of the U.S.The FDA said North Pacific fish are so unlikely to be contaminated by radioactive material from the crippled nuclear plant in Japan that there’s no reason to test them, state and federal officials said this week.

DeLancey, the FDA spokeswoman, said “We have not been doing any testing. We’ve been working with NOAA to keep an eye on U.S. waters, to see if there is any cause for alarm, and we do have the capability to begin testing if that does occur.”

Asked to explain what kind of monitoring was taking place in the ocean, DeLancey said, “You would have to talk directly to NOAA … I don’t really want to speak for another agency.”

But NOAA fisheries spokeswoman Kate Naughton declined to answer questions and referred a reporter back to DeLancey and the EPA.

DeLancey said that so far, there’s no reason for concern about Fukushima. The radioactive materials in the water near Fukushima quickly become diluted in the massive volume of the Pacific, she said. Additionally, radioactive fallout that lands on the surface tends to stay there, giving the most unstable ones isotopes like iodine time to decay before reaching fish, she said.

Of course, radioactive isotopes like cesium 137 are very long-lived, and so won’t necessarily decay before they reach fish.

And – in typical Orwellian agency-speak – the FDA is trying to reassure people that eating contaminated fish poses no health risk.

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How to Protect From Radiation

Remove Radiation From Your Body Naturally

Radiation exposure has significant health risk which includes fatigue, a weakened immune system, tumors, unexplained illnesses, anemia, cancer and birth defects in newborns. Radiation can be removed from your body effectively and completely through natural methods.


Protective and Detoxifying Herbs
Cilantro (has been shown to remove heavy metals from the blood stream)
One thing you can do, right now, to save a big bunch of cilantro is make a pesto out of it. There are a couple of recipes at the link, but this is my favorite pesto recipe EVER. It uses garlic and pumpkin seeds, which are two radically healthy ingredients, too. And delicious.

Best part? Make a few batches of it and freeze the excess. It’ll keep for months and months in the freezer.

In fact, this headline states Rosemary Found to Offer Best Protection Against Radiation Poisoning. That speaks loudly enough, don’t you think? In addition to eating the herb fresh or dried (and cooked into dishes), you can also find rosemary extract or tincture in just about any natural health food store.

Gingko Biloba
Both of these herbs are cited on the site (surprise!) as excellent protection and treatment for radiation. There are several other plants listed in this compilation of studies, but I didn’t want to overwhelm. Here’s the link to the studies if you want to read more. The actual name of the paper is: Radioprotective Potential of Plants and Herbs against the Effects of Ionizing Radiation.

This plant has excellent detox abilities, in that it’s very effective at whisking away free radicals. But it’s also great for your liver and keeps it functioning properly, which is what you want in order to eliminate any toxins that might be in your body.

You can pick fresh dandelion and eat them in salads, but if you’re concerned about radiation, this may not be the best option. (As the radioactive particles would have fallen on the plants, as well.) Check your natural health food store for dandelion root to make a tea with, dandelion tincture, or even dandelion greens in the produce section.

Other Natural Treatments for Radiation Exposure
Bentonite Clay
Not only can you bathe in this to help pull toxins from your skin. Bentonite clay, for example, is used by Russian nuclear workers (slathered on their skin) before working with nuclear material.

However, you can use it internally, safely, in moderation to help pull out toxins and absorb radiation. Bentonite clay is used in traditional medicine for treating heavy metal poisoning.

It’s been difficult to find any kind of recommendation on how much clay to take at a time, but I did find one commenter say she takes 1 tsp a day with good effect.

Miso Soup
One of the main ingredients in miso soup is kelp, but it also includes mushrooms (which have their own health benefits, as well). You can buy dried miso at stores like Whole Foods and snack on the soup for months.

To be honest, this one’s a bit of conjecture on my part. But boron (which is in borax) is used for radiation shielding on an industrial level. If you’re particularly concerned about radiation entering through the skin, take a bath with 1/8 c. borax mixed in the water. It’s actually a fantastic skin softener, so you’re not hurting anything. Let yourself air dry, as to not wipe off all the borax.

Here’s more about boron, borax, and radiation protection. It appears you can also take borax internally, but I’m a little wary on that one.

Sunflower Seeds
According to another Natural News article, both apples and sunflower seeds contain a pectin that’s adept at cleansing the body from residual radiation. (They also mention that the glucosides in buckwheat add protective measures against radiation if eaten before exposure.)

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal, taken internally, removes toxins and poisons from the body. In fact, it’s kept in nearly all emergency rooms at this point to help mitigate the effects of poisoning. According to WebMD, there is also some scientific evidence that it lowers cholesterol. Here’s more on how to take activated charcoal internally.

I actually just bought a giant bag of activated charcoal last month, which I ordered from More Than Alive, but it’s also available at most natural food stores. Please note, activated charcoal and charcoal briquettes are two vastly different things. Please do not eat your barbecue charcoal.

Final Thoughts on Radiation Exposure
We’re exposed to radiation every day, via the sun. There’s really no escaping it. However, the vast majority of the information I’ve gathered above will help with that, too.

One last thing that’s made me feel exceptionally good is having a decent water filter. If you have the extra cash, I really would recommend getting a Berkey. Not only do I feel secure knowing my water filter is very adept at cleaning out toxins and bacteria and the like, but I also picked up (for free) the fluoride filter for it.

No Harmful Chemicals In or On Your Food

A huge part of self reliance is the ability to provide your own food. Hunt your meat… forage for food… and grow a garden! You won’t have any need to go back to the grocery store if you learn to grow what you eat. But if you’re still wondering why you should grow your own food, keep reading! No Harmful Chemicals In or On Your Food
Along with most of my homesteading and self-reliant friends, I consider myself an “organic” gardener. That means I don’t use any chemicals to control pests and diseases on my plants. Instead, I focus on soil-building techniques to build healthy garden soil that will naturally develop its own “immune system” to ward off most diseases and pests. Since there are no chemicals being used on our plants, the soil isn’t soaking up any chemicals to be absorbed by the roots and fed to the crops themselves. This means less of a chance of our food actually harming us in the long run, and more of a chance that they’ll taste the way God intended them to taste!

Save Money Growing Your Own Food If you’re a frugal shopper like my wife and I, you will have noticed food prices steadily going up for a long time. Some are drastic increases due to a shortage of that crop, while others are slowly but surely being hiked along with fuel prices of the trucks that haul produce to the grocery stores and supermarkets. In order to combat the price hike, grow your own! Even if the prices weren’t going up, you’re still going going to be saving money in the long run. Grow your own, and you won’t have to buy it from the supermarket.

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